B&B Tuesday Update 8/7/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 8/7/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Marcus and Dayzee walk into the restaurant and thank Caroline and Thomas for everything.

Rick works out while Hope discusses Liam. Rick does not think Hope is over reacting about anything.

Liam walks in and gets a video call from Steffy. Steffy asks if he is doing any better and tells him she is just checking in on him. The doorbell rings. Liam thanks her for stopping by and Katie is the one at the door.

Rick asks what Hope feels about Liam. Hope does not know but does love him but is not ready to let him go. Rick does not think Liam deserves her.

Katie does not want Steffy walking in on the relationship.

Steffy talks to Taylor about her morning with Liam. Taylor explains she is not legally married to Liam. Steffy does not want to do it and Brooke walks in and tells her to stay away.

Thomas and Caroline explain that they also hit the same pot hole. Stephanie asks what Anthony thinks of all this. Marcus says he does not know. Anthony walks in and tells them to ask him.

Liam wants to know what he is supposed to do. Katie thinks that he should be helping her. Katie asks if Liam would stay if the situation was reversed. Katie tells him to think about what is going on the next time Steffy shows up.

Rick knows that Hope loves Liam but she needs to be able to trust him and not defend him. Rick tells her that Liam can't make up his mind and is stuck on Steffy.

Steffy tries to get to work and Brooke asks if she has seen Liam. Steffy says yes and tells Brooke she tried to get them to stay together. Brooke does not want to hear what is going on. Steffy explains it is not her fault what happens.

Dayzee tells Anthony it is good to see him out of the hospital. Anthony knows that what happened was not his fault. Thomas helps Anthony get up. Anthony asks for Marcus's forgiveness. Marcus accepts the apology and the two hug. Stephanie hopes the police can find out what actually happened.

Hope wants what is right for everyone. Rick does not think that Steffy will give her any time to make a choice. Rick want's Hope to hold out for gifts but she won't hold out. Hope thanks Rick for the advice.

Liam holds a sweater and smells it. He has flashbacks to their time in Italy together and holds the sweater.

Hope gives papers to Steffy and Steffy asks what more she wants from them. Steffy explains she messed up and said sorry more than once. Steffy admits that she will be there if Liam wants her.

Marcus asks if his mother knows what is going on. Justin says she does not. Anthony explains his foot will be as good as new soon. Caroline asks what their next project will be and jokes. Stephanie explains that she is reminded of Ridge and Caroline back when. Caroline asks if there is a message there. Thomas explains yes because they need to be part of the family. Dayzee thinks that Thomas and Caroline belong together. The two were both scared that they could have been apart. Dayzee explains that she has never loved him more. They kiss.

Liam has more flash backs of what has transpired. He puts the sweater down and has a flashback of Steffy.

Steffy tells Hope that she is punishing Liam. Hope wonders what she would have done in the situation. Steffy explains she would have eventually got over it. Steffy explains she walked out on him. Steffy once again explains what is happening. Steffy saw what it did to Liam when Hope ripped up the papers. Steffy explains she will go after Liam if she won't. Hope explains that she is going to give them a chance to work out their problems and to stay away from Liam. Hope walks out.

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