B&B Tuesday Update 7/31/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/31/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam tells Hope to look at him and she does. Liam explains he screwed up and made a mistake but wants forgiveness and wants to be married to her and wants another chance.

Stephanie explains that Hope's marriage is not valid in the US. Steffy says that everyone knows about everything and she had nothing to with it. Brooke wonders what about now that it is out. Steffy wants Hope to just move on with her marriage.

Dayzee can't believe that this is happening and Marcus walks into the room and the police explain they can have no physical contact. Dayzee asks how he is doing. Marcus wants to know how she is doing. Marcus thanks Thomas and Caroline for coming Justin walks in and explains he has a trial tomorrow.

Brooke does not know why Steffy would do what she did in the hotel room. Steffy tries to explain what happened in Italy, but Brooke does not want to listen.

Hope can't believe Liam would do what he did and she saw the love for Steffy when she saw the video. Hope knows he loves Steffy. Hope can't forgive Liam.

Justin tells Marcus that he might not have to spend the night. Marcus is happy that he won't be convicted. Justin tells Marcus to not say anything to anyone. Dayzee does not think that anything will happen. The officer walks in as they talk about the jail time could happen.

Brooke explains she has been disappointed more than once. Steffy wants Hope to join the real world because it is flawed. Brooke does not believe that nothing went on in the hotel room. Steffy says what happens next is up to Hope. If Liam comes back then she will take him.

Hope knows Liam has feelings for Steffy, but there is a wall that was broken when she the video. Hope can't believe he almost slept with Steffy. Liam knows he should have realized that the letter was not from Hope. Liam tries to talk about the wedding and his vows. Hope wants to move on and forget what happened between the two of them but she can't. Hope wishes she could pretend she let Steffy go but it would not be the truth. Hope leaves and Liam runs to the door after her but she closes the door on him.

The officer can't believe that Marcus had 157 texts in one day and that he can't just get away with it. The officer does not think that Marcus should get off and tells him to enjoy the good life while he can.

Liam sits looking at his wedding picture. He finds Brooke at the door and Liam explains Hope left. Liam does not know if she is coming back. Brooke thinks she has all the reason to be upset. Liam explains she tore up the wedding papers. Brooke looks shocked.

Hope looks outside of Steffy's office and decides to walk away but Steffy tells her to wait. Steffy tells Hope she is sorry.

Dayzee does not know what the problem with the police officer happened. Marcus is shocked that he is now considered a reckless driver. Marcus is happy that Anthony is ok but is worried that he might not get out. Dayzee tells Marcus they are going to start their life together.

Liam can't believe that Brooke had the thing on her computer. Brooke wants to know what he plans to do. Liam says to make things better.

Steffy wants Hope to stay with Liam and Hope can't believe it. Steffy tries to get Hope to listen to her and to stay with him because she tried to fix it. Steffy wants them to validate the marriage. Steffy wants Hope to hate her. Hope gives Steffy her wedding ring and tells her to take Liam. Steffy gets a sad look in her eyes.

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