B&B Tuesday Update 8/21/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/21/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

The crowd looks as Liam begs to Hope over the stair balcony. Liam tries to get Hope to believe that what happened last night was nothing.

Steffy knows the wedding has probably started by now and that she will not fall apart because of it. Steffy does not want to pretend to have emotions that she has or does not have. She knows what she wants and she will get it.

Liam says sorry once again. Bill wonders what he is doing. Liam thinks that she has to forgive him. Hope does not think that she is important to Liam and thinks that he forgets everything he promises when she is not around. Hope wonders how many weddings it will take before they get it right. Hope claims that Liam has no respect for her. Stephanie tries to get the guests to leave but Liam refuses. Ridge has Liam look in the mirror and Liam sees that he is wearing nothing but his boxers and has black hair with red in it and a tattoo.

Steffy does work and Taylor thinks that Steffy is being quiet. Steffy does not think she is ambitious any more but knows the one thing she is good at is living. She likes to do new things. Taylor explains that is what gives her, her charm.

Hope thinks that Liam is making a fool of himself. Liam wants Hope to come down. Hope tells Liam that she is not a door mat and the night before her wedding Steffy is with him. Hope canít believe that he would go out with Steffy. Rick tells him to leave. Liam will not leave until Hope comes down stairs. Hope walks down the stairs and Liam is happy. He starts to hug her legs while he is on the ground begging for her forgiveness. Liam begs Hope to say I love you. Hope says she loves him and Liam kisses Hope. Hope stops kissing him and tells him that he does not deserve her and asks him to leave. Eric asks if Hope is doing ok and Brooke just tells everyone she is doing fine. Bill asks Marcus where Liam is and he explains that Liam is calling a cab. Bill and Katie go to find Liam. Rick asks if Hope needs a ride home. Hope explains she has stuff upstairs. Hope apologizes for what happened. Stephanie explains that she made the right choice. Ridge offers to have her stuff packed up. Brooke says she is sorry for what happened and Hope did not think that this would end like this. Brooke explains that it does not have to be the end if she does not want it to be.

Katie burst into the pool house and explains that he canít treat the two girls like he does. She does not think he can treat woman like this and Liam does not know what to say. Katie thinks that he is playing a game and he needs to check himself. Liam wonders what Bill thinks of all this. Bill asks if Liam is going to get the stuff off his hair and neck. Liam says that he canít get it out right now. Liam knows that what he did was a mistake but he did not know what to do. Liam tries to make sense of what has happened. Liam thinks that with the help of Hope he found Bill and he has an incredible woman that he must have back. Liam tells Bill he will beg. Bill refuses to allow that and tells him no son of his will ever beg for a woman.

Hope asks Brooke if she did the right thing. Brooke tells Hope that is for her to judge. Katie agrees with Hope one hundred percent.

Bill tells Liam that he needs to remember who he is and that he thinks it is sick how Liam acted in front of all the losers in the other room. Bill thinks that they should find his pride and wonders what happened to the guy who told him to go screw himself for not being a good father. Bill is embarrassed to have Liam as a son. Bill canít believe that Liam would disrespect himself in front of the world. Liam does not want to be Bill and tells him he messed up and is not proud to admit it. Bill pushes Liam and canít believe that he let Hope humiliate him in front of his family. Liam tells him to stop. Bill does not care and tells Liam he is being a bad little boy and knows that Liam wonít stand up for himself. Bill puts Liam in a chokehold and tells him to start acting like a Spencer and grow up. Liam tries to get out of it. Bill asks if Liam hears him and he gets free. Liam cries and Bill tells him that no one is allows to judge him. Bill hugs Liam.

Steffy calls a florist to deliver flowers but Hope shows up at the door and she hangs the phone up. Steffy wonders what she is doing there. Hope explains there was no wedding.

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