B&B Wednesday Update 8/22/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/22/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy asks Hope what she means by no wedding. Hope explains that itís because of what happened the night before and what happened is not ok.

Bill sits down next to Liam and Liam knows that he now has to grow up. Liam explains that he will grow up and that he wonít beg for Hope but he will not give up on her.

Thomas and Caroline kiss and Rick walks in the room to interrupt them. Rick does not think that Liam deserves any forgiveness. Caroline tries to give him the benefit of the doubt. Thomas and Rick both agree she has to say that because he is her cousin. Caroline still thinks what happened was sort of romantic. Caroline wonders if the two can make up. Thomas and Rick do not think this is the case and Rick will not allow it to happen.

Bill thinks what happened was a complete disaster. Bill tells Liam he needs more respect for himself. Liam tells Bill he will start to but he will get Hope back.

Hope canít believe she has to do this once again with Steffy and canít believe she trusted Steffy again. She is mad that Steffy would do what she did the night before her wedding. She wants to know what she did with Liam.

Bill asks if Liam has thought why the wedding did not happen. Liam thinks because he got drunk with his ex-wife. Bill thinks that he did this on purpose and that it did not happen on accident. Liam does not think he did and does not understand what Bill is getting at. Liam thinks it is crazy what Bill is saying. Bill tries to explain that Hope changes from day to day and Steffy you know what you are going to get.

Rick explains he would do anything to protect his sister. He decides to go find Liam. Caroline thinks that Rick is being cute. Thomas hopes that he is giving Steffy the right advice about Liam. Thomas now knows that Hope should not be with Liam. Caroline jokes Thomas still like Hope.

Hope canít believe that Steffy would do what she did to Liam. Hope canít stand that Steffy would try to make sense of this. Hope tells Steffy that she was with Stephanie the other night because she could not breath well that is why she was not with Liam. Steffy is shocked but does not know why Hope would not tell anyone. Hope tells her that Stephanie wanted it to be kept a secret. Hope thinks that the outcome is what Steffy wanted.

Liam has a flashback to his begging for Hope on a short time earlier that day. Rick walks in and Liam does not want to hear it. Rick tells Liam that Hope is through with him and to stay away from her. Liam tells him that is not going to happen.

Thomas thinks itís crazy that Caroline would bring up his relationship with Hope. Caroline thinks it was a cute relationship. Thomas starts to kiss Caroline but gives a strange look.

Hope says that she knows what Steffy is capable of and wants to know what Steffy was doing with Liam.

Rick says that Liam ruined the wedding and that he canít believe that he would do that to his sister. He does not think that Liam is a good person. Rick knows that he does not respect Hope. Rick tells him he should not be shocked about this but he let it go but now he thinks Hope he is toxic and needs to stay away. Liam refuses to giving it no thought what so ever.

Caroline thinks it is good that they are friends with Hope. Thomas explains his relation with Hope never was that strong but it could have been. Thomas wants a girl he can love. They kiss again.

Rick explains that Liam still wants to be with Steffy. Liam does not agree. Rick understands that Liam wants to be with a goddess but does not want to work for it. Liam does not agree still. Rick does not think Liam knows what he did was wrong. Rick refuses to allow Liam in this family and wants nothing to do with him and will make Hope agree with him. Rick leaves.

Hope tries to get the truth out of Steffy. Hope tells Steffy that she knew how important the day was to her but Steffy would allow it any ways. Steffy knows this is not how it was supposed to happen. Hope does not care how he looked but that he was with Steffy. Steffy explains that life is not perfect and would have allowed this to be the way things turned out. Hope still wants the truth with no lies.

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