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Liam wakes up with a huge headache and groggily asks Steffy what time it is. Liam says what the hell is he doing here because he is supposed to be at Stephanieís. He says she was supposed to take him home but she didnít. Steffy says she called for a limo to take them home but it never showed up and that is why they stayed here. Liam asks Steffy if anything happened between them. When she says no he breathes out a sigh of relief.

Hope calls and Liam answers the phone. She asks him if heís on his way. Liam says he just needs time to clean up and then he will be there. He tells Hope he loves her before hanging up and saying this is good, he still has time to get to his wedding. Steffy tells him it might not be good and shows Liam his tattoo and red-streaked hair that he got when he ran off with his friends last night. Liam freaks out as he sees his new look.

Thorne tells Hope she looks beautiful before Stephanie comes over. Hope asks if she is okay after last night. Stephanie says she talked to her doctor and she is fine. She tells Hope to stop worrying and to enjoy her day. Caroline and Thomas arrive and Hope thanks them for coming. Katie and Bill also arrive. Bill asks Hope where his son is. Smiling, Hope says that he is on his way and he will be there soon.

Liam keeps looking at his tattoo and hair and says what the hell. Steffy says itís not permanent and laughs. Liam asks her if sheís going to laugh at him too now. Steffy says no and Liam wonders what to do. He says heís getting married and he canít show up like this, especially to the luncheon. He asks Steffy how he is going to explain this and looks worried.

Steffy tells Liam they have to get going to make it to the wedding. Liam says he canít go like this. He asks Steffy if the hotel barber is open right now and thinks of shaving his head and wearing a tie. Steffy tells him he doesnít have time for that because he told Hope he was already on his way. He asks if this stuff in his hair can be washed out. Steffy says it probably will and tells him theyíll get him ready in the guestroom and tells him to move. Liam says that Hope wanted this wedding to be perfect and elegant. Steffy says that he had fun last night and he should not ruin that by being guilty but Liam looks as guilty as ever. He starts to go all the while saying oh god what has he done. Steffy just smiles.

Dayzee and Marcus compliment Stephanie and Pamís set-up for the wedding. Stephanie shares a moment with her sister, Pam. She tells her that she has done an outstanding job and hugs her while smiling. Katie tells Hope that Bill has promised not to say anything nasty today. Bill tells Hope she looks beautiful. Thomas and Caroline excuse themselves for champagne while Katie says that Hope must be very excited.

Hope says actually she feels very relaxed. She says that everything is taken care of so she can just enjoy this with her family and friends. Bill again asks where Liam is. Hope says when she talked to him earlier on he said he was on his way. Katie says sheís sure heíll be here any minute and Hope smiles. Steffy is shown giving Liam a ride on her motorcycle. Rick asks Brooke where the groom is. When Brooke says heís not here yet, Rick asks if there is a problem. Brooke says no and tells him to enjoy himself. Looking at Caroline he says he plans too.

Marcus asks Thomas how Steffy is doing. Thomas says he doesnít know because sheís not answering her cell. Dayzee says thatís funny because neither is Liam. Thomas looks worried but Dayzee says sheís sure heís driving. She says Marcus learned his lesson and now everyone is learning it. Thomas smiles. Rick flirts with Caroline taking advantage of the fact that Thomas is talking to Marcus and Dayzee.

Katie tells Hope that she hopes she got her dad and Donnaís messages. She says they are sorry they could not make it. Hope laughs and says well thatís what happens when you make plans overnight. Katie laughs before saying that Liam and Hope are going to have a beautiful wedding and finally be husband and wife. Hope says she cannot wait she is so excited and hugs Katie while smiling.

Steffy makes Liam reach and drives away on her motorcycle. Hope hears the sound of the motorcycle and says sheís going to go see who that is. Hope spots Liam as he tries to sneak into the guestroom. Liam keeps his helmet on to hide his hair.

As Hope keeps asking him why heís wearing the helmet and who gave him a ride, Liam tells her he doesnít want to hold her up and says he needs to go change. Liam goes into the guestroom and Hope follows him. When she keeps asking about his helmet, Liam takes it off. Hope is shocked to his hair and the tattoo. She asks him how this happened and Liam says he is going to tell her the truth because they agreed that was best. Liam tells her that after she cancelled on him last night he went to a club. Liam tells Hope that he went to a club and went wild. Hope looks confused and lost.

Brooke asks Stephanie, Ridge and Eric if they have seen Hope. Stephanie says donít tell them they are missing the bride and the groom. Ridge says if they donít show up soon then Brooke and him should get married because there is no point in wasting a perfectly good ceremony. Brooke laughs and says thatís true. Ridge says he thinks Hope is outside with Liam who he thinks has arrived.

Bill tells Katie to eat because his son is hungry before he goes over to talk to Rick. He tells Rick he saw him talking to his niece. Rick says they were going over his speech for Hope. Thomas asks if heís thinking of advice to give his sister. Rick says no because Liam and Hope are back on track. Rick taunts Thomas by saying thatís not the outcome his sister, Steffy was hoping for. Thomas doesnít look pleased. Steffy remembers her time at the club with Liam last night.

Liam tells Hope that guys do that before they get married. They go out the night before and blow off steam. He said he did that and went dancing and he met some people who did hair and makeup for movies. Hope asks if they did that to him. Liam says he thinks so but heís hazy. Hope says wow he was drinking. Liam says he was having a good time and he got a little carried away. He says but he is here now and he just has to get changed. Liam moves to do that but Hope asks him if the reason he had to go out and blow off steam was because he was mad at her.

Liam says no, thatís not it at all. He says he felt a little stood up by her but thatís it. Hope tells him she was looking after Stephanie and that was why she had to cancel. Liam says itís okay and thanks her for not biting his head off over his new look. Hope says your welcome.

Liam says letís do this wedding and gets ready to change but Hope drops the bomb on him by asking if his wild night at the club had anything to do with Steffy.

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