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Liam tells Hope to forget about the video, the wedding papers and about Steffy. He says none of that matters. Liam tells Hope that he loves her and that they can work through this, but Hope doesnít look convinced.

Steffy tells Taylor that Hope said she could have Liam. Taylor asked what she did and Steffy said that she told Hope that she was foolish. Steffy admits that yes, part of her wants her life back with Liam but she doesnít want it to happen like that. She says she is not going to jump in every time Liam and Hope have a problem and take advantage of Hope.

Marcus apologizes to Dayzee for wrecking her honeymoon but Dayzee smiles at him and tells him heíll make it up to her. Justin enters and tells Marcus that the judge is filing papers now. He says that Marcus will be home as soon as heís done. Marcus and Dayzee burst out smiling.

Thomas and Caroline tell the car repair man that they hit a pothole. The man laughs and says they had the same amount of damages to the car as Marcusís did.. When he leaves to check on it Caroline says that is strange. Thomas says he knows, itís strange that the same amount of damage that was done by hitting a pothole was done by Marcus hitting a person.

Marcus says the best part of dealing with this tonight is that he can get home before his mother hears about this. Justin says that is why he didnít tell Donna yet. Eric agrees and says there is no reason to make her upset but Stephanie says they are going to have to tell her eventually. She reminds Marcus that bail will just get him home but he might have to stand trial.

Justin says that they might drop the case though but Marcus says not of they are trying to make a point. Justin tells Marcus that he handles the situation well and called the ambulance and took responsibility for what he did. Marcus says yes he did and he plans on never driving and texting again. Justin says he believes him and assures him that the judge will believe him too. Marcus still looks nervous.

As Caroline and Thomas talk about robberies in the area and how more and more stores are installing security cameras, Thomas suddenly realizes that the place that Marcus hit Anthony was right outside Dayzeeís. He tells Caroline that maybe Dayzeeís store camera caught the whole incident on tape.

Taylor tells Steffy she is really proud of what she did knowing how much she loves Liam. Steffy says yes well it wasnít too long ago that she would have agreed but says that plotting and manipulating is just not who she is anymore. Brooke comes in and tells Steffy that she knows Hope was here. Steffy asks if she came to thank her because she told Hope to keep Liam and to go home. Brooke just gives Steffy a surly smile.

Hope tells Liam that she wants to believe that what happened didnít matter because she loves him but says that she has a decision to make because she has to file these papers now. Hope says she knows they said the words but itís not yet legal and she says now sheís wondering if she really wants to commit her life to someone who would kiss another woman on their wedding day.

Liam tries to protest but Hope says regardless of how confused he got and everything that happened that still doesnít make what he did with Steffy okay. She tells him that still doesnít change how she feels. She looks at him hurtfully and asks if now he just expects her to get over it like nothing happened. Liam looks sad but shakes his head no.

Dayzee and Stephanie have a private conversation as Justin talks to Marcus and Eric in the background. Stephanie says what a way to being married life. Dayzee says she knows, right. Sighing Dayzee says it could have been worse though, much worse.

Stephanie says thatís true. Dayzee says with the reconstructive surgery they are going to give Anthony heíll be better after. Stephanie smiles and says she hopes so but says she doesnít think Anthony is paying much attention to that now. Dayzee says no, heís still very bitter but says once he realizes Marcus didnít mean to hurt him. She says that Marcus has learned his lesson. Stephanie says she knows but actions speak louder than words. Sighing, Dayzee says she knows.

Thomas and Caroline go to Dayzeeís and ask one of her friends about the security cameras. She directs him to the person who helped Dayzee set them up and Thomas thanks her. Thomas looks hopeful to find something useful on the security tape.

Taylor asks Brooke if sheís going to stop berating her daughter. Brooke says sheís just trying to warn Steffy to stay away from Hope and Liam. Taylor says Steffy had been doing that and it was Hope who came to give her Liam. Brooke says that Hope and Liam just need some time right now and again tells Steffy to stay away from Hope and Liam and not to interfere. Steffy looks at Brooke in a tired and annoyed way.

