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Lieutenant Baker and Anthony’s son show up at the Forrester home just as Dayzee and Marcus’s wedding is starting. Caroline answers the door and tells the men that her friends are getting married right now. Marcus sees the detective glaring at him from the doorway. Lieutenant Baker tells Caroline that he’ll be in touch, then walks away. Marcus and Thomas appear relieved when Caroline shuts the door. The priest says that there are no objections to Marcus and Dayzee getting married, so the ceremony continues on. Someone makes a joke which gets all the guests laughing. The priest says Marcus and Dayzee’s marriage will succeed as long as Marcus doesn’t spend most of his time texting. Dayzee laughs; Marcus looks over at Thomas. The priest asks the wedding guests to help support Marcus and Dayzee’s marriage – that if they need advice or what not, that they should be helpful and give the couple their blessings. In unison, the guests say “we will”. Dayzee winks at Marcus. The wedding continues with the priest talking about how important vows are; he says that honesty, truth, and commitment are essential no matter what.

Dayzee begins saying her vows to Marcus. Dayzee thinks back to a year ago when she wasn’t looking for love. Dayzee says Marcus has changed her life in so many ways, that she doesn’t want to lose him, and that she is dedicated to Marcus’s daughter Rosie. Dayzee tells Marcus that he is her best friend, that she can’t live without seeing his beautiful smile. Dayzee knows that she and Marcus will get through anything. Dayzee adds that she’s looking forward to an amazing future with her husband. Marcus starts his vows by bringing up his arrival in Los Angeles. Marcus admits he wasn’t sure what he’d find, but he’s thankful he stuck around and met Dayzee. Donna beams as Marcus goes on about finding his mom, and how happy he is to have such a great family. Marcus says he is “on cloud nine”, telling Dayzee that she’s his muse, and because of her, Marcus found the passion in his soul. Marcus says Dayzee makes him want to be a better person. Marcus asks Dayzee to be a shoulder to lean on, and asks her forgiveness when he makes mistakes. Everyone in the room is smiling. Pam has tears rolling down her face. The priest presents the couple with the rings, saying they are “the symbols of eternity”. Dayzee and Marcus conclude with their vows, then the priest announces them husband and wife. Marcus kisses Dayzee.

Lieutenant Baker and Anthony’s son return to the hospital. The detective asks Anthony’s doctor if he is awake yet. Anthony wakes up to find his son and the detective in the room. Anthony mumbles that Marcus saved his life. Anthony goes on about Marcus getting married to Dayzee. Anthony’s son worries what his dad will think when he learns Marcus was the driver that hit him. Anthony’s son asks Lieutenant Baker not to push his father into remembering details. The detective asks Anthony if he remembers getting hit. Anthony recalls walking across the street and then waking up in the hospital. Lieutenant Baker announces that Marcus hit Anthony. Anthony can’t believe it.

At the wedding reception, Caroline compliments Thomas on looking handsome as best man. However, Caroline senses something is troubling Thomas. Caroline assumes it has something to do with Lieutenant Baker’s unexpected visit. Caroline asks Thomas what is wrong. Katie notices that Rick keeps staring at Caroline and Thomas from across the room. Katie wonders why Caroline blew Rick off. Rick is okay with the fact Caroline and Thomas are an item. Katie urges Rick to go talk to Caroline. Rick hesitates, then agrees to speak to Caroline. Brooke is equipped with her video camera and has been recording the festivities. Brooke asks Donna and Justin to say a few words about their son. Both are proud of Marcus, and say they love him very much. Pam pipes in with a negative comment. Donna has a disgusted look on her face.

Nearby, Dayzee tries calling Anthony, but no such luck. Dayzee wishes Anthony could have attended the wedding. Marcus suggests that they have a little reception at the café for Dayzee’s work friends. Dayzee thinks it is a great idea. Marcus smiles nervously, knowing that Dayzee will be upset with the news about Anthony. Thomas gets everyone’s attention and prepares to make a toast. Thomas says Marcus and Dayzee are the perfect couple, that they are kind and helpful to everyone. Thomas knows his friends will “conquer the world” together. Thomas ends his speech by saying Marcus and Dayzee set the bar high. Everyone clinks their glasses. Thomas gives Marcus a sympathetic look. Dayzee makes her way over to Eric and Stephanie and thanks them for hosting the wedding. Dayzee can’t believe the turn of events that led her to having her wedding at Eric and Stephanie’s home. Dayzee is still getting used to the fact that she’s a Forrester now. Unbeknownst to Dayzee, Marcus and Thomas are having a private chat about Anthony’s accident. What Marcus did is killing him, but Thomas insists he stay quiet for now. Thomas says he will speak to Lieutenant Baker about the accident, and check on Anthony’s status. Thomas urges Marcus to focus on his wife today. Marcus thanks Thomas for having his back.

Ridge and Brooke find a moment alone to share a passionate kiss. Ridge is thankful Brooke has set aside the camera for a minute. Ridge comments that he and Brooke will be having their wedding next. Nearby, Caroline walks over to Thomas and confronts him about his intense chat with Marcus. Caroline asks Thomas to tell her what happened. Thomas tells Caroline the whole thing – Marcus hit Anthony with his car while texting. Caroline knows Dayzee will be devastated when she learns the news tomorrow.

Marcus and Dayzee begin their first dance as husband and wife. Brooke continues to record the whole thing. Donna is crying. Everyone is laughing and having a good time. Dayzee makes it a point to show off her new wedding ring.

At the hospital, Anthony is still digesting the news that Marcus caused the accident. Anthony can’t understand how Marcus didn’t see him considering he’s over six feet tall. Lieutenant Baker says Marcus was distracted by texting when he hit Anthony. Lieutenant Baker adds Marcus will be coming to the hospital for questioning. Anthony is disappointed in Marcus for not telling Dayzee about the accident since he knows Dayzee would have cancelled the wedding if she knew. The detective says Marcus can be charged if there’s enough evidence. Lieutenant Baker asks Anthony what he wants done. Anthony relays Marcus said he was sorry, but didn’t show any remorse at the scene. Anthony is sickened that Marcus left him at the hospital to get married to Dayzee. Anthony feels no good man would do that. The detective asks if he needs more time to digest the information. Anthony knows what he wants to do – have Marcus charged and prosecuted for hitting him. In fact, Anthony wants to “lock Marcus up”.

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