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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/30/12


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At their Malibu home, Liam and Hope discuss the video of him kissing Steffy. Hope reluctantly hugs Liam. Liam asks Hope to remember the vows they said on their wedding day. Hope says Liam’s vows were all lies, then reminds Liam that they are not officially married yet. Hope implies she has had a change-of-heart regarding marrying Liam. Liam warns Hope to be careful what she says next. Liam reminds Hope that it took them forever to get to this point – that they toughed it out, so the last thing they should do is walk away from each other. Hope speaks openly about always being the “problem” in the relationship. Hope says between her issues of being too busy, being scared of sex, and being insecure, she was the one who always needed to sort out her problems. Hope says that this time there’s something wrong with Liam. Hope thinks Liam is too naïve to see it. Liam says he’s not blameless but Hope doesn’t believe he’s sincere. Hope thinks it’s ironic that for the longest time she’s been the unstable and insecure one, and now the roles have changed. Hope believes Liam sees her and Steffy as interchangeable – that moving back-and-forth between the two is not a problem. Hope asks Liam to be completely honest as to why he keeps turning to Steffy for comfort. Liam wishes Hope hadn’t seen the video, but now she knows what he felt like when he read the note. Hope can’t believe Liam didn’t have faith in her. Hope assumes Liam thought she got cold feet because of what happened in the past. Liam calls the kiss a “mistake”, but Hope is sickened by the thought Liam and Steffy almost made love. Hope can’t understand what kind of a man does something like that on his wedding day. Hope wonders what she would have seen next on the video. Suddenly, a light bulb goes off in Hope’s head – she would have watched herself arriving at the suite as Liam was putting on his shirt. Hope senses Steffy was hiding in the closet or bathroom while she and Liam talked. Hope is devastated to discover Steffy heard every word.

In her office, Steffy asks Brooke why the video wasn’t deleted. Brooke has no idea how it copied over to her computer when she downloaded the wedding photos. Steffy blames Brooke for allowing Hope to see the video. Steffy worries what Hope will do now. Steffy attempts to leave her office, but Brooke demands that she stay. Steffy reminds Brooke that she did this, that because of her actions, Hope saw the video. Brooke evades Steffy’s comment and asks her why she kissed Liam. Steffy swears she is done with all the lies. However, Steffy makes it clear that she’ll never say no to Liam. Steffy says she used to think Hope was a spoiled brat, but her opinion has changed. Steffy sees Hope as a strong, resolute woman who has survived a lot. Steffy figures Hope and Liam’s marriage will recover from this latest hurdle. Brooke disagrees, saying the video changed the dynamics of their relationship. Brooke fears Hope will not forgive Liam this time. Brooke says she defended Liam to her daughter. Steffy tells Brooke that Liam thought Hope left him, that the kiss wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t misinterpreted Deacon’s note. Brooke thinks Steffy is only trying to justify her behavior that day. After Brooke makes a comment about Liam and Hope being married, Steffy lets slip that they haven’t made it official yet. Brooke is not too happy to learn about the technicality. Brooke figures Hope will sign the documents once she and Liam talk out their issues. Steffy says this is the worst time for Hope to watch the video. Brooke begins having doubts as to whether or not her daughter will sign the papers. Brooke demands Steffy keep her distance from Liam. Steffy won’t abide by Brooke’s wishes. In fact, Steffy wants Brooke to know she is living her own life. Steffy says Liam knows what he could have with her if he changes his mind. Steffy reminds Brooke that if things had went her way, she and Liam would be married right now.

Pam and Bill are talking in Ridge’s office about the situation with Marcus. Pam feels sorry for the kid, and actually defends Donna. Bill is confused as to why Marcus didn’t see Anthony walking in the street. Ridge walks in and scolds Pam for allowing Bill to enter his office. Pam says Bill barged in. Bill mumbles something about twelve percent, which makes Ridge curious as to Bill’s unexpected visit. Bill says Justin is a good lawyer, but Marcus needs all the help he can get. Bill thinks it would be nice if one of the Forresters (Ridge or Eric) could front Marcus’s bond. Ridge is a bit offended. Bill knows Justin won’t ask for help, so the Forresters are Marcus’s last resort. Taylor knocks on the door and Pam immediately tells her she’s interrupting. Ridge yells at Pam, saying Taylor has “carte blanche” in his office. Pam apologizes to Taylor and scoots back out to the reception area. Taylor asks Ridge if he knows the latest about Hope and Liam. Ridge is shocked the two haven’t made their marriage legal yet. The three sit down and discuss the situation. Ridge learns Bill told Steffy about the technicality. Taylor says Steffy is remaining strong through the whole thing. Bill relays that he told Liam about the paperwork, but promises he didn’t urge Liam to go back to Steffy. Ridge brings up the video. Bill is shocked to learn about it, considering his wife Katie never mentioned it. Bill wants to know who made the video so he can sue them. Ridge explains how the video was made accidently, that Brooke went home to delete it. Ridge relays how Brooke came across it in the first place. Bill asks if Hope knows about the video’s existence. Ridge says no – it is being erased. Taylor looks over at Bill and says the person who started all this drama has disappeared – Deacon.

Liam and Hope continue to argue at their home. Hope stares at the papers and asks Liam why Steffy hid if they weren’t concealing anything. Liam says he and Steffy talked about their mistake and then said goodbye. Liam asks Hope to think of their vows. Hope apologizes and says Liam should have had more faith in her. Liam begs Hope to sign the document to legalize their marriage. Hope takes Liam by surprise when she rips them up. Liam asks Hope if she’s changed her mind about being married. Hope says her perfect wedding day was a joke, that she was kept in the dark about some important details. Liam refuses to throw away all the “love, effort, hope, and happiness” they have put into this marriage. Liam believes Hope still loves him. Liam needs Hope’s forgiveness. Liam reminds Hope that he forgave her in the past. Hope begins crying and says to Liam “I wish I could hate you”. Liam asks Hope to forgive him.

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