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Hope plays the video again and says on their wedding day heís touching Steffy like that. She says how could he do this and looks lost and hurt.

Liam stares at Steffy and she says heís staring. He says heís waiting for her to tell him itís a lie. Steffy asks him what; their divorce or his wedding to Hope. Liam smiles and says no, Marcus being arrested. Steffy says she knows itís horrible. She says she feels for Dayzee and Marcus and Anthony too. Liam says can you imagine a worse wedding gift than Marcus being charged with aggravated, reckless driving. Steffy says that actually reminds her and tells him that she never got him a wedding gift.

She asks him if there is something special he needs and Liam laughs. Bill appears at the door and Liam asks him when he came. Bill gives him an envelope and tells him to open it itís from Italy. Steffy says sheís guessing itís a bottle of wine and Bill gives her a cocked eyebrow. Liam finds papers for Hope and his wedding registration. He asks if Hope and him need to sign these. Bill says to make their wedding official. Liam says he thought it already was and Steffy narrows her eyes at his words.

Bill says in the eyes of the church they are but not in the eyes of the law. He says all Liam needs to do with go with Hope to the countyís office with some ID; thatís it. Steffy says you canít blame a girl for hoping before she says sheís kidding and leaves. When she leaves Liam asks Bill if he really had to do that, bring the papers here. He asks if that isnít kind of like rubbing it in Steffyís face. Bill looks surprised at his son.

Steffy walks into her office to find Taylor. Taylor sees her stressed out face and asks her whatís wrong. Steffy says nothing and says things couldnít be peachier. Taylor asks her if sheís still worried about that video. Steffy tells her mother that there is no video and reminds her that itís been deleted.

Crying, Hope says that she trusted him. She says he made her believe that it was over between him and Steffy. Brooke says it is. Outraged, Hope asks her how she can defend Liam right now. She says this video is not like what Liam told her. She says it is nothing like what Liam told her happened that day. She says Liam made it sound like it was nothing. She says how can she be sure they didnít have sex. Brooke says she asked Liam and he convinced her they didnít but Hope only laughs and says sure. She then asks who else has seen the video but Brooke says nothing. Hope lets that question go and says Liam lied to her. She says she doesnít know Liam anymore.

Steffy tells her mother that the wedding isnít legal yet. She says as awesome as the wedding was it needs to be made legal in US. She says itíll just take one trip to the countyís office and says not like it matters. They are already married in every way that counts.

Bill tells Liam all the papers he needs are in the envelope and that itís no biggie. Bill tells Liam that he thought Steffy was the one for him but says that he has accepted Hope is his wife now. Liam suddenly bursts out that something happened between Steffy and him on the day of the wedding. He tells Bill that Steffy and him kissed but they didnít have sex.

Bill asks him what the big deal is then. Liam tells him he told Hope but that she understands how it happened and they are okay. He says they have never been stronger.

Brooke closes the laptop so that Hope doesnít have to see the video anymore. Brooke tells Hope that she knows she is upset but says that Liam didnít mean to hurt her. Hope tells her mom to stop defending Liam. Brooke says sheís just trying to give her some perspective. Hope snaps and says that Liam still loves Steffy.

She says he didnít say it but he doesnít need to because it was obvious with how he was looking at her. Brooke tells Hope to listen to her and tells her that Liam married her not Steffy. She tells Hope he is committed to her. Hope asks for how long? Until there is another misunderstanding between them and he runs right back to Steffyís arms or bed. Brooke says they didnít sleep together. Hope lets out a bitter laugh and turns the video back on. She says if he can turn to Steffy in such little time and then not an hour later marry her-- she asks how could he do that. Hope cries as Brooke tries to calm down her daughter.

Bill asks Liam how Hope is doing. Liam says sheís fine. Bill asks what about Steffy. Liam says Steffy is moving on her with life but Bill asks him if he is sure about that.

In her office, Steffy moves to put her photograph of Liam with her in Aspen in a drawer but is hit by her memories of what they shared. She decides not to put it away and instead smiles at it longingly.

Hope says she can remember every promise Liam made to her that day. She says he was so funny and sweet and says that he said a day would not go by when he wouldnít tell her how important she is for him. Brooke says she is and says sheís the most important to him. Hope says thatís how he made her feel but sheís not. She says how could she be and says Liam went from kissing his ex-wife to making vows to her. She asks if they meant nothing but Brooke says those vows were as sacred to her as they were to Liam.

Hope says she thought so but they are not and asks her mother what sheís supposed to do now, pretend she didnít see the video? Brooke says Liam made a mistake. She says he knows that and heís sorry. Hope sniffs and asks how can she know that he wonít do this again.

Brooke tells Hope she has to put herself in Liamís shoes and remember what he was feeling. Hope says she gets all that but if she had been in his place she would have done everything in her power to find him and talk to him. She says Liam didnít do that, he just read the note and that was it. She says he didnít fight for them at all. Hope says all he wanted was Steffy before walking out. Brooke asks her where she is going and screams at her to come back.

Brooke charges into Steffyís office and asks where Ridge is. Steffy says she doesnít know. Brooke tells her Hope saw the video. Steffy asks how thatís possible but Brooke says itís too hard to explain. She vents her frustration out of Steffy and tells her if she had just stayed away from Liam none of this would have happened.

Steffy says thatís really unfair to say. Brooke tells Steffy that Hopeís marriage means a lot to her and if she thinks she can capitalize on this but Steffy says she is not. Turning to Brooke seriously she asks if she thinks Hope and Liam wonít make it past this. Brooke falls silent.

Liam comes home with the papers that need to be signed. He find Hope and tells her about how they need to go down to the countyís office and do that and asks her if sheís coming. Hope says no and Liam although confused assumes she wants to put it off till tomorrow. Hope reveals to Liam that she saw the video. Liam goes pale as Hope yells at him about not telling her the truth.

When Liam tells her to take a breather Hope says that isnít going to turn back the clock or change what happened. She says everything is ruined but Liam tells her it doesnít have to be. He says they will get past this. He knows that and hugs Hope tightly. Hope doesnít hug him back and just looks at the wedding registration papers from over his shoulder and cries.

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