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In his office, Rick watches as Hope confronts Othello about what he witnessed between Liam and Steffy at the night club. Hope figures the two were kissing, but wants Othello to confirm it. Hope says Liam denied doing anything but partying with Steffy. Hope urges Othello to give her the truth. Hope continues to beg Othello to tell her what happened. Othello finally blurts out that he “saw something.” Rick smiles smugly. Hope asks Othello to go on, asking for all the details. When Othello doesn’t answer, Rick intervenes and tells Hope that he had just asked Othello the same thing before Hope showed up. Othello looks at Hope and says that Steffy and Liam were making out in a corner of the club and then proceeded to the cabana. Hope looks furious, but is not shocked by the news. Rick asks if Hope is going to confront Liam and Steffy. Hope says she will. Rick persuades Hope to keep quiet about her source (Othello). Hope promises to protect Othello, and then leaves the office. Once alone, Othello tells Rick that he didn’t realize how much Hope would be devastated by his lie. Rick says that it had to be done.

At his Malibu home, Liam is texting Hope while Bill watches from the couch. Bill brings up Hope. Liam tells his father that he isn’t going to grovel to Hope – he just wants to make things right between the two of them. Bill doesn’t think that’ll happen because of Hope. Disregarding his father’s opinion, Liam continues to text Hope over and over. Bill promises not to give Liam a huge lecture, opting for a more “Zen-like” approach. Liam cringes when Bill says Hope is not good enough for him. Bill points out how “weak” Hope is. Bill tells Liam that he is giving him an objective view on the subject, but Liam isn’t listening. Bill asks Liam to think back to how many times Hope has walked out on him. Bill promises Liam that there will be more struggles and hardship in his relationship with Hope. Bill wishes Liam could be with someone “equally as strong” as his son – a trait Hope doesn’t have. Bill looks Liam in the eye and begs him to let Hope go once and for all. Liam reminds Bill that he has never liked Hope. Liam makes it clear he will always pick Hope. Bill is mad at Hope because he finally welcomed her into the family and then this happened. Bill thinks Hope and Liam aren’t meant to be. Liam disagrees, but Bill points out the pattern of Hope’s constant walking out on Liam. Bill thinks no man – especially a Spencer – should sit around and wait for a woman. Bill hopes Liam can find some self-respect. Bill believes Hope is a hypocrite calling Liam too immature to get married. Bill advises Liam to find out who he is. Liam ignores Bill’s advice because he believes Hope will forgive him since nothing happened between him and Steffy at the night club. Liam is convinced that he will still marry Hope.

At the Forrester workout room, Taylor and Thomas discuss Hope and Liam’s crumbling relationship. Thomas brings up Taylor’s destructive days of obsessing over Ridge. Taylor admits she was part of the crazy drama back then, but all that is behind her. Thomas believes Hope deserves a great guy. Taylor asks Thomas if he means someone like himself. Taylor reminds Thomas that just a short while ago he loved Hope. Thomas says that it didn’t work out between him and Hope. Thomas adds that he is very happy with Caroline now. Taylor says she likes Caroline, but wonders if she is just a rebound. Thomas gets defensive, saying he moved on when Hope told him that she didn’t feel the same way. Nevertheless, Taylor wishes Thomas would reevaluate his feelings for Hope. Thomas makes it known to his mother that he may be in love with Caroline. Taylor still wants Thomas to rethink how he feels about Hope.

In Rick’s office, Othello criticizes Rick for his behavior. Othello can’t believe Rick would hurt his own sister like this. Rick justifies his actions by saying Hope deserves better than Liam Spencer. Othello can’t get past the devastation in Hope’s eyes when he told her what happened at the club. Rick figures Thomas will be there to pick up the pieces. Othello realizes Rick wants to swoop in and take Caroline away from Thomas. Rick admits there is still a connection between him and Caroline. Nonetheless, Othello hates being a pawn in Rick’s mind games. Rick looks panicked when Thomas walks in. Othello hurries out the door. Thomas asks what’s going on. Rick says that Hope and Liam are breaking up. Rick wants Thomas to be available to Hope. Thomas reminds Rick that he’s seeing Caroline. Rick wants Thomas to be there as a friend to Hope. Rick admits he wishes Thomas had married Hope. Thomas is surprised; Rick says anyone is better for his sister than Liam. Thomas agrees with Rick that Liam is not worthy of Hope. Rick says Hope deserves better, but he doesn’t blame Steffy for the mess with Liam. Thomas agrees to be a good friend to Hope. Rick thanks Thomas for understanding.

Hope returns to Liam’s home as he is busy texting her for the hundredth time. Liam is happy to see Hope, but she is distant. Liam thanks Hope for coming. Hope relays to Liam that she talked to Steffy and that Steffy backed up Liam’s story about the night at the club. Hope keeps staring at Liam, disappointment written all over her face. Liam tells Hope that he’s sorry for everything, then lists all the mistakes he has made with Steffy over the past few months. However, Liam insists that he still loves Hope and wants to marry her. Liam realizes now that he should have stayed home that night instead of going out with Steffy. Liam asks Hope for a clean slate. Liam walks over to Hope and hugs her. Hope backs away and adamantly says, “No.” Liam knows Hope has every right to be mad at him. Hope laughs and says she can’t marry Liam. Hope wants to be independent and have respect for herself. Liam is puzzled by Hope’s words. Hope says she needs to figure things out on her own. Liam can’t believe what Hope is saying. Hope refuses to be the third wheel between Liam and Steffy. In fact, Hope tells Liam to go be with Steffy. Liam says he doesn’t want Steffy – he wants Hope. Hope doesn’t believe Liam. Hope goes on about not wanting to get married and not wanting to see Liam anymore. Hope blames Liam for this whole mess, and can’t believe that he’s become a stranger to her. Liam apologizes again, which makes Hope cringe. Hope is finished with listening to Liam say sorry over and over again. Hope tells Liam that she’ll be back to get her things – when he’s not there. In slow motion, Liam watches Hope pick up her purse and head toward the door. Liam grabs Hope’s arm, and they look at each other for a minute. With tears in her eyes, Hope turns her back on Liam and walks out. Liam is devastated. Hope stops to sob outside of the front door. Unbeknownst to Hope, Rick is watching from the shrubs, a confident smile on his face.

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