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Steffy asks Liam what it feels like to hold her fate in his hands. Liam says familiar. Steffy asks him what the verdict is. She asks if she is going to tropical paradise to lick her wounds or is she moving back in with the man she loves. Liam looks uncertain.

Hope tells Rick that she knows Steffy is with Liam right now seducing him and trying to convince him to go back to her. Rick says that worked in the past. Hope says gee thanks. Rick says he’s just saying she doesn’t have to stay cooped up in the house. He tells her to go to Liam is she wants, get her man. Hope sighs quietly.

Ridge tells Taylor she is an exceptional woman and says Steffy would be lucky to end up like her. Taylor says except for the unlucky in love part. Taylor takes that back and says that loving Ridge was the best thing that happened in her life. She says but losing him was one of the worst things too.

Ridge says he’s sorry about that. Taylor says she’s accepted it and moved on quite happily but admits then when she sees Steffy walking on the same path all her hurt comes back. She says she knows what it’s like feeling like you’re not got enough, that you can’t measure up. Ridge stops her and says that was never the case. He takes her hand and says he never regretted any moment he spent with her. Taylor smiles at Ridge.

Rick says he can drive her to Liam’s if she likes. Hope says that’s really sweet of him seeing how he really feels. Rick tells her to just go to Liam and just knock Steffy off the playing field. Hope sighs and says she’s made way too many decisions based on Steffy. She says it can’t be about her anymore; it has to be about what is right for her this time. Rick asks what that is and Hope says she wasn’t being true to herself when she was living with Liam before marriage and that time she was taking pills. She says she has to be true to herself. Rick asks her if she knows what that means. Hope says all her heart knows is how much she loves Liam.

Steffy tells Liam to think about it and weigh the pros and cons before deciding. She points out how if Liam chose her then he’d know she’d never leave him. She compares herself to Hope; a girl who always walks out on him. She says Hope needs to learn to compromise and grow-up but tells Liam he doesn’t have to wait for Hope.

She says he has another option which is her. When Steffy says Hope completely freaked out after watching the video of them again, Liam says understandably so. Steffy says she’s not trying to downplay that but says what did Hope do when he gave her the papers to validate the wedding? She reminds him that she tore up the papers and went back to her mommy. She asks Liam if this is the kind of life he wants to live. Liam looks unhappy.

Taylor says she remembers exactly when she was happiest. Ridge says he can guess that was when their family was intact. Taylor says it was when she had had the twins and he was holding Thomas and she was holding Phoebe and Steffy while they were sitting on their bed. Smiling she says sometimes she wishes she could just freeze those moments. Ridge says he totally agrees. Taylor says and then there are those moments in time that she wishes had never happened. Ridge quietly says losing Phoebe.

Taylor says she thinks about her every day. She says she wonders what she would be like if she was here now. Ridge says with her as her mother, she would have been great. Taylor says he is a great father too. Ridge says he doesn’t know about that but says he is proud of his kids, especially Steffy.

He says she’s grown so much just in this last year. Taylor says she still want more for Steffy. Taylor says she doesn’t want Steffy to feel like her, to feel like part of her life is missing because Liam is with Hope. Ridge asks her if that’s really how she feels. Taylor asks him if he really needs to ask that.

Ridge smiles and says but he thought she and Thorne. Taylor smiles and asks him how she can give her heart to any other man when still so much of it belongs to him. Ridge gets a gleam in his eye and looks very touched and happy with her words.

Hope talks to Rick about the wedding because he wasn’t there for it. He asks Hope what the wedding was like. Hope tells him how the entire wedding happens and then talks about how Liam found the note and everything fell apart. Rick asks her to forget about that and asks her how the wedding was without that. Hope says it was magnificent but says none of that matters anymore because that day will never be her wedding day again.

Steffy tells Liam that Hope deals with things by walking out on him. She says she would never do that to him. Liam says that Hope has her principles and that’s what he loves about her. He says right now she doesn’t want to lie with a man without marriage. Steffy says that they are married though in every way that counts. She says if Hope doesn’t get that then she doesn’t deserve him. Liam sighs and looks down. Bob Hope comes up in the conversation and Steffy reminds Liam of one more reason why he should be with her. She says they are so alike. Liam looks like he can’t disagree with that.

Hope asks Rick if he believes in happiness. Rick says yes because he’s experienced it. Hope says so has she while she was in Italy but she just feels like there will always be some secret waiting for her now that will blow her world apart. Rick says with an attitude like that she is just looking for failure.

He tells her that love is a struggle. Hope says it should not have to be but Rick says it is. He also says that love is forgiveness. Hope says she’s been hearing a lot of that lately. Rick tells her to move back in with Liam, maybe let him get a chance to be the husband to her that he can be. Hope says he makes it sound so easy.

Rick says it can be if she loves the guy. Hope says if she is going to do that then it has to be at the right time. Rick says he thinks she should be having this conversation with Liam.

Liam tells Steffy she’s the most fun he ever had. He says she can make him laugh when nothing else can and says plus she’s his best friend. Steffy says and then he has Hope. Liam says he’s hurt Hope plenty of times too. He says every time he has a problem he heads to her. He says he’s trying to see this from Hope’s perspective and says he feels she’s tied up about what happened with him and her at the hotel. Steffy says okay then fight with her about it but says they should be doing that in his home.

Steffy asks Liam if this is what he wants for the rest of his life. Liam says it’s not that simple. Steffy firmly says that yes it is. Steffy urges Liam to go talk to Hope and tell her he’s done. She tells him she’ll give him an hour and then she’ll be gone. Leaning in to him, Steffy says but she’d rather stay. Liam and Steffy share a kiss and she tells him to go. Liam gets up an leaves to talk to Hope it seems. Steffy smiles to herself.

Ridge says that he could have lived a very happy life with Taylor and her children. Taylor says she believes that too. Ridge shakes his head and says but he always wanted to be in two places at one time. Taylor says well that would have been great for him and sounds snaky. Ridge says he has never stopped loving her and tells Taylor to please not doubt that ever. Taylor says she knows and says she also know he’s given Brooke a ring and they’re about to get married for the millionth time.

Taylor says and she’s sad about that but tells Ridge to look at her game face. She says but she doesn’t want that kind of life for Steffy for her to always long to be with the man she loves, the man she was meant to be with. She says and in spite of everything that has happened with Hope she does believe that Liam is that man for Steffy.

Liam knocks on Hope’s door and asks if he can come in. Hope lets him in and Liam talks to Hope about how he has been trying to see things from her point of view. He says he knows she’s ticked off and upset but says she’s going to have to give him some understanding too. He says but right now he has come to ask her if she’ll come home with him so they can talk about this and get over it because she needs to be with him for that.

Liam looks at Hope seriously as he waits for her answer to whether or not she will come back home with him.

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