B&B Wednesday Update 7/25/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/25/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge has flashbacks to viewing the video. Brooke walks in and is worried what is on Ridge's mind. Ridge explains it is Hope and Liam.

Hope and Liam kiss. Liam tries to pursue Hope not to go to Brookes. Hope tells Liam she will be back when she can.

Anthony tells people that Marcus hit him and that all he needs to know is if Marcus was texting. Anthony wants Marcus to be taught a lesson if he was texting.

Marcus wakes up and finds Dayzee. Marcus tells Dayzee that Anthony was in an accident and that is why he did not show up at the wedding. Marcus tells Dayzee that Anthony is alright and he hit him. Dayzee is shocked that he could do that and wants to know why he would not see him. Marcus admits to sending a text.

Hope kisses Liam good bye and Liam pulls Hope back to kiss her one more time passionately. The two smile together.

Brooke thinks that the marriage is fine. Ridge does not think that is the case because Liam clearly still has feelings. Brooke wants to know how Ridge could have seen the video and Ridge tells Brooke that he saw the video and it was not deleted.

Anthony talks to the police and tries to explain that he could not have seen Marcus beforehand.

Dayzee is happy that Anthony is not alone at the hospital. Marcus says that the wedding was important and he did not want Dayzee to worry. Dayzee gets emotional. Marcus says everything is ok and that Anthony will be ok. Dayzee does not think that it was his fault because it was an accident and she believes him. Marcus decides to take Dayzee to the hospital.

Hope looks through dresses in Brooke's bedroom while the computer is on.

Brooke figures out that she had the video when she copied it. Ridge knows that Liam and Steffy are still very much in love.

Liam spots Steffy eating lunch. Steffy says that Hope is not here. Liam tells Steffy he wants to thank her for not doing anything to upset Hope. Steffy thinks that things are going to be fine. Liam tells Steffy she is a "pretty cool chick" and Steffy makes a joke.

Brooke does not like what Ridge is saying. Ridge tries to makes sense of it. Brooke does not want this to be true. Brooke explains that Hope knows everything about what happened. Brooke tells Ridge that Liam married Hope and they can move forward. Brooke hopes that they never have to think about this again.

Steffy tells Liam that he has one special woman. Liam and Steffy both agree they are happy that she never saw the video. Steffy calls Hope about getting some pictures to her for work.

Hope gets on Brooke's computer and sends the pictures. Hope clicks on the wedding file.

Marcus and Dayzee go into Anthony's hospital room and Dayzee sits down right next to Anthony and wakes him up. Anthony sees Dayzee and he tells her that Marcus did it and that he needs to talk to the police again. The police come back in and tells them that them a lie and tries to say sorry to Anthony and make sense of it. Marcus claims he only looked down for one second and wishes he could take it back.

Brooke hugs Ridge and Brooke wonders if the video was deleted. Brooke is freaked out that it is not. Ridge tells Brooke that Hope would not go on the computer when she is playing dress up.

Hope decides to look at the photos. She clicks on the video and has a look.

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