B&B Tuesday Update 7/24/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/24/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Liam kiss passionately on the couch. Hope thinks that Dayzee and Marcus are doing the same thing. Hope wishes she could have gone to the wedding. Liam explains they were both busy. They continue to kiss.

Ridge and Brooke discuss the wedding. Brooke thinks that if Steffy never came into the room the wedding would have been fine.

Dayzee kisses Marcus and explains they are happy to be married.

Thomas and Caroline go into an office and start to kiss passionately. Thomas starts to take off his shirt and Caroline does not want to have sex in the office. Thomas says he just wants to change. Caroline does not know how Dayzee will react to Marcus crashing into Anthony.

Brooke and Ridge start to kiss. Brooke decides to get out a video camera and Ridge thinks they want to tape. Brooke wants to watch Dayzee's wedding video.

Hope lies on Liam while they are on the couch. Hope wonders if they can stay away from electronic for the night.

Caroline is worried that Marcus will be charged with running over Anthony.

Marcus and Dayzee sit by the fire place and discuss the highlights of the day. Dayzee wishes Anthony could have been at the wedding but assumes he must have had something important to do if he did not go to the wedding.

Ridge plugs in the camera to Brooke's computer. Brooke talks about how she wanted Hope's pictures on the computer. Brooke and Ridge discuss the Steffy and Liam incident. Ridge wonders if Hope is going to be distressed and Brooke tells him no.

Dayzee tells Marcus that he is her best friend and is kind and has a big heart and is always there for his friends. She is happy that she married a man that she respects. Marcus explains that he needs to talk about something but his phone rings. Thomas calls and asks if he talked to Dayzee about this. Thomas tells Marcus not to tell Dayzee until tomorrow and hangs up.

Thomas asks if he is giving the right advice. Caroline thinks it is the right advice. Thomas kisses Caroline on the head and looks into her eyes.

Dayzee asks who Marcus was on the phone with. Marcus says Thomas. Dayzee hopes that Thomas and Caroline also are happy. Marcus has Dayzee promise to know that he always will love her.

Caroline and Thomas go to see Anthony. The doctor tells Anthony that they will do everything they can to make him better. Anthony knows that the two know it is all Marcus’s fault.

Hope has a surprise for Liam and makes her close her eyes. Liam thinks it is a puppy but Hope has a box for him. Hope bought Liam a new iPad and tells him it is to show that she is completely over what happened in Italy.

Ridge plugs in the camera into Hopes computer and finds the video of Steffy and Liam.

Thomas explains that yes they do know. Anthony wonders if Dayzee knows. Thomas tells Anthony that Dayzee needs to have a wedding day. Anthony explains that he used to like Marcus but not anymore. Anthony does not think that it was an accident but a crime. He thinks if Marcus was texting then he broke the law.

Dayzee lies on Marcus and tells him not to slack off now that they are married. Marcus wants to know what Dayzee wants. Dayzee tells him he better be true to her.

Hope wonders if Liam likes the iPad. Liam says yes and explains he should be buying her gifts. Hope thinks a lot of things have happened to them. Hope tells him she is not upset because he told her the truth. Liam does not want her to bring it up anymore. Hope tells Liam she loves him and is proud to be his wife. Liam looks off in a distance when Hope hugs him.

Ridge clicks on the video of Liam and Steffy and has a questionable look on his face after watching it.

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