B&B Tuesday Update 8/28/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/28/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam walks into his living room and sees pictures of Hope. Rick walks in and tells him that Hope will not be coming back to the house and he will pick up her things.

Hope sits in her couch and Thomas walks in wondering what happened. Hope explains that it is over with Liam because Steffy is always going to be part of his life. Hope talks about her life plans for love. She admits to them being crazy with all of Brooke’s marriages. Hope admits that she did not want to admit to herself what happened with Steffy and Liam.

Steffy looks at a picture of Liam and her and Taylor walks in and wonders what happened with Liam and her. Taylor is shocked that Steffy is not going after Liam at a time like this.

Thomas tries to comfort her but Hope does not care about Liam and Steffy anymore because she is done with having to deal with both of them. Thomas explains that Steffy did not do anything. Hope could care less because she is just done either way. She owes Rick everything for helping her.

Liam tries to calm Rick down. Rick tells Liam that he better listen to what he has to say or he may lose Steffy as well.

Taylor explains that Hope and Liam break up and get back together it is what they do. Steffy does not want to keep doing this to herself and can’t let it keep happening to her.

Rick will not allow Liam to have a fourth attempt at Hope. Rick thinks that Liam is using the two girls going back to the other when the other is mad. Rick thinks that Liam has a shot at Steffy if he does it now and not later or he will lose her as well. Rick however does not think he should have Steffy either.

Steffy thinks that she should just go on her bike and think about what has happened. She does not want Liam back.

Thomas tries to make sure if she is through with Liam. Hope confirms this. Hope wonders if anyone has had a good relationship. Thomas mentions Stephanie and Eric but only sort of. Thomas tells Hope that it will be ok eventually.

Liam walks into Steffy’s office but finds Taylor. Liam wants to know where she is so he can explain something.

Steffy gets off her motor cycle somewhere.

Hope wonders if Thomas gets tired of saving people she also does not expect Thomas to get what is going on. Hope thinks her love has been tested a lot but not this time. Thomas hugs Hope. Rick walks in but does not say anything.

Taylor explains she is not sure if she wants to tell Liam. Liam tries to explain it is important. Taylor tells Liam that she left on her motor cycle.

Steffy has a flash back to playing volleyball on the beach. She walks down the street and has memories of her time with Liam the other day.

Thomas wonders if Hope knows what she needs. Hope thinks a drink to end her fantasy. Thomas wants to put a smile on her face. Hope sees Rick and he walks in explaining he went to go see Liam. Hope wonders what he said. Rick explains that he thinks Liam is going to Steffy. Rick thinks it is not shocking at all. Rick leaves. Thomas tells Hope it will be ok. Rick pokes his head back in and looks happy with what he sees.

Liam finds Steffy’s motor cycle and starts searching for Steffy looking in all the places she just passed earlier.

Hope starts crying in Thomas’s arms.

Liam continues to search and finds her sitting on the beach and smiles. He stands next to her and sits down. They both smile at each other.

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