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Hope talks to her brother about her wedding fiasco. She calls it a disaster but Rick calls it a wake-up call. Hope says yes another one of those. Sighing, she says she talked to Liam and Steffy and they keep telling her nothing happened. She says it doesn't look good though and Rick says it's not just that, it's inexcusable what Liam did. Rick says after what happened in Italy they should not have been within 10 miles of each other. He says Liam and Steffy are like magnets and that should tell her all she needs to know.

Steffy runs into Liam at Dayzee's. She apologizes to him for that happened and Liam says sorry too. He says Hope and him are working through it though. Steffy asks if that is a fact and Liam says he's trying to. Steffy jokes about his tattoo and hair and Liam says it was a real hit at his wedding.

Steffy laughs before telling Liam she had a little chat with Hope. She says she told her nothing happened. Liam tells Steffy that he appreciates that. Steffy says she's not so sure Hope believes her though and Liam says the same thing that he's not sure Hope believes him either. Liam says he doesn't blame Hope after Italy though. Steffy tells Liam that Hope will forgive him. She says she'd be a fool not to and Liam smiles.

Hope says she wants to believe Liam. Rick asks why when the fact is that Liam was out with Steffy the night before he was supposed to marry her. Hope says she knows but she had to cancel. Rick says but still Liam was out with Steffy. Hope sighs and says she knows and that Liam and Steffy keep telling her they are friends but Rick says they are more than friends. Rick says that despite Liam assuring Hope, Steffy has been a problem in their marriage since day one and will continue to be one.

Hope says it's just really hard because Liam loves her. Rick tells her he knows that but he cannot stand by and watch Liam hurt her again. Hope tells Rick that he is a good big brother but she doesn't want to be that kind of girl who gets made just because Liam went out for a night. Hope says she feels like if nothing happened then she should forgive Liam. Rick says she can't do that and says she needs to hear the truth which she is not going to get from Liam or Steffy.

Liam tells Steffy how he was standing there in his boxer shorts trying to get Hope to listen to him on their wedding day. Liam says it was embarrassing the whole thing and Steffy laughs. Liam says it's in his top five worst days. Steffy asks Liam where things stand between Hope and him now. Liam says his future is in Hope's hands. He says if she forgives him they marry, if not they are over.

Hope says she has some business to deal with so she has to go. Rick says before she leaves she has to know Liam isn't telling her the truth. Hope sighs and Rick brings up how Liam didn't open up completely about what happened in Italy planting doubt in Hope's mind. Hope asks why Steffy would lie to her though because she has no reason to say exactly what Liam is saying. Rick says all he is saying is that she needs more proof. Hope says she's not doing that because it's wrong but admits that Liam mentioned that Othello was there that night.

Rick asks if she thinks he may have seen something. Hope says maybe. Rick says as D.J. he would have seen everything. Hope says no she's not doing this. Rick tells Hope he just doesn't want her to go through what their mom went through because Ridge was in love with Taylor and her. Hope says she doesn't want that either. Rick and her share a hug before she leaves and Rick is shown phoning someone.

Liam thanks Steffy for telling the truth about what happened. Steffy tells Liam that he hasn't exactly proven himself to be loyal to Hope and that is why she understands Hope's unwillingness to just believe him. Liam says he's asked Hope to forgive him though but Steffy asks him what happens if Hope doesn't forgive him as he is hoping she will.

Othello comes over and Rick asks him if he saw Liam and Steffy at the club. He says he did and says Liam was acting rare. Rick tells him to talk to him about what he saw and asks him if he saw them kissing or crossing the line. Othello says Liam and Steffy didn't do that. He says they definitely have something between them but it isn't physical. Rick tells Othello he needs him to do something for his sister. Othello says he'd do anything. Rick looks pleased.

Liam says this is his last chance with Hope and he needs her to believe that nothing happened with Steffy and him. Steffy says if Hope loves him then she will believe him but Liam says it's not that simple and she knows it. Steffy says yes because of her. She tells Liam that unless she totally disappears from his life, Hope will always have insecurities and she says she is a part of his life though.

She tells Liam that they have a bond and tells him to look at how they are laughing and having fun in each other's company. She says it is innocent but Hope will not see that. Liam says he made a commitment to Hope though but Steffy says a commitment is made in the heart and not the mind. She says he works so hard to conform to Hope's morals and vales and tells him his loyalty to her is amazing.

She says his loyalty to her is more amazing though and points out how if it weren't for her, then he and Hope would be married by now. She says but he's not and there is a reason for that. She tells Liam to look at her and says that she believes he'll be much happier with her. She says she believes that day is coming and says she thinks he does too. Liam lets out a small chuckle as Steffy smiles.

Othello asks Rick what he's talking about. Rick tells him he wants him to tell Hope he saw Liam and Hope being intimate. Othello is shocked. Rick tries to justify his request by saying he doesn't want Hope to suffer like he did when he married the wrong person.

He says he's just looking out for her but when he mentions that he wants Hope with Thomas, Othello picks up on the fact that Rick may be doing this to get Caroline who is dating Thomas. Rick says it's not like that but Othello does not look convinced. Rick urges him to lie to Hope as Hope walks in. She says Othello and asks him what's up. Rick looks at Othello in a demanding way.

Steffy remembers her memories with Liam before leaving Dayzee's. Hope asks Othello about how his life is going before she asks if he saw Liam last night. She asks what he saw and Othello says Liam was having a good time.

Hope says Liam had a little too much to drink from what she heard. Othello agrees to that and she asks him if he saw Liam getting the tattoo and the hair done. Othello says no he must have got it done in the back. Hope cuts to the chase and asks him if he saw Steffy and Othello says he did see her.

Hope says 'and' expectantly but Othello says nothing. Hope tells him she needs to know what happened between Steffy and Liam last night and demands him to tell her. Othello looks nervous and hesitant as Hope and Rick both look at him expectantly.

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