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Hope says that she’s not sure she can come with him. Liam tells her she can and tells her that he knows she’s angry. He tells her to question their love, scream at him if she wants but to do all that in their home. Liam kisses Hope passionately.

Thomas comes over to talk to his sister. He asks Steffy if she is seriously moving back in with Liam. Steffy says maybe. Thomas says she has a bag packed so it’s obvious she thinks she’ll be moving in but Steffy tells him she has a trip planned.

She says if she has to cancel it for Liam so she can move back in she will. Thomas, confused asks Steffy what is going on. Steffy changes the subject and asks him how he got here so fast and asks if he was texting and driving after what Marcus went though. Thomas smiles and says look who is on safety patrol and says he’s seen her do it too before he says he was already heading this way.

Steffy says she doesn’t text while diving anymore after what happened with Marcus. Thomas says it’s a good thing Marcus didn’t actually hit anyone but Steffy says it’s a good thing Caroline and him figured the truth out. She says that all the mysteries he read as a kid paid off. Thomas smiles and says he always knew he’d make a good detective. He then questions Steffy like a detective and asks her to fess up about her moving in with Liam. Steffy rolls her eyes and smiles.

Ridge tells Stephanie and Eric that Steffy will not be at the stockholder’s meeting tomorrow. When they asks why he says that she asked for some time off. He says she may be going off to a tropical island. Stephanie says maybe and Ridge says or she may be moving back in with Liam, Steffy doesn’t know yet. Stephanie and Eric are stunned.

Stephanie asks Ridge if this means that Liam has come to his senses. Ridge says he didn’t say that. He says that Hope stayed with Brooke and him last night. Eric says so Steffy moved right back in. Ridge defends his daughter by saying Liam’s marriage to Hope is not legal yet. He says that tonight Steffy is making one last attempt to have Liam keep it that way.

When Steffy tells Thomas how Liam and Hope’s wedding isn’t legal yet he says that it will be since all they have to do is sign some papers. Steffy says it doesn’t have to be if Hope walks out on Liam or if Liam realizes he’s had enough of Hope. Thomas is confused.

Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t question his love and she wants to come home but. Liam says she does want to and that’s all she needs to listen to. He says after everything they have been through it would be so wrong if they don’t end up together. Liam apologizes to Hope for not questioning the note from Deacon better and for not trusting her enough. He also apologizes to her for her having to see that video. He says he knows that must have hurt her bad. Hope says lies hurt too and says she thinks it’s probably for the best that she saw that video.

Steffy says that Hope has pushed it too far by walking out on Liam. She says it would be one thing if their marriage was legal but it’s not so there is no reason to force it. Thomas says well it’s a good sign if Liam told her to wait for him while he talks to Hope. Steffy says he didn’t really do that and says she’s just going to wait and see if he comes back and tells her he ended it with Hope.

She says if he doesn’t and he wants to go back with Hope for more misery then she’s going off to a tropical paradise for mai tais and hot cabana boys. She says either way she’ll be fine but Thomas looks doubtful of that. Steffy tells Thomas that Liam is going to come through that door any minute and they are going to start a life together again. She says only this time there will be no lies and no tricks and that will make all the difference.

Eric says he can’t believe the wedding isn’t legal. Ridge says it’s just a matter of signing a few papers. Eric says Hope tore those up. Stephanie says Hope fought and fought for the perfect wedding and says it’s just typical Logan behavior. Ridge says he can see why Hope is upset but Stephanie says that Liam would have to be crazy if he chooses Hope over Steffy again.

Hope says she’s glad she saw what she did. Liam says why, after all the pain it put her through. Hope says now she knows how capable he is of lying to her and how he really feels about Steffy. Hope says that if he had just told her the truth in Italy, yes it would have hurt her but she would have understood it was a misunderstanding. She says she can’t take anymore lies from him or else they will not work. Liam, although hurt says okay and goes over to her. Liam says it was wrong of him to do it and hide it from her. He says he still made vows to her and says he wants to validate them. Hope screams at him to stop asking her to validate that day.

Hope says that day wasn’t real. Liam says it was to him and says if she gives him time then he will prove it to her that it was. Hope tells Liam that she doesn’t even trust him right now. Liam looks more hurt and says he gets it, honesty is everything but asks how that is going to work if they aren’t even communicating. Liam tells Hope the truth and says he’s really scared that she’s not willing to work this out. He tells her to prove him wrong and urges her to come home.

Ridge says he doesn’t like seeing Hope upset but these things keep happening. He says it makes him wonder if Hope should just let Liam go and realize that Steffy and him belong together. Stephanie says she agrees with him. She says that she loves Hope but Hope does not always make the most unselfish decisions. She says Steffy on the other hand has consistently. Stephanie says that Steffy stepped aside and let Liam and Hope be and for what. She says she’s beginning to suspect that Hope doesn’t even know how to be happy and says she thinks Steffy deserves a chance at it instead.

Thomas tells Steffy to let him know what happens. Steffy says if he doesn’t hear from her then she’s on her way to the airport. Thomas smiles and says she loves Liam and will stick with him till the end. He tells her to unpack the bag and says she’s not going anywhere. Kissing her forehead she smiles at his sister before he leaves a nervous-looking Steffy behind.

Hope tells Liam that she just can’t forget what she saw on that video. She talks about why a woman’s wedding is so important to her. She says it’s the beginning of her life with the man she knows she’ll be with for life. She says she doesn’t have that. She then tells Liam that she wants another wedding. She says she doesn’t want an elaborate ceremony, she just wants something that she can look back at with joy. She says if he wants them to work then she needs this to happen. Liam nods in understanding.

Liam says she so basically wants to erase Italy. Hope tells Liam that she needs him to understand why that has to happen and needs him to pledge his life to her and her only. Hope tells Liam that the ceremony will not take long to plan. She tells him that she will come home with him after the ceremony. Liam doesn’t look completely happy but tells Hope he understands and wants her to be happy. Liam leaves and stands outside looking a little confused and almost hurt.

Eric says maybe Hope is just too young for a wedding. Ridge agrees and Stephanie says maybe Liam will get that. Stephanie says maybe he’ll have the clarity and maturity to just walk away from the whole Hope situation. Hope looks at a picture of Liam on her phone and smiles meanwhile Steffy remembers her memories with Liam as she waits at his house. Liam finally shows up and Steffy greets him with a smile before saying and there she was about to leave. Steffy asks Liam about Hope.

Liam slowly tells her that Hope isn’t coming back tonight. Steffy asks him if he told her he had enough of her. Liam hesitates but then says he loves Hope and he wants to marry her. Steffy looks hurt as she says Hope moved out.

Liam says she didn’t, he says she’s just there with her mom until they get married. Steffy says he’s so vulnerable to Hope. Liam tells her not to say that but Steffy says he is. She tells him he has to forget about Hope. Steffy kisses Liam and says that it’s time he let her go. She kisses him again and this time Liam kisses back. Steffy pulls away after the kiss and watches Liam with expectant eyes.

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