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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 8/6/12


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Liam is at home checking his phone when he receives a video from Hope. Liam tells Hope how much he missed her last night and asks when she’s coming home. Hope says she doesn’t know when she’ll be able to return to the beach house. Hope asks Liam to give her some time and space to work things out on her own. After the phone call, Bill shows up and barges in. Bill wants to know why Liam isn’t answering his phone. Bill needs Liam at work because Justin is at the courthouse helping Marcus. Liam learns Marcus spent the night in lockup. Bill suggests Liam go to the courthouse to legalize his marriage to Hope. Liam lets slip that Hope ripped up the papers. Bill asks Liam if Hope left him. Bill is outraged because he was finally accepting Hope as his daughter-in-law and for the fact he apologized to Hope – something he never does. Liam compares Bill to Steffy, saying she told him the same thing last night. Liam swears nothing happened between him and Steffy. Bill reassures Liam that Hope will come around. Bill instructs Liam to get dressed and come in to work.

Steffy is in her office remembering her last conversation with Liam. Steffy thinks back to reminding Liam how Hope keeps leaving him and urging him to let go of Hope for the last time. Ridge walks in the office and inquires about Thomas. Steffy says her brother is at the courthouse helping Marcus get released. Steffy comments about Thomas and Caroline’s budding relationship, and then compares them to herself and Liam. Steffy tells Ridge that she knows Hope walked out on Liam last night. Steffy is adamant she is no longer going to support Liam and Hope’s relationship. Steffy believes Hope is acting immature by constantly leaving Liam. In fact, Steffy thinks Hope can’t handle being married. Ridge grimaces when Steffy makes a cheap shot about the Logan women. Steffy apologizes to her father, and then asks him if he believes in destiny. Steffy sees Deacon’s letter, the video of herself and Liam kissing, and the fact that Hope and Liam are not legally married in the state of California, as signs that she and Liam are meant to be together.

At the courthouse, Justin calls for an emergency meeting on Marcus’s behalf. The prosecutor argues that Marcus was the one who hit Anthony, but Thomas pipes in to defend his friend. Thomas and Caroline reassure Dayzee just as Marcus is led in wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. Marcus assumes he is out on bail, but Thomas says there is proof of his innocence. Marcus doesn’t understand because he fully believes he hit Anthony while texting. Thomas says Marcus didn’t hit Anthony. Marcus is puzzled considering he was texting at the time. Caroline asks that Marcus listen to the evidence. The meeting begins; Justin submits new evidence. Thomas interrupts, saying he has a disk showing Marcus’s innocence. Thomas adds that someone else hit Anthony Walker. The judge agrees to look at the disk. On his laptop, the judge, Caroline, and Thomas stare at surveillance feeds from the night of the accident. Thomas says the mechanic can attest to the fact Marcus’s vehicle only had a flat tire and a broken front rim due to a gigantic pothole in front of Dayzee’s coffeehouse. The judge watches as Thomas points out Marcus’s car, and then the one that actually hit Anthony. The judge says this evidence proves Marcus didn’t hit Anthony. Marcus can’t believe what he’s hearing. Marcus hugs Justin as Dayzee cries tears of relief. Dayzee hugs her husband.

Hope is putting on makeup in her old bedroom when Brooke walks in holding a triple espresso for her daughter. Brooke knows Hope didn’t sleep well last night, so she urges Hope to go back and be with Liam. Hope tells Brooke she isn’t ready to deal with Liam yet. Hope can’t forget what happened between Liam and Steffy in Italy. Hope says she isn’t sure of her feelings for Liam anymore. Brooke hopes her daughter can learn to forgive Liam for what he did. Brooke says Hope went a little overboard with ripping up the marriage papers. Hope admits she is really hurt and upset with Liam. Hope promises she won’t have an emotional breakdown. Hope wonders if she really wants to be married to Liam after all. Brooke reminds Hope that she and Ridge went through many rough patches in their marriage. Hope starts crying. Brooke knows Hope and Liam will find “solid ground” in their relationship. Brooke urges Hope to return to the beach house and talk with Liam. Hope acknowledges that she hates being distant from Liam, but she still needs to digest everything that has happened. Hope tells Brooke that for now, she needs to move at her own pace. Brooke says Hope can stay there as long as she needs.

Someone is knocking at Liam’s front door. Liam figures it’s Bill, so he starts yelling some things about his father. However, it’s not Bill – Steffy is standing there, teasing Liam about never being called Dad before. Liam asks Steffy if she’s checking up on him. Liam knows he needs to get to work, but Steffy suggests a walk on the beach to help Liam de-stress. Steffy finally convinces Liam to join her on the walk. Minutes later, Steffy is running inside with a blue towel around her. Liam is laughing about Steffy getting drenched from the waves.

The judge addresses the court and announces all charges will be dropped against Marcus Forrester. However, Marcus needs to pay a fine for texting. The bailiff takes off Marcus’s handcuffs – he is free to go. Marcus hugs Justin again. Marcus thanks Thomas and Caroline for getting him released. Thomas hopes Marcus and Dayzee can go celebrate their new marriage. Caroline tells Thomas that they make a great team. Marcus takes Dayzee aside and tells her how much he missed her, that she and Rosie are the top priorities in his life. Marcus promises to be the best husband to Dayzee. Dayzee has tears streaming down her face as they both proclaim their love for one another.

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