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Liam says he’s really trying to figure out why they can’t work out when he has apologized, he’s taken responsibility and he loves her still. Hope says he loves Steffy too and that’s not okay with her. When Steffy interrupts and says but Liam married her Hope says this is why they should be together because they both think, unlike her that words trump actions. Liam asks her if there is something else going on here because he still can’t believe she’d end them over his dyeing his hair and getting drunk. Hope conceals what Rick told her about him making out with Steffy and just tells him whenever he is hurt he turns to Steffy not her.

She says maybe this is how it’s meant to be. Liam looks upset and confused.

Pam berates Donna about keeping their desk clean before asking her about her trip and her father. Pam asks Donna if Steven mentioned her when she saw him. Donna says no making Pam pout. Rick comes over and Donna asks him about Hope. Rick says it was terrible what happened but says she’ll be okay now that she’s over Liam. He asks if Thomas is still with Hope but is told Thomas and her went to get her things from Liam’s. Rick is pleased by the news and even more pleased when he’s told Caroline is working in his office right now.

Rick wastes no time in asking Caroline out to dinner. He tells her not to say she has plans with Thomas because he’s with Hope helping her move out of Liam’s. Not having know that, Caroline asks if he really is. Rick says it’s a tough time for Hope and it’s nice that Thomas is with her. Caroline nods and smiles but looks jealous.

Hope says she kept thinking they’d get through this but not this time. Liam tells her she doesn’t have to do this but Hope screams that he did this all on his own. Rick gets a phone call and steps out to take it. Othello tells Rick that he doesn’t feel right about what they told Hope. Rick justifies what he did by saying Liam never appreciated Hope but Othello doesn’t feel right about it when Rick says Thomas can be with Hope, Liam with Steffy and he can be with Caroline. Rick refuses to listen to him and hangs up on Othello. Caroline comes out and asks him what the phone call was about. Rick says nothing, he is just trying to be a good brother.

Caroline asks Rick if he’s worried about his sister. He says she’s been through a lot lately. Caroline asks if Thomas or Hope mentioned when they would be back but Rick says they will be late. He then puts his moves on Caroline and tells her he wants to be with her again even though Caroline is hesitant in not welcoming to his advances because of her feelings for Thomas.

Hope says goodbye to Liam and leaves with Thomas. Liam, heartbroken walks out of his home to see Hope drive away without another word and Steffy follows him. Steffy looks like she wants to say something to comfort Liam when she sees something painted on the side of the house. Liam looks up to see a heart with a sword through it painted on his wall.

Rick says he’s made the wrong choice when it comes to women before and this time he wants to make the right choice. Caroline says well it won’t be her because she’s with Thomas. Realizing Caroline doesn’t want him Rick manipulates Caroline by telling her Thomas’ feelings for Hope are coming back and what he had with her wasn’t important. He tells her she’s too smart to stay involved with Thomas. Caroline doesn’t look happy.

Hope days Liam must have seen the heart she had made by now and Thomas says yes definitely. Hope asks if it was a bad idea. Thomas says Liam has gotten away with a lot, hurting both her and his sister. He says a big sign reminding him of what he did no, it wasn’t a bad idea. Hope says she’s sure he’ll have it cleaned up really soon but until then she’s glad he has to see what he’s done because it’s right there on his house. She says he stabbed her in the heart. Thomas tells Hope he is proud of her she’s making him accountable. Hope says she wants Liam to really see how he made her feel. Thomas tells her not to look back then. He says she shouldn’t compromise on her beliefs and desires and tells her she sent Liam a signal on what she wants from a man but he was just not capable of giving it.

Liam stares at the heart vandalism on his home and says god Hope hates him. Steffy says no she loved him and that is why she is lashing out. Liam says that is not what this is and says she just wanted him to understand the pain she is going through. Steffy tells him they went out as friends and Hope should have been able to deal with that.

When Liam looks more upset she tells him she’s sorry. She says she doesn’t want to trash talk her but this is just typical Hope. Liam says he hurt Hope and it’s justified how she’s responding. He says he makes stupid choices over and over again. Liam says what he did was wrong and now he’s lost Hope. Steffy hugs Liam to comfort him as Liam looks heartbroken.

Caroline asks Rick if he honestly thinks that Thomas is hiding feelings for Hope. Rick says he doesn’t think he’s conscious of it. Caroline says so he’s waiting for her to become available. Rick says she’s upset and says he’s sorry but that’s how it is. He says Liam and Steffy are going to get together now which makes Hope available for Thomas. Caroline says which leaves her out in the cold. Rick says no he would take care of her and says Thomas will disappoint but he will not. He moves to kiss Caroline but she turns away and says Hope and Liam just broke up.

She says Thomas is just being a good friend to Hope and if he has feelings for Hope then she’ll wait to hear it from him before she lets him kiss her again or take her out to dinner. Rick says understood and Caroline says that’s good. When Caroline is about to call Thomas, Rick stops her saying that if Thomas is helping Hope right now he does not want that interrupted. He hugs Caroline, telling her she should just go back to her sketching and Caroline agrees but looks visibly upset over everything Rick said to her about Thomas.

Steffy says she feels bad for Hope but if she can’t trust him that’s on her. She says he has been faithful. Liam mentions Italy and Steffy says he’s been faithful since he said his vows to Hope, the ones she said didn’t count. Liam doesn’t listen and continues to beat himself up about how he hurt Hope and didn’t put her feelings first. He says why does he hurt her like that and turns away from Steffy.

Steffy goes over to Liam and assures him that time will take care of everything for both him and Hope. Liam looks upset. Hope says she accepted Liam’s love for another woman over and over again. She says never again. She says if she ever marries she doesn’t want any doubt on her mind about what her groom wants.

Rick comes in and Hope tells him about how she vandalized Liam’s home before leaving. Thomas says he should be leaving too but Rick stops him. Rick urges him to be with Hope. He says he wanted her to break up with Liam and reminds him about how he proposed to Hope.

Rick continues his manipulation by telling Thomas that he still loves Hope and advising him to make her his. Thomas looks overwhelmed and unsure of what to do as Rick looks at him expectantly.

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