B&B Wednesday Update 8/29/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/29/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy wonders how Liam found her and he explains he just knew. Steffy wonders what happened to make her come to him. Liam has a flash back to Hope.

Taylor looks through her phone and Ridge walks in. Taylor tells Ridge that Liam went after Steffy.

Rick walks back into Hope’s office and asks why Hope is back at the office. Hope says she has nowhere else to go. He tells Thomas to take care of Hope. Rick tells Hope no more letting Liam take advantage of her and she can have a better guy. Rick hugs Hope and leaves. Hope sits down on her couch and tells Thomas she has no idea how to move on. Thomas thinks Hope should not have to go back to that kind of life. Hope knows that Liam can’t let Steffy go. Thomas thinks what Rick said was right.

Rick finds Caroline outside and she asks about Hope. Rick explains that Hope and Liam breaking up is best for everyone.

Taylor hopes Liam is through with Hope because Steffy loves him.

Liam explains Hope does not want to come back to him and that he knows that he shouldn’t love other people. Steffy thinks that there is a good chance that Hope will want to come back to Liam.

Caroline wonders if Hope will really be ok. Rick thinks that yes it will be ok. Rick asks if Caroline knows how serious Hope and Thomas were.

Ridge gets off the phone. Ridge does not know how to support Steffy and Hope. Taylor thinks that Hope might start dating Thomas again. Ridge says he is dating Caroline. Taylor thinks that Thomas may have only dated Caroline because Hope was not available.

Hope can’t believe how different Thomas is than Steffy. Thomas thinks that Steffy is not the bad person but Liam is because he constantly changes his mind. Hope asks if Thomas would ever go out with his ex-wife the night before their wedding. Thomas says no. Hope does not even care anymore.

Steffy spots a leather jacket for Liam and he puts it on. Steffy thinks it looks good on him. The two stairs at each other.

Caroline wonders how serious Thomas was with Hope. Rick explains that he proposed to Hope. Caroline wonders why he would bring this up. Rick explains that now that Hope is away from Liam Thomas will be all over her.

Hope will not go back to Liam because she can’t deal with him anymore. Thomas tells Hope not to let Liam have another chance. Thomas thinks that there are other guys who would do anything for a chance with Hope.

Steffy and Liam go to Liam’s house and they stare at the picture of Hope and Liam. Liam thinks he needs to clean up Hope’s stuff. Liam is not sure if it will ever be different when Hope is officially gone.

Rick says he is sorry for bringing anything up. Caroline thinks it’s fine. Rick say’s everyone has a past even when it’s not true. Caroline says he is sorry for what listening to Amber. Rick want’s Caroline and tries to get close to her. Rick starts to kiss Caroline.

Thomas opens an online dating account for Hope but Hope finds out he is joking. Hope starts to hug Thomas.

Steffy does not think that Liam should stay at the house and recommends staying at her house. Liam does not think he can. Steffy understands that it did not work out but explains she is there for him. They hug.

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