Liam says he is not expecting Hope to get over this. He says it will take time but they can get through this if they work together and if they are committed. Hope says that is whatís scary; wondering about his commitment. Liam looks shocked and asks Hope if she is kidding him. Hope says no sheís not. She tells Liam she heard something from Steffy today. She tells Liam that she knows Steffy told him to go through with his wedding after they were intimate. She accuses Liam of only going through with the wedding because Steffy told him to. Liam looks like heís in disbelief at what she is saying.

Marcus asks Justin if he really thinks this may not go on to a trial but Justin says to just let them get him out on bail first. He says they will worry about the trial later. Marcus worries that he will have to go to jail. Stephanie says yes but it could just be for thirsty days. Marcus worries about having to go the max sentence instead of six months but Stephanie tells him not to dwell on that. She tells him there is nothing they can do about it right now so Dayzee and him should just go home and spend as much time together and with the baby as possible and work on their marriage. She says that is what is going to get them through this, Marcus and Dayzee nod and share a slight smile.

Thomas is given the security footage from Dayzeeís friend Tony. Caroline asks how far back the footage goes because they need the night of the bridal shower. Tony says heís not sure. Thomas asks if the camera points towards the street and Tony says yes. Thomas says okay then letís see what they can find.

Taylor tells Brooke she canít order Steffy around. Steffy says itís okay but Taylor says this is ridiculous, Brooke canít tell her who to talk to and how to live her life. Taylor says Steffy loves Liam and will always be there for him and says sheĎs not sure the same can be said about Hope. Brooke says sheís just tying to make sure Steffy gives Liam and Hope a little space to work this out. Steffy says that Hope canít just run away every time something doesnít work out the way she wants. She says if she keeps doing that then she will lose Liam. She says that she told Hope to go home to Liam and get over this and says for her sake and Liamís, she hopes that is what she is doing.

Hope asks Liam what he would have done if Steffy told him not to marry her. Liam tells Hope he loves them both but he married her for a reason and it wasnít because Steffy gave him permission. Hope just says they are not married yet. Liam tells her not to do that and says yes he turned to Steffy, one of his best friends when he was confused and yes she gave him her blessing to go after what he wanted most. He says that was to marry her. He says and when he looked into Hopeís eyes that day there was no confusion anymore. He says the same can be true for her if they work on this together. He says that this is just one more obstacle, one last obstacle and they can get through this. He says but she has to tell him that that is what she wants. Hope looks back at Liam quietly.

Marcus says he wants to spend as much time as he can with Rosie so that she knows how much fun sheís going to have when her daddy comes back. Dayzee tells him Rosie just needs him and thatís it. She tells Marcus that they will go to the prosecutors and the police and whoever they have to, every day if they have to, to make them understand. She tells Marcus she will not lose him from her life and kisses him. Marcus and Dayzee share a passionate kiss.

Looking at the tape that is playing, Caroline says this is the right night. She asks if Thomas thinks they will see what happened to Anthony. Thomas says maybe. He says it will help answered some questions he has.

Hope tells Liam that she needs some time away from him. Liam is shocked when Hope says sheís going to stay at her momís. Hope moves to leave and Liam tries to stop her. He says how are they supposed to work through this if they donít talk, if they donít even see each other. Hope says she doesnít know but right now that is what she wants and leaves the house. Outside she cries for a moment before finally leaving.

Taylor tells Brooke she tries to stay out of how she raises her kids but she says when is she ever going to let Hope think for herself. She says that that video must have really upset Hope and if she doesnít want to work things through with Liam anymore then she should let her live with it.

Liam hears a knock on the door and finds Steffy. Steffy asks if heís disappointed itís not Hope but Liam says no. Liam says Hope is gone anyway and Steffy says she saw her go and asks if sheíll be back soon. Steffy says she can leave if thatís the case but Liam tells her that Hope walked out him.

Stunned, Steffy says it again and Liam confirms it. Steffy says that she took a step back and supported his marriage before, but if Hope is going to walk on him for a simple misunderstanding, then that is wrong. She tells Liam itís time for him to let Hope go.

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