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Steffy says she understand Hope is upset about the video and says she is not trying to make light on her pain but Liam and Hope are supposed to married. She says she canít just walk out on him. Liam tells Steffy that Hope needs time but Steffy says she needs to grow up. Steffy says she tried talking to her and explaining to her. Liam asks what heís supposed to do. Steffy firmly says to let her walk. Liam looks stunned.

Brooke hugs Hope and says of course she can stay for as long as she wants. Brooke says that she does think though that it would be easier for Hope to get through this by Liamís side. Hope says maybe, maybe not but she just knows she needs some time. Brooke nods but looks concerned about Hopeís decision to leave Liamís home.

Dayzee and Marcus continue kissing before Marcus pulls away. He tells her he loves holding her and doesnít ever want to let her go. Dayzee says he wonít have to. She says sheís so glad Bill and Justin were able to call and move the bail hearing to tonight. Marcus says itís the second night of their wedding and he canít wait to spend it with his wife. Dayzee smiles happily.

Tony brings Caroline and Thomas refills on their coffee. Tony asks if they found anything. Thomas says well they have the right night they are just waiting for Anthony to come in the frame. Tony says that Marcus did hit Anthony but Thomas says he just feels something is funny about this whole thing. Tony nods in understanding.

Caroline receives a text from Stephanie and asks Thomas that his grandmother knows how to text. Thomas says yes his grandma is hip and asks what the text is about. Caroline says sheís just reminding them about the bail hearing for Marcus. Thomas says maybe they can find something to help on the footage about what happened to Anthony possibly more than even Marcus knows.

Justin tells Marcus itís time for the hearing and says letís get him back home. Marcus nods as Dayzee smiles.

Steffy says she made a mistake on his wedding day by telling him to marry Hope. Liam says she was just trying to do the right thing. Steffy says yes she was trying to be the bigger person but asks where that got him. Steffy says Hope is being too hard on him but Liam says she has every right to be angry. Steffy says yes she does. She says Hope has every right to yell at him and scream at him but says she should be doing it in this house. She says she doesnít mean to be rude but says Hope is crazy, even crazier than Brooke. Sighing she asks Liam if he hasnít had enough already. Liam looks back at Steffy wordlessly.

Thomas says that something is just not adding up about Anthonyís accident. He says if itís caught on camera then maybe they can figure out what that is. Justin tells the judge that Marcus took responsibility for what he did and brought Anthony to the hospital. He says that he made a grave mistake by texting while driving but has learned his lesson. Justin requests Marcusí bail.

Brooke asks Hope if sheís sure she doesnít want to go back and sit down and talk to Liam. Hope says talking isnít going to do anything at this point. She says she just needs some space. Brooke tells her to take all the time that she needs but warns her to tell Liam that she will be coming back to work this out. Hope sourly says or what, then sheíll lose him to Steffy? Brooke falls silent.

Steffy asks Liam what Hope said. When Steffy says it seems Hope canít understand the situation, Liam says itís because it happened on their wedding day and that is why itís a big deal to Hope. Steffy says she understands that but at least it happened before the ceremony. Liam thanks Steffy for trying so hard and Steffy suddenly tells him how Hope said she could have him. Shocked, Liam asks what and Steffy tells him Hope even tried to give her, her wedding ring. Liam says oh come on and gets frustrated. Steffy tells Liam that Hope has had everything she wants and now she is throwing it away. She asks Liam if he really wants to spend the rest of his life with someone like that. She tells Liam again, that itís time to let Hope go. Liam looks uncertain.

Thomas and Caroline see something in the footage that shocks them. They say thatís it and say they have to get to the bail hearing now.

The prosecutor paints Marcus as a serial texter and says that a person like him will forget all about what he has learned as soon as he is released. She says a more strict reinforcement is needed. The judge asks her what she has in mind and she says that bail be denied. Stephanie and Eric are shocked at the suggestion and the harshness Marcusí first offence is being treated with and Marcus looks distraught.

Brooke asks Hope is sheís really going to let Liam and her fall apart after everything they have been through to get married. Hope says that is not what she is doing. She says she is just taking a step back and trying to acknowledge that her wedding began on the day her husband wanted to leave her. Brooke again brings up how Steffy could use this situation to get Liam and Hope says she knows Steffy probably will. She says in fact given Liamís track record, Steffy is probably there right now.

Liam says that giving up on Hope just doesnít seem possible. Steffy says and yet itís so easy for Hope to give up on him. Steffy says Hope does this to him over and over again. She says Hope was trained to think she can have everything she wants. Steffy says that Hope is like a child trying to have an adult relationship.

She says life isnít perfect and tells Liam he knows thatís true. She says if one is lucky enough to find someone like him to spend the rest of their life with then they donít need it to be perfect. Liam says he agrees, marriages are about sticking together. Steffy says that she doesnít support Hope anymore. She says that she wanted to think she was good for him but looking at her history she just keeps walking out on him all the time. She asks him if that is who is wants to spend the rest of his life with; someone who blows things out of proportion only to realize later that they were a complete idiot.

Steffy asks Liam how many times Hope has moved in and out of his house. Liam says he knows. Steffy tells him there was a reason why he tore up the annulment papers she signed. She says he wasnít sure back then of what he needed but says he should be now. Steffy says that Hope just isnít the person for him. She says she is the person for him. Liam looks back at her speechlessly.

The judge tells Marcus that he is very impressed with his dedication to the victim and his appearance of remorse for him but says that he comes from a family which is used to exercising their influence. He says that will not happen in his court and denies Marcus bail. Dayzee bursts into tears but gives Marcus one, last kiss before he is taken away. Thomas arrives with Caroline right after and asks what happened. Eric tells him that Marcus was denied bail. Thomas says that they canít do that as Dayzee keeps crying.

Brooke tells Hope that she told Steffy to stay away from Liam but she could be there right now. Brooke tells her sheís sorry but she is really leaving the door wide open for Steffy, Brooke says the best way to deal with such problems is to get through it with your partner. She says sheís speaking from experience but Hope says she canít change how she feels. Hope says she needs time to think and says if Liam has learned anything from this than he will steer clear of Steffy. Hope and Brooke share a hug.

Steffy tells Liam that what happened in Italy wasnít just because of the misunderstanding. She says it was because of the fact that he was with her, someone he connects with and someone he can lean on. She says that is why they kissed.

Frustrated, Liam asks her what she wants him to say. Steffy says she wants him to say goodbye to Hope. She tells Liam to put Hope in his past and looks to his future. She says his future is them and his future is with her.

Steffy kisses Liam softly but he holds back. When Steffy pulls away, Liam looks at her with longing but unsure eyes.

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