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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 8/30/12


Written By Rachna
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Hope remembers how Rick said that Liam is not telling her the whole truth and then thinks of how she was told Liam and Steffy made out at the club. She recalls how Liam said nothing happened between Steffy and him and gets upset. Thomas comes in and says she is not supposed to be thinking about Liam. Hope says that she wasn’t but then admits she was. Thomas says he’s supposed to be keeping Liam off her mind but Hope says she’s sure he has better things to do. Thomas says no he is right where he needs to be and Hope smiles.

Liam shows Steffy how the tattoo and hair dye is gone. Steffy says it’s too bad Hope scheduled the wedding so early because they could have washed it out or else. Liam says she still would have left him because he was out with her the night before the wedding. He says him going out with her was wrong and now Hope is gone. Steffy and Liam share a hug to comfort each other.

Katie tells Brooke she is so disappointed in Liam. She asks if there are any updates on Hope and Liam. Brooke hesitantly tells Katie that Hope told Liam it was over. Katie lets out a sigh and looks beyond upset.

Thomas tells Hope that he knows how hard this is on her because it’s in her nature to forgive but says how many times is she going to forgive Liam. Hope says she knows and that is why this has to end. She says she’s not putting up with his divided feelings anymore. Hope says he’s right though this isn’t going to be easy.

She says she’s dreading just going over to Liam’s house to pick up her stuff because if she sees him she doesn’t know what to say. Thomas says he’ll go with her and tells her to go right now. Hope says she feels it’s so sudden. Thomas asks if there is a chance she’ll go back to Liam but Hope says not that isn’t likely. Thomas says the sooner the better then. He says he’s helping her get her stuff out of there tonight.

Steffy tells Liam she is very sorry. Liam says it’s not her fault, he’s the one who made the decision like he does over and over again to turn to her whenever he needs something. Steffy asks if that is so wrong and Liam says she knows it is with the bond they have. Steffy says that shouldn’t matter because ever since he said his vows to Hope he has been faithful and she knows that. Liam says he doesn’t know if she does and says he doesn’t even think it matters anymore.

Seeing how stressed Liam is, Steffy suggests that they forget about it all and just eat and watch a Bob Hope movie. Liam agrees and lets Steffy take his car so she can get pizza from his favourite place. Steffy tells him not to start the movie without her and leaves. Liam looks happy for the moment.

Thomas and Hope arrive at Liam’s place to get Hope’s things. Katie suggests that they should call Hope. Brooke says no but Katie says she just wants to hear it from Hope why she broke up with Liam because in the past she has forgiven him for much worse. Brooke says that is what she keeps wondering too. She says Liam and Hope have been manipulated so many times that she can’t help but thing that maybe Steffy is doing something again or maybe someone else is.

Rick enters to hear Brooke and Katie talking about who might be manipulating Hope and Liam and breaks up the conversation. He asks what they are talking about and when Katie says they are trying to find out who might have manipulated Liam and Hope this time he looks nervous knowing it is him.

Thomas asks Hope if she is okay once they enter Liam’s home. Hope says she’s fine it’s just that today was supposed to be her wedding night. She says she was supposed to come through these doors with Liam instead she’s packing up her stuff to leave. At that point Liam comes into the room and is surprised to see Hope. Hope tells him they are just here to get her stuff. Liam looks hurt but doesn’t say anything but when Hope moves to pack, Liam tells her that she doesn’t have to do this. Hope say she’s sorry. She says she loves him but she does have to do this. Liam looks beyond hurt at her words.

Rick says it seems pretty clear to him but Brooke and Katie both disagree. Brooke says it doesn’t make sense for things to be this way and when Rick says he’s not convinced Liam and Hope are meant to be, Brooke asks him how he can say that. She says they fought so hard to be together. Rick says relationships should not be that hard and continues to argue that Liam messed up and that is why Hope and him do not suit each other. Eventually he says that he’s glad Hope dumped Liam and tells Brooke that she must see that this is best for Hope but Brooke does not look convinced or accepting.

Hope finished packing and Steffy shows up. Seeing Steffy, Hope loses her temper when she says Thomas and her should let Liam and her have a moment. She begins to yell at Steffy but Thomas tells her that it isn’t worth it. He tells her that they should just finish what they came for and leave. Hope shoots a glare at Liam and Steffy but falls silent.

Brooke says she doesn’t want Hope to be with someone who doesn’t make her happy but Rick says Liam doesn’t deserve Hope. He says how many times has Hope tried to marry Liam and it hasn’t worked? He says that is proof that Liam and her don’t belong together. Rick says they can complain about it or open their eyes and see that it’s a good thing that Hope is no longer hung up on Liam. Both Brooke and Katie say nothing to agree with him and just look annoyed.

Steffy asks Thomas why he is here with Hope and reminds him about his relationship with Caroline. Thomas tells Steffy it isn’t like that and he’s just here for Hope because she needed him. Liam asks Hope if they can talk. Hope says she doesn’t think there is anything left to talk about but Liam asks her, confused, why she ended their relationship because he is not able to understand why not knowing how Rick lied about Steffy and him making out. Hope tells Liam that she thought she made herself clear that he couldn’t cross a line with Steffy. Steffy says they didn’t do that but Hope refuses to listen to her.

After telling Thomas to load the boxes she firmly tells Liam to be with Steffy if he wants that because she no longer cares about him. Liam looks hurt and near tears as he stares at Hope in shock.

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