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Written By Rachna
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Marcus asks Anthony if he can open his eyes as he lies there unconscious. He tells him the ambulance is on its way.

Dayzee asks Stephanie if she can believe that she is going to be married tomorrow. Stephanie asks her if she’s having cold feet, seeing that Dayzee looks nervous. Stephanie smiles and tells her she can always change her mind about getting married but then she has to give all the gifts back. Dayzee says she doesn’t even know where her faith in marriage came from and says she hasn’t even ever seen a successful married couple except for Stephanie and Eric. Stephanie bursts out laughing and tells Dayzee that if she uses her marriage as a model then she will be in big trouble. Stephanie and Dayzee share a laugh.

Donna spots Eric in his office and they end up talking. Eric brings up how he was happy with her but Donna says he’s happier now. When Eric says he is almost always happy and it’s true that he was happy with her as well, Donna says she doesn’t know if she’d use the word happy. She says he felt lucky with her and thought about when his luck would run out. She says he was so convinced she was going to throw him under a bus he jumped in front of a train.

Eric says yes, a runaway freight train named Stephanie. Donna laughs and Eric says well maybe they both ended up where they were supposed to. Donna smacks him and says speak for yourself before she says she thinks she knows why he’s being so philosophical tonight. She says it’s not just nostalgia it’s because he loves to be the father of the groom. She smiles and says and he gets to do it all over again with Marcus. Eric says that’s a good thing though but Donna reveals that she feels like she’s giving Marcus up. When Eric says that’s not true, she says she feels like she’s losing him to Stephanie too. Eric and Donna both look upset.

Stephanie tells Dayzee that her life with Eric was not always a run of unadulterated bliss. She says it was a lot of work to maintain and says that sometimes Eric and her worked out and sometimes they didn’t. Dayzee says this is not helping her pre-wedding jitters. Stephanie tells her that she’s going to be okay but Dayzee says she’s seen more single mothers out there than married ones. Stephanie says yes but Marcus and her are different. Dayzee doesn’t look convinced and asks if they really are. She says we all go through life thinking we can handle anything but sometimes we can’t.

Anthony is shown still unconscious on the pavement. Marcus tells Anthony that Dayzee loves him and they all love him. He tells him not to die on him and says they need him. Marcus says he didn’t see him and cries as he prays for Anthony to be okay. Seeing that the ambulance is here, Marcus tells Anthony he is going to be okay.

Donna says maybe she is just being selfish and maybe she deserves this but says that she doesn’t think she could wake up to find that Marcus is slipping away from her again. Eric asks her what she is talking about and tells her that Marcus adores her. Donna says when Marcus found her he was expecting to find a family too. She says she didn’t give him that fully, she did for a while when she was with Eric but that was it. Eric tells her that he adopted Marcus and that’s not for a little while but forever.

Donna tells him that she will always love him for that but Justin and her are such loners that they never gave Marcus a sense of family. When Eric asks her what’s really bothering her, Donna says that Dayzee is practically Stephanie’s unofficial daughter and Marcus is his son. She says when they marry, it’s going to make them all a close knit family that she will never be welcome into because Stephanie won‘t have it.. She surprises Eric by saying and frankly she doesn’t blame her.

Dayzee says she knows she’s forgetting something for tomorrow. Stephanie asks her if she has figured out who she wants to give her away. She says Anthony. When Stephanie says Anthony is sweet but not always the most reliable and asks if she has someone else in mind just in case he doesn‘t show up tomorrow, Dayzee says that Anthony has been her guardian for such a long time now and says that he was the first real gentleman that she met.

She says and besides, having someone give her away is an honorary thing and she wants to honor either Anthony or Stephanie. Stephanie smiles and says okay.

Anthony is taken to the hospital. The doctor asks Marcus where the impact was and Marcus says he doesn’t know because it was dark. Marcus looks worried and upset and the doctors inspect Anthony.

Marcus looks at a text received from Dayzee and looks afraid as he stands outside Anthony’s hospital room. The doctor comes over and tells him that he doesn’t think that Anthony would want the man who ran him over at his side. Marcus gets upset and reveals that he knows Anthony very closely. The doctor tells him he’s sorry for saying that but Anthony is his patient now and he has to think of what's best. When the doctor leaves, Lt. Baker comes over and asks Marcus if he can answer a few questions for him. Marcus looks worried.

Dayzee comments on how Marcus isn’t texting her back. Stephanie tells Dayzee that just because she is marrying Marcus it doesn’t mean he is going to change. Dayzee says she doesn’t need him to change because she loves him. She then says she just hopes Marcus won’t make a mistake like Amber again and freaks out as she asks Stephanie if she’s making a huge mistake here by thinking that.

Stephanie tells her that Marcus is a man who loves women and very easy on the eyes but that’s no reason to worry. She says that she’s just having pre-wedding jitters and everyone goes through it. Dayzee asks her how her wedding jitters were. Stephanie reveals to Dayzee how she was pregnant before her wedding and used that to marry Eric. She tells Dayzee she’s telling her this so Marcus and her don’t keep any secrets from each other. She says you can’t build a strong marriage on secrets. Dayzee promises her never to keep secrets from Marcus. Stephanie smiles at her.

The lieutenant tells Marcus that this is strange. He says it was not raining out and his test results show that he wasn’t drunk or under the influence and yet he hit a rather, large man. He asks Marcus is Anthony was jay-walking or something but Marcus says he didn’t see him. Lt. Baker asks him how that is possible. Marcus gets upset and says that Anthony is really close to someone he is close to. The lieutenant says this must be terrible for him then. He says yes and the officer asks him to tell him what happened then, from the beginning. Marcus looks nervous.

Stephanie picks up Dayzee’s phone to find Marcus on the other end. Marcus asks to talk to Dayzee and says he wants to come see her but Stephanie tells him that his out of the question because it is bad luck. She tells Marcus to get a good night’s sleep and says they will see him tomorrow morning.

Marcus hangs up without being able to tell Dayzee about Anthony. Dayzee comes in Stephanie’s room to get her phone and Stephanie tells her Marcus called. Dayzee smiles at that before saying she just realized she’d rather wake up next to Marcus every day than alone. She says she’d never think like that before but she’s changed and Stephanie says that’s a great change on her wedding eve. Dayzee smiles and leaves to go to bed with a smile on her lips.

Marcus has the lieutenant ask the doctor how Anthony is doing. The doctor says that he’s improving, leaving Marcus to smile. Lt. Baker tells him he can go home and rest now. Marcus asks if he’s not going to go to jail or something. The lieutenant asks him if he broke any laws.

Marcus says that’s for him to decide. Lt. Baker asks him to cancel any out of town plans he has for the next few days so he can reach him if he needs to and asks him to text him his number.

Marcus does that and is about to go when Lt. Baker suddenly asks him if he was distracted while driving. He says it’s just odd he never saw the man, and Marcus goes pale as he looks at his phone in his hand and recalls how he was texting while driving.

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