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In the guest house adjacent from Eric and Stephanie’s main home, Hope asks Liam if he was with Steffy last night.  Liam explains how he felt bad that Hope had to cancel their dinner plans, so he went out.  Hope reminds Liam that she cancelled due to Stephanie’s health concern, not that she didn’t want to be with him.  Liam asks Hope why she didn’t tell him about Stephanie.  Liam admits to Hope he spent the evening with Steffy.  Hope is ticked off because Steffy is always there when Liam needs her.  Liam confesses he went out with Steffy two nights in a row.  Liam swears it was all fun and no romantic gestures.  Liam says Steffy is only a friend.  Hope laughs, saying Steffy isn’t Liam’s friend – she’s his ex-wife.  Liam says he wasn’t about to mope around the beach house before losing his freedom.  Hope is saddened to hear Liam say this about marriage. 

Taylor enters Steffy’s office; her daughter is busy working at her desk.  Taylor brings up Liam and Hope’s wedding.  Steffy jokes that the event is like a national holiday.  Steffy lets slip that she had an “amazing” time with Liam last night.  Taylor wonders what Steffy means since her daughter was supposed to be going on a Caribbean trip if Liam decided to marry Hope.  Steffy explains how Liam needed her help, that he was in desperate need of some fun before his wedding day.  Steffy accepts Liam’s choice to marry Hope, but she’s convinced Hope Logan will never make Liam laugh. 

Taylor wants to know what exactly Steffy and Liam did last night.  Steffy says the night was filled with clubhopping, and the days were spent on the beach.  Steffy says Liam had fun, but knows Hope won’t like it.  Steffy says Hope is clueless about what happened the last two nights between her and Liam.  Steffy thinks Hope is only interested in planning her wedding.  Taylor cringes when Steffy brings up riding with Liam on her motorcycle.  Steffy promises her mother that she is always safe while riding.  Taylor says Steffy will change her mind once she has children.  Steffy is adamant she won’t be getting pregnant anytime soon, and even suggests she might never have kids.  Steffy says Liam and Hope are too young for marriage, and wonders why they are still going through with it.  Taylor wishes Steffy could have changed Liam’s mind.  Steffy says it wasn’t her intention to break up Hope and Liam – she only wanted Liam to chill out and have some fun.  Steffy makes a comment about what their future wedding photos will look like.  Taylor asks Steffy to clarify.  Steffy says Liam has a faux Mohawk and a tattoo on his neck.  Taylor doesn’t like to hear Steffy gloating.  Steffy justifies her actions by saying Liam needed to find his wild side before marrying Hope.  Steffy says Liam doesn’t laugh much, especially when he’s with Hope.  Steffy wishes Liam would reconsider marrying Hope.  Taylor hugs her daughter. 

At the luncheon, Pam tells Stephanie she is worried that the caterer isn’t there.  Pam comments how Logan weddings are always disasters.  Ridge intervenes on Stephanie’s behalf.  Stephanie suggests getting Pam a glass of champagne to calm down.  Brooke walks up to Ridge and touches his shoulders.  Brooke tells Ridge that the best idea is for them to elope when they get married.  Brooke and Ridge share a passionate kiss.  Ridge wonders where Hope and Liam are.  Brooke can’t believe Liam rode in on a motorcycle to the luncheon.  Brooke agrees to go check on the couple. 

While Liam and Hope continue to argue, Brooke walks in.  Brooke can’t believe what Liam has done to his hair.  Liam promises that everything is okay, but Hope pipes in that she needs a word alone with Liam.  Brooke relays that the guests are patiently waiting.  Once alone, Hope inquires about what else Liam did with Steffy last night.  Liam says Steffy brought him to a nightclub to dance.  Hope is disappointed in Liam for not respecting their wedding day.  Hope’s eyes widen when Liam says he and Steffy woke up beside the hotel pool.  Hope is upset but Liam can’t understand why.  Hope says Liam’s hair and the tattoo aren’t what’s bothering her – it’s the fact he spent time with Steffy.  Hope reminds Liam that he said he understood why she (Hope) needed to have another wedding ceremony.  Hope believes Liam lied to her.  Hope is convinced Steffy wanted to ruin the wedding.  Liam defends Steffy, saying it wasn’t her intention to have him get a tattoo or change his hair.  Nonetheless, Hope is standing by her belief that Steffy wanted to change Liam so he wouldn’t be himself today.  Hope asks Liam if he’s drunk.  Liam says he’s a little “tipsy” but Hope thinks Liam is suffering from a hangover.  Hope goes on about Liam being a disappointment by partying with Steffy all night.  Hope accuses Steffy of “ruining”  Liam. 

Brooke returns to the luncheon.  Rick and Eric can’t believe Hope and Liam are arguing.   Brooke announces that Liam is a “mess”, revealing the news that he has a new hairstyle and tat.  Bill is shocked by the announcement.  Nearby, Thomas and Caroline dance together.  Dayzee and Marcus wonder what is going on with Hope and Liam.  Bill pulls Thomas aside and asks about Steffy.  Thomas says he called Steffy the other night and she was at a club with Liam.  Thomas senses Liam had more fun with Steffy than Hope would have liked. 

Liam is irritated that Hope keeps blaming Steffy for last night.  Hope says Liam’s behavior is unacceptable.  Liam wants to still get married, so he tries wiping off his tattoo with some running water.  Hope says the tat won’t come off.  Liam tries reasoning with Hope, saying that a shower will help.  Liam takes off his clothes except for the boxers.  Hope starts crying; she says the Liam she once loved is gone.  Liam is shocked when Hope compares him to his father Bill.  Hope thinks Liam might want to settle down later in life, but it’s clear he’s not ready for marriage right now.  Liam is speechless.  Liam tells Hope that he wants to be her husband, and then apologizes for spending time with Steffy.  Hope admits Liam’s actions hurt her, especially when she wanted him to steer clear of his ex-wife.  Hope stands by her convictions that Liam is not ready to be married.  Hope runs out of the guest house. 

When Hope returns to the luncheon, all the guests watch as she runs upstairs to her room.  Liam walks in wearing only boxer briefs.  Bill wonders what is going on with his son.  The expression on everyone’s faces is a look of horror when they see Liam’s hair and tattoo.  Ridge tells Liam that he needs to respect Hope’s decision to be alone.  Liam ignores Ridge and starts yelling Hope’s name at the top of his lungs.  A few seconds later, Hope walks over to the landing, tears in her eyes.  Liam begs Hope to still marry him.  Hope stares back at Liam with tears running down her face.

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