B&B Wednesday Update 8/8/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/8/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam walks in and wipes the water off him and thinks he hears Hope and calls for her from up the stairs. Liam looks around and finds.

Taylor wonders why Steffy wants time off. Steffy walks in and Taylor wants to know where she is going. Steffy says a beach that she has not picked yet.

Dayzee and Marcus kiss and discuss Dayzee closing early. Marcus does not want to because it is to hot out. Marcus explains he just wants to be with her and thinks it is unlikely how they ever met. Dayzee smiles. Marcus jokes about his time in jail and explains he forgot how quickly someone’s life can change. Dayzee does not know if things are really that different for her. Dayzee explains that everyone has to decide who they want to be. The two kiss.

Rick asks if Hope ever wishes to move back in and try to start over. Hope thinks that people need to try to get a fresh start and give chances. Rick thinks she is in denial.

Steffy explains that she will only go if Liam says he wants her to.

Dayzee and Marcus try to get info on Anthony and what is going on with his accident. Dayzee tells Marcus that the surgery went over great and that he will be fine. Marcus explains that the police found the car that hit Anthony and he is now in jail. Marcus finds that things can't take forever any more.

Hope wants to go back to the pool. Rick thinks that Hope is trying to avoid the situation. Hope tries to tell Rick that he needs to have some time away from Liam to see if she can try to trust him again. Rick tries to figure out if Hope can accept how Liam is at current.

Liam sits on his couch with nothing to do and looks through a box of old video tapes and finds a video of Bob Hope. He has a flash back with Steffy

Ridge and Taylor tell Steffy that Liam needs to make a choice. Taylor wants Liam to be just for Steffy if she is his end game. Steffy and Taylor hug

Dayzee feeds Marcus carrots and the two kiss and get romantic. They dance together. The smile and kiss at each other. They then cuddle. Dayzee falls asleep on Marcus while he also starts to fall asleep.

Taylor suggests Hawaii for Steffy to go to instead of Hawaii where they can find her and her crazy friends are away from. Ridge thinks that Steffy will make the right choice.

Hope makes Rick a sandwich and tells Rick she is tired of talking about what she should and shouldn't do. Hope is upset at Liam but can see herself spending the rest of her life with. Hope asks if she is asking too much of Liam. Rick wonders if she really wants his opinion.

Liam tries to fix a VCR and Steffy walks in. Liam wonders if Steffy is going somewhere and explains she is either moving back in or moving on forever.

Rick tells Hope a secret that she is not to tell anyone. Rick tries to explain that his values are to what he wants. He does not go wild in front of other woman unless he wanted to just like Liam.

Steffy explains she is not suffering from a stroke. Liam wants to review what she is talking about. Steffy explains she is tired of playing games. She is tired of all of this. Liam listens. Steffy is done with weddings and just want's Liam. She wants to do things with Liam. Steffy explains Hope moves in and out. Liam tries to explain that he is dealing with stuff. Steffy does not think that this is the case. Steffy is not comfortable with this. Steffy explains things will be easier and to just say the word and she will unpack and everything will be easy. She says all he has to do is want it and say come on. Liam stairs at her unaware with what he will do.

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