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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 7/26/12


Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Noticing that Steffy has received the email she wanted from Hope already, Liam says that was fast. Steffy says Hope is excited about the campaign. Liam realizes Hope is still at Brooke’s house and he says he wonders what she is still doing there. Steffy tells him to relax and says who knows what fun things she will find in Brooke’s home.

Hope is watching the video of Liam and Steffy on Brooke's computer.

Brooke is nervous as she tells Ridge that she didn’t even realize the video was on her computer. Ridge tells her that she can delete it when she gets home. He tells her to relax and hugs her saying that there is no reason why Hope will turn on the computer randomly and find it.

The lieutenant and his son grill Marcus to admit that he was texting when he ran Anthony over. Dayzee tells them that Marcus did not intend to cause this accident. She says he wouldn’t do that to Anthony on purpose. Marcus looks nervous.

Marcus tells Dayzee that driving while texting is illegal. Dayzee says it gets you a ticket but the lieutenant says not if you hit someone. He says then you go to jail. Marcus is about to be arrested when Dayzee tells them to stop. Turning to Anthony she tells him to tell them that he knows Marcus did not intend to hurt him. When Anthony remains silent she demands for him to say it.

Ridge tries to show Brooke a design but she is distracted. Ridge says she can’t get her mind off it can she? Brooke says no she can’t get her mind off the video. She sighs and says maybe she should go home and delete the video right now. Ridge hugs her.

Liam says that’s funny. Steffy asks him if he’s never thought about what’s in Brooke’s closet. Liam says no and tells her that he knows Brooke has good taste but she has plenty of Forrester originals too. Steffy says she’s talking about the lingerie Brooke must have and calls it the source of her power. She says maybe Hope will find something freaky that will change his relationship with her forever. Liam and Steffy share a laugh.

Hope continues to watch the video and starts to look really upset when she watches Liam hug Steffy on the screen.

Dayzee tells Anthony to please tell them that he knows Marcus didn’t mean to hurt him. Anthony says he guesses he’s seeming harsh right now. Dayzee cries and says yes he is. She says Marcus feels horrible about it and is willing to pay for all his medical expenses. The lieutenant says that texting is a serious distraction and says that when it causes someone else serious bodily harm there is a heavy fine as well as jail time which could be thirty days or six months and counting. Marcus says he has a wife and a job but the lieutenant says that that doesn’t give him a free ticket to hit people on the road or be negligent. Marcus looks nervous as Dayzee starts to cry and look despaired.

Brooke says that Hope has been through enough. Ridge says all of them, Liam, Hope and Steffy, have. He says that if you want to talk about honesty though then that video is honest. He says that Hope doesn’t even know that Liam asked Steffy to live with him. Brooke says and she won’t find out and tells Ridge to keep things in context but Ridge tells her that essentially she is trying to hide the fact that her daughter’s husband loves another woman from her. He says that is what that video boils down to. Brooke looks pale at his words.

Steffy tells Liam that she doesn’t need to go into Brooke’s closet for lingerie. She reminds him that she has an arsenal of her own. She says she might discover Brooke’s secret if she went into her closet; how to hold onto a man. Liam looks a bit upset and Steffy tells him she’s just kidding. They get into a discussion about laughter and Liam says that Bob Hope once said that and Steffy finishes the sentence for him saying that he said that laughter is transforming tears into something bearable, even hopeful. Steffy and Liam smile at each other.

Hope continues with the video and starts to cry when she sees Liam on top of Steffy on the bed. She breathes deep and keeps crying.

Dayzee asks Anthony to listen to her but Anthony says that Marcus’ apology won’t fix this. He tells Marcus he told him to wake up and put down the phone. He says he told him to give Dayzee the attention she deserves. Dayzee says he does do that and begs Anthony not to do this.

She tells him that Marcus is her husband now and she loves him. She tells him not to take Marcus from her. The lieutenant tells her it’s not up to Anthony. He says that a crime has been committed and charges will be laid. He tells Marcus to give his car keys to Dayzee as he’s coming with them. Marcus kisses Dayzee and tells her it’s going to be okay while Dayzee keeps crying and nodding.

Liam tells Steffy not everyone can make him smile when he feels like crap like she can. Steffy says she hopes he’s not feeling that way now that he is married. Liam says Hope and him are great. Steffy tells Liam that Hope is a good person. She says she used to think it was an act or a reaction to living with Brooke but ever since Hope forgave her she feels different. She tells Liam to take it from her and says that he has great taste in women. Liam bursts out laughing at her words.

Hope continues watching Steffy and Liam on the bed before she bursts out crying and throws the laptop on the floor. Brooke walks in to find her daughter having a breakdown and she realizes Hope saw the video. She tries to calm her down but Hope keeps crying. Brooke tells her it doesn’t matter, she tells her that Liam loves her and that what happened that day only happened because Liam thought she had left him.

Hope looks at her mother in shock and says she knew. She asks Brooke why she didn’t tell her about it. Brooke sits her down and tells her that none of what happened in the video matters to Liam because he said his vows to her. She says that Liam knew that she was finally happy and he didn’t want to hurt her. She tries to convince Hope of Liam but Hope looks very, very upset.

The cops move to take Marcus away. Marcus asks if they have to cuff him and the lieutenant tells him he has to right to remain silent. Dayzee begs them to not take Marcus and asks them to let him stay for a day but Marcus tells her to call his dad and says it’s going to be okay. Marcus is taken away and Dayzee cries in sadness before looking at Anthony with hurt, betrayed eyes.

Steffy tells Liam he makes her laugh too. She says they learned a lot from each other and says that now she has to learn to let go. She says goodbye to Liam and smiles at him before leaving.

Hope continues to be upset and says that was her wedding day, that was the most perfect day of her life. Brooke tries to calm her down but Hope asks her if she heard what Liam said in the video.

She plays the video for Brooke again. She makes her listen to when Liam told Steffy he wanted her to go with him. She asks Brooke how Liam could say all that to Steffy and then turn around and marry her. She says who did she marry and looks heartbroken.

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