B&B Wednesday Update 8/1/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 8/1/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope tells Steffy if she wants Liam she has him. Steffy thinks this is a test. Hope tells her she is not testing and to take the ring.

Liam looks at the wedding papers and tells Brooke that he is not giving up. He does not know what to do to get Hope back though. Brooke thinks that they can stay together though.

Marcus is happy that he gets to go home. Marcus does not like that he can't touch Dayzee.

Caroline and Thomas kiss each other and Thomas has to go pick up Marcus's car. Thomas starts to kiss Caroline once again passionately. Caroline wonders if Marcus will go to jail. Thomas thinks he might and he is a criminal. Thomas has to go to the auto shop. Caroline explains when they get back they can get back to what they are doing (kissing).

Dayzee thinks that Justin will be able to get Marcus out on the spot.

Brooke thinks that Hope is hurt and she does not know the man she married. Liam knows the mistake is why he would dump him on his wedding day. Liam could not think straight and asked Steffy to start up again but did not want to hurt her.

Steffy says she does not want the ring or take her husband. Steffy says she knows Hope is mad at her but she needs to get on with her life. Hope cannot believe what Hope is saying and can't understand why it is happening. Hope can't get over it because she needs to have morals and standards. Hope tells Steffy she no longer wants Liam.

Marcus tells Dayzee he does not want to go to jail. Dayzee does not know why he would think he would. Marcus admits he could have killed Anthony.

Thomas and Caroline ask if they can pick up the car. Caroline asks how long it can take. The person says it could be a few hours.

Steffy tries to tell Hope that Liam did not know what was going on and that people make mistakes. Steffy tells Hope that Liam married her because he loves her. Steffy admits to being in the room when Hope came back. Hope knows that and can't believe that she would lie to her about everything. Steffy told Liam to go after her and to marry her. Steffy did not want Liam to make a mistake and ruin her life. Steffy wants Hope to forgive him and puts her ring in her purse. Hope tells Steffy that she invited her to Italy because she wanted to be close to her again and be sisters again. She was willing to start over because she loved her but she no longer does. She does not lover but she hates Steffy. Hope walks out of Steffy's office and Steffy gets sad.

Caroline and Thomas try to figure out what happened with the car because it does not make any sense for it to be in that little of damage. Caroline thinks that something is off.

Brooke explains to Katie that they are not officially married in the US and Katie wonders if they will get married. Hope walks in and says she does not know.

Liam gets a video call from Steffy and explains that Hope just left her office. Steffy tells Liam that Hope hates her but it is ok. Steffy tries to say she was over reacting and to go back to him. Steffy can't understand why Hope would let Liam go. Liam thanks Steffy and tells him she want him to be happy.

Katie tells Hope that she knew but Brooke swore her to secrets. Hope tells Katie and Brooke about how she gave Steffy her wedding ring and starts laughing. Brooke tells her she has to give people a chance. Katie tells her that Bill does bad things but always forgives him. Hope decides to go and listen to what Liam has to say after being convinced.

Caroline and Thomas discuss how it does not make sense that nothing would happen. Caroline and Thomas think there is a connection to the pot hole and the accident.

Hope walks into the house and Liam tells her he is glad she is home. Liam knows that she talked to Steffy and says she is sorry and they should be newlyweds. Hope looks at the papers and Liam explains that he is still in love with her and is married.

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