B&B Wednesday Update 7/18/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/18/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke tells Liam that she is not satisfied with what he told Hope.

Hope appears at Steffy's door and tells her she knows what happened.

Dayzee is shocked about her wedding and how it is going to be tomorrow. Marcus explains that he needs to keep texting to stay in the loop. Dayzee and Marcus kiss each other passionately. Dayzee wonders if Marcus kissed her to prove a point. Marcus tells Dayzee she is her and that she needs to be the center of attention for her own wedding. Marcus explains she will never be a bride again. Marcus tries to get Dayzee to come back home with him but Dayzee refuses. Dayzee makes Marcus promise he won't text on the wedding day and Marcus promises and leaves. Anthony hugs Dayzee.

Liam is shocked to what Brooke thinks. Brooke does not like that Liam would go back to Steffy that fast and she knows because she has lived it. Liam asks Brooke to not tell Hope that Steffy knows. Brooke does not want to lie to Hope. Brooke tells Liam to stay away from Steffy.

Steffy thinks Hope has a reason to be mad. Steffy tries to tell Hope that she did not plan anything. Steffy tries to make it sound better because they were not yet married. Hope tells Steffy Liam forgave Liam. Steffy understands that she forgave Liam. Hope tells Steffy she forgives her too.

Katie thinks that everything is going great for everyone right now and asks if Donna and Justin are getting back together. Donna explains she is not going to and she is going to visit her father in Dallas and take a cruise. Pam and Stephanie decide to let Dayzee have all the focus. Anthony tells Dayzee that she is an inspiration and is honored to call her his friend. Stephanie has Dayzee come over to her and Pam.

Liam tries to get Brooke to understand that he is not going to do anything to Hope. Brooke thinks that the connection with Steffy is too strong to deny.

Steffy is shocked that Hope is forgiving. Hope tells her that she can't pretend it never happened and she just needs to let it go.

Dayzee opens gifts and Pam gives her Lemon Bars and the recipe to it. Pam makes Dayzee promise not to tell anyone the recipe. Dayzee gets a text from Marcus telling her he might come back later. Caroline gives her a scarf. Dayzee then gets necklaces. Donna gives her a gift certificate to a day spa. Stephanie gives her a trip to Hawaii and the two hug. Stephanie tells Dayzee she is a very special person. The all toast Dayzee.

Steffy tells Hope that she knows that she has not played fair and she knows that she tricked Liam into marriage. She also acknowledges that Hope was always so nice for everything. Hope explains it is because she is family. Steffy tells her that what happened in Italy was not to hurt Hope.

Liam does not think it is relevant to tell Hope. Brooke does not want Hope to know that she knows. Brooke does not want the video getting out. Liam begs her not to torture Hope. Brooke agrees and tells him to never speak of this again. Liam leaves.

Steffy is impressed by Hope. Hope decides that she never wants to think about what happened again.

Marcus is texting and driving.

Dayzee thanks Stephanie for everything. Stephanie and Dayzee are going to stay up talking all night.

Marcus accidently runs over Anthony and calls 911 frantically. Marcus tries to get Anthony to respond but can't.

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