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Stephanie sees that Dayzee isnít dressed yet so she asks her why. Dayzee tells her that she doesnít want to rush this. Stephanie laughs and says she doesnít blame her, itís such a wonderful feeling waking up one your wedding day.

Dayzee says especially in this beautiful home and thanks Stephanie again for letting her get married in her house. Stephanie says she would not have it any other way. Dayzee says how everyone has been so amazing to her and Stephanie tells her thatís because sheís special and everyone wants her to be happy. Dayzee says she wonders what Marcus is doing right now. She says she hopes heís as happy as she is.

Marcus remembers how he ran Anthony over while texting . When Thomas arrives he tells him that he ran Anthony over while driving. Thomas looks shocked and worried at the news. The lieutenant asks his assistant if the results are in yet. He says he wants to know if and when Marcus used his phone to text last night.

Rick and Brooke tell Eric that the room looks amazing. Brooke tells Eric that Stephanie asked her to bring a camcorder. Eric says that makes her the official camerawoman unless sheís not up to it. Rick asks his mom if she knows how to use the camera and Brooke rolls her eyes at him before she says she has a wedding to shoot and leaves. Donna, Katie and Justin arrive.

Eric congratulates Donna and Justin and say they must be so happy. Donna says yes, they are so lucky that Marcus and Dayzee found each other. Eric agrees to that and Rick quips that he is in wedding mode. Eric tells him when he finds the right girl then he will understand. Rick says heís sure he will by looking at Caroline who has just arrived and smiling.

Stephanie asks Dayzee if Marcus is on his way at least. She says yes and says she thinks Marcus is nervous and that is why he hasnít probably texted her back. Stephanie says Thomas will calm him right down because nothing rattles him. Dayzee smiles and says yes, Marcus picked the perfect best man.

Thomas tells Marcus to tell him everything. Marcus tells him he was texting when it happened but says he only took his eyes off the road for a second and that was when he hit Anthony. Marcus starts to panic and Thomas tells him to calm down. Thomas notices that the police is there and asks what they are doing here. Marcus doesnít get to answer as he sees the doctor coming out of Anthonyís room.

Marcus asks the doctor if Anthony is okay. The doctor says heís lucky to be alive and says he is conscious now. Marcus asks to see Anthony and the doctor says just for a moment and lets Marcus and Thomas in. Marcus sits at Anthonyís bedside and asks him if he can hear him. Marcus tells Anthony he has to know that he is sorry. Anthony nods and right then Marcus gets a text from Dayzee. Dayzee has wished him a happy wedding day. Marcus is about to answer the text but sees the lieutenant watching him. He stops and looks worried and upset.

The minister arrives and Brooke and Ridge share a moment where they kiss because no one is watching. Donna watches them before Katie speaks to her. Donna asks Katie how the baby is doing. Katie says he is growing every day. Donna says it must be killing Bill to be away from her right now. Katie says yes heís texting her every hour to make sure she is okay. Donna tells her that they are all concerned. She asks her if she would tell them if something did go wrong and Katie says of course. She says but her and this child will be fine. Donna and Katie hug.

Stephanie tells Dayzee that the people have arrived. Dayzee asks if Marcus is here yet. Stephanie says not yet. She tells Dayzee that everyone is so excited for the wedding. Dayzee says she finds that surprising seeing how many weddings happen in this house. Stephanie says yes but this one has a special meaning especially for her. She tells Dayzee she just wants her to have all the happiness in the world. Dayzee is touched by Stephanieís words and hugs her.

Thomas tells Marcus he can come back to the hospital after the wedding. Lt. Baker and his son come over to them and start asking to see Marcusí phone. Lt. Baker says itís really fancy and pricey and says that Marcus must use it all the time. Thomas says that Marcus and him need to leave because Marcus is getting married today.

Lt. Baker asks if heís planning on going away for a honeymoon. Marcus says no so the lieutenant congratulates him and lets them leave. Once they leave Lt. Bakerís son asks him what he thinks. Lt. Baker says that he is certain that with a phone like that Marcus must use it all the time.

Rick goes over and talks to Caroline and asks her how come she isnít with Thomas. She says that Marcus needed him for something. Thomas and Marcus finally arrive and the guests say itís about time. Brooke starts to record Marcus on the camera and mentions that he looks a little stressed. Thomas tells her that itís Marcusí wedding day and tells them all to cut him some slack. Brooke says okay and then says it looks like everyone is here except Anthony. Thomas and Marcus both look nervous as soon as she says that.

Seeing the timeline for when Marcus last used his phone to text and when he called 911, Lt. Baker realizes that Marcus was texting while driving. He tells his son they have their evidence and they leave after Marcus.

Caroline hugs Thomas. Noticing that he is tense, she asks him if heís okay. He says heís doing a lot better now that heís with her. Caroline smiles and says that itís another Forrester wedding. She says she finds it very inspiring. Thomas asks Caroline if she has given any thought to what kind of wedding she wants.

Caroline doesnít answer but asks him the same thing. Thomas says not really but he has given a lot of thought to who he wants to marry. Caroline gets his drift and smiles at him before noticing that heís looking at Marcus again. She asks him where Marcus and him were. He tells her he will tells her later. Caroline asks if Marcus was having cold feet. Thomas says no, nothing like that. Caroline asks him if it was something worse then.

Stephanie tells Marcus they were starting to get worried about him. Marcus smiles before telling Stephanie that Dayzee really loves her like a mother. Stephanie says that Dayzee is a special girl. She says she is the one who taught her that everyone out there is connected to you. She tells Marcus that Dayzee is going to need all his support now that she is going to be his wife. Marcus says he just hopes heís worthy enough to be her husband. Stephanie tells him that he is. The minister tells them they are ready to begin and Stephanie leaves to get Dayzee.

Thomas comes to talk to Marcus and Marcus tells him he canít do this. He tells him that he should be with Anthony right now. Thomas calms him down and tells him that heís a good man and that is why Dayzee loves him. Marcus says that she has a right to know about what he did to Anthony.

Thomas tells him not today, do not to ruin this for Dayzee. Marcus asks him when he can tell then and Thomas says after the wedding.

Marcus and Dayzeeís wedding begins. Soon there is a knock on the door. Caroline opens the door and is surprised to find Lt. Baker there. She says there is a wedding going on here and tries to get them to leave but they tells her that they need to talk to Marcus. Marcus sees the lieutenant at the door and goes pale on the spot.

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