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Steffy asks Hope why she would think she is lying when Liam and her told her the same story. Hope says that Liam and her were at a club all night and asks Steffy if she really expects her to believe nothing happened. Steffy asks what Liam said about that and Hope says he doesnít remember much.

Steffy says sheís unforgettable. Hope asks if that means she is saying that something did happen. Steffy gets angry at Hope and says despite Liam telling her everything she is still here looking for reassurance. She says if she canít even believe the man she claims to love then she sure as hell isnít going to believe her. Hope looks as though sheís been slapped in the face.

Brooke asks Liam what the hell he was thinking going out with Steffy the night before his wedding. Liam says he knows it was wrong. He says he really wanted to be with Hope and then she cancelled on him and then. Liam trails off and sighs before saying he messed up he knows that. Looking at Brooke he says now he just wants to fix it and tells her to say that he can fix it. Brooke looks unsure.

At the sky lounge while lifting weights, Rick tells Thomas he talked to Liam. He explains to Thomas how things are between Hope and Liam and asks if Liam is going to try and get Hope back by yelling and being an idiot. Thomas quips that he wonders where he learned that from. Rick says itís not from Bill and says Bill may be a jerk but Liam is a jerk that wants to be liked. Thomas asks him what heís trying to get at. Rick says that itís obvious Liam has not treated any of their sisters well. Thomas asks if this means heís not blaming Steffy for any of this. Rick says of course not and says Steffy has always given Liam what he wants, itís Liam who canít make up his mind.

Liam tells Brooke he wants to marry her daughter but Brooke says sheís not so sure Hope wants to marry him anymore. Liam says he knows and proposes the idea that he talk to Hope alone. Brooke says thatís a good idea. Liam says Rick doesnít think so and says he told him to stay the hell away from Hope. Brooke says heís just very protective of his sister. Liam says he canít stay away from Hope even if that is what Rick wants because he loves her. Brooke asks him what heís doing here talking to her then.

Hope asks Steffy if itís a yes or a no for if anything happened with her and Liam. Steffy says she already answered her. She says Liam and her just danced. She says they never even kissed and says Liam never crossed that line. Steffy says that is all she has to say to her. When Hope looks unsatisfied Steffy says it doesnít look like she really wants a simple yes or no answer after all.

Liam discovers that Hope is with Steffy in her office. Brooke says he really put Hope in a bad spot. Liam says he knows but assures Brooke that nothing happened between Steffy and him. Brooke says thatís not even the issue anymore, if something happened or not. She says itís a proven fact that when it comes to Steffy he has poor judgement. Liam says he was wrong to go out and he should not have drank but he says he didnít betray Hope.

Rick says if you show up to a wedding like Liam did you canít expect anyone to take you seriously.

Rick gets a phone call from a friend. Thomas says heís got to get back to work. Rick suddenly says that Hope and him had something going on. Thomas firmly says that Hope chose Liam but Rick says he bets sheís regretting that now making Thomas fall silent.

Brooke comes over to reprimand Steffy. Steffy sees her and immediately gets annoyed. She tells her that Hope was just here and she told her the truth. Brooke doubtfully says yes that nothing happened. Steffy says thatís the truth.

She tells Brooke how Liam was freaking out over his hair and tattoo when he was running late to marry Hope but Brooke says Hope didnít care about that. She says what Hope cared about was that Liam was with her before the wedding. Brooke says well Liam learned his lesson and itís a mistake he is never going to repeat again. Steffy continues to look annoyed.

Liam finds Hope alone in Rickís office and asks if they can talk. Hope turns her back to him as he shuts the door. Hope says today has been and Liam says he knows but tells her he didnít lie to her. Hope says Steffy told her and Liam says okay so she knows but Hope says she doesnít. Hope says not anymore. Liam looks stressed out and frustrated.

Brooke tells Steffy that she went to far this time.

Steffy asks her if she wasnít listening because nothing happened. Brooke continues to berate Steffy about how she humiliated Hope and made a fool out of Liam. Steffy says she did not do that and says that Hope is looking for perfection and Liam is not perfect. She says the real question is if Hope can accept Liam for who he really is.

Thomas tells Rick that he will always care for Hope but he is dating Caroline right now. He says he should know that because heís interested in Caroline himself. Rick says this is not about that but Thomas says yea right, seeing right through him. Rick says heís doing this for Hope and says he doesnít want her to go through what he did when he married Amber. Thomas says thatís swell but heíd appreciate if he left him out of this. Rick tells Thomas that they are never going to be friends but that he is good for Hope. He says if he was interested in her then that would be enough for him as he leaves Thomas alone to think.

Liam tries to talk to Hope but Hope says sheís tired and just wants to go home. Liam tells Hope he knows he hurt her but tells her he did what she asked him to and told her the truth. He goes over what happened that night one more time but Hope just says he should not have been with Steffy.

She asks him what the hell is wrong with him, hurting him. Hope says itís not supposed to be like this Liam says he knows. Hope asks him if they have gotten to a place where they just donít make sense anymore. Liam says to him they are the only thing that makes sense. Hope says no because she keeps doing this and pushing away the bad and pretending they are okay. She tells Liam that she is hurt and he is guilty and asks him when they stop feeling like this. She asks him when that will be. Liam says now. Looking determined he says it ends now.

Thomas remembers how he proposed to Hope. As Brooke continues to henpeck Steffy, Steffy asks how itís fair that Hope can have a nervous breakdown but Liam is not allowed to blow off steam. She says thatís the Logan double standard for you. Brooke says he wasnít just letting off a little steam, he was having tequila shots with her. Steffy asks if Hope is upset that he was out with her or that he was having a good time. When Brooke gasps Steffy says that Hope and Liam are miserable. She says what they are doing to each other is destructive and pointless and says that the only person who thinks itís healthy is her.

Liam tells Hope he is not going to apologize to her anymore because that doesnít work. He says they need to strip their relationship down to its core and that is their love. He says they need to rebuild from that moving Hope to tears. Taking her hand Liam tells Hope that they are going to make it. He says he believes that. Hope looks teary but a little reassured.

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