B&B Tuesday Update 7/17/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/17/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy looks at the video and Brooke walks in explaining she does not know what has happened with Hope and Liam. Steffy wants Hope to know that Liam loves her.

Hope explains she wishes that Liam had not kissed Steffy but she is fine. Pam walks in and explains Jared is outside waiting for Hope. Hope tells her to give him one second. Liam kisses Hope and leaves. Hope looks stressed.

Dayzee asks her family to come to the wedding. Donna and Justin walk in and ask about the wedding. Donna inquires more information. Caroline and Thomas walk in and Stephanie and Eric follow all wondering what they are doing there.

Hope talks to Jared about her wedding. Jared tries to figure out what happened during the wedding. Brooke wonders where is. Pam explains that Hope is in the office.

Steffy asks if Liam told Hope and if he is ok. Liam explains it was the worst thing he ever had to do. Steffy asks what else Hope knows.

Dayzee tells everyone they are getting married tomorrow. Dayzee asks if the wedding can still be at the Forrester house. Caroline suggests a bridal shower and Donna wants to get it ready right away.

Jared asks about the small details of the wedding and gets a phone call that his car has been taken away and runs off. Brooke walks in and Hope tells her she thought it was perfect until Liam told her the truth. Brooke hugs Hope.

Steffy knows that Hope will forgive Liam. Liam tells Steffy she already has.

Stephanie asks what her favorite flowers are for the bouquet. Stephanie tells the person on the phone Gardenias. Dayzee tells Stephanie she is more than a friend and like a mother. She asks if she will the maid of honor. Stephanie says yes and they tell each other they love her.

Hope explains everything that happened in Italy to Brooke. Brooke tries to comfort her. Hope thinks that what hurts is that it took Liam very little time to go to Steffy. She thought she trusted Liam and she even started trusting Steffy.

Steffy is shocked over Hope's reaction. Liam is happy the video is gone. Steffy explains that she has a copy of the video but understands no one can ever see the video. Steffy looks at the video one more time and deletes it.

Hope tells Brooke that what happened is over and what they have now is forgiven. Hope thinks that her marriage has been tested but did not think it would be so soon. Hope does not understand why Liam would do something like that. Hope can't believe he keeps turning to Steffy. Hope picks up a picture of Steffy and tells Brooke that it is the end of it. Hope tells Brooke her perfect day was not all that perfect. She knows Liam wants to be married and does not want to think about it ever again. Brooke hugs Hope.

Steffy tells Liam Hope will never know. Liam is happy and hopes it will not end the marriage. Liam explains he did not want Hope to be tortured. Steffy understands and will be able to move on from what was going on in her life and knows nothing else ever happened. Steffy admits that Hope is his wife and they have a future together.

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