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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/16/12


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Backstage after the fashion preview, Liam and Hope talk privately about what happened in the hotel room before they got married. Liam says Deacon’s note made him think Hope left it. Hope can’t believe Steffy was there in the hotel room when Liam received the note. Hope demands to know what happened next. Liam advises Hope to stay calm, but she already fears the worst. Hope asks that Liam go over the details. Liam says he tried calling Hope and when she didn’t answer, he rushed back to the hotel. Hope reminds Liam that she was on her way to the wedding by then. Liam talks about seeing the note and how devastated he felt after reading it. Liam says he thought Hope had left him, like when she called off the engagement months ago. Hope asks if Steffy comforted Liam like she did then. Liam says Bill called Steffy. Liam tells Hope that no one knew where she ran off to. Hope urges Liam to go on with his confession.

In Ridge’s office, Steffy is watching the video of she and Liam kissing in Italy. Steffy puts down her cell phone when Taylor walks in. Steffy inquires about Hope’s preview, but Taylor didn’t see it. Taylor mentions Liam pulled Hope aside after the show. Taylor is convinced Liam is telling Hope everything that happened, and that soon Steffy and Liam will reunite. Steffy checks her laptop to see how Hope’s line is doing so far. Taylor can’t believe Steffy can concentrate on work when she doesn’t know what’s going on between Hope and Liam. Steffy believes Hope and Liam are working things out. Taylor insists Liam still cares about her daughter. Steffy refuses to pine for Liam anymore – all she wants is Liam to be happy. Taylor is stunned by Steffy’s promise to move on.

After Hope’s fashion preview, Brooke sticks around to see if Liam tells her daughter the truth. Ridge gets criticism from Brooke for missing Hope’s show. Ridge says he had to talk to Steffy. Brooke says Hope did a fantastic job. Ridge asks if Liam told Hope about the kiss prior to the fashion show. Brooke relays to Ridge that Liam is telling Hope right now. To avoid Ridge’s stare, Brooke sets her sights on the wedding cakes displayed on the table. Ridge doesn’t want to argue, but Brooke makes it clear she wants Hope to know what happened in Italy between Liam and Steffy. Brooke reminds Ridge that there was a time when he didn’t trust her (the situation with Thomas) and how lies almost destroyed their relationship. Brooke thinks the truth is the only way to go, that Hope and Liam will survive this. However, Brooke is worried how Steffy keeps waiting in the wings for her chance with Liam. Brooke begins to pace. Ridge worries Brooke will fall apart if Hope breaks up with Liam. Brooke is confident Liam and Hope’s marriage will survive. Brooke knows Liam loves Hope, but she stresses that commitment is the real issue. Ridge says Brooke and Hope are a lot alike. Ridge compares Hope’s Italian wedding to the day he (Ridge) married Brooke on the beach. Brooke smiles, remembering their beautiful wedding day. Brooke brings up the fact that she and Ridge are engaged yet again. Ridge makes it clear he doesn’t want to wait too long to marry Brooke this time.

In Ridge’s office, Taylor says to Steffy that she admires her resolve. Steffy admits she wants Liam, but acknowledges their marriage didn’t work out. Steffy is certain Hope and Liam can be happy together. Taylor smiles at her daughter, then they share a heartfelt hug. Brooke and Ridge return, interrupting Taylor and Steffy’s private moment. Taylor asks the two if they’ve heard from Hope. Brooke makes a cheap shot toward Steffy about her involvement in the situation. Taylor defends Steffy, saying she wanted to keep quiet about the kiss to protect Hope. Ridge intervenes, saying that whatever happens from this moment on is meant to be. Brooke is thankful Liam is finally being honest with his wife. Steffy asks Taylor, Ridge, and Brooke to leave the office. Taylor hugs Steffy, and Ridge smiles at his daughter before walking out. Steffy picks up her phone and watches the video again.

Alone, Hope asks Liam for every detail that occurred in the hotel suite. Liam admits he showed Steffy the note, that the two of them were in disbelief about the meaning of it. Liam says the note’s words “I can’t do this!” made him believe Hope had left him again. Liam swears he looked for some other reason to excuse the note away, but something inside him was saying Hope wrote the note. Liam insists he did everything he could to get a hold of Hope. Hope reminds Liam that she had no phone with her. Liam says he wasn’t thinking in that hotel room, that he was going through an emotional rollercoaster of sorts. Hope wants to know if Steffy consoled Liam. Liam reveals that he did kiss Steffy. Hope is speechless, and turns her back on Liam. Liam doesn’t know what to do to rectify the situation. Hope starts screaming, furious that Liam would kiss Steffy on their wedding day. Hope is visibly disgusted by Liam’s actions. Hope wonders why Liam is coming clean now. Liam says he doesn’t want secrets and lies hanging over their marriage. Hope says it’s not the fact Liam turned to Steffy that bothers her, it’s how quickly he did it. Hope wonders if this is a sign of how their future will be like. Hope thinks Liam will always be “vulnerable” to Steffy. Hope remembers that Liam’s shirt was open when she returned to the Italian hotel room. Liam swears that it didn’t go any farther than kissing. Liam says the past is over, that he wants to be married to Hope. Hope says the image of Liam and Steffy kissing on her wedding day makes her sick. Hope feels stupid because her wedding day was far from perfect. Hope thinks Liam “robbed” her of the perfect wedding. Liam winces when Hope says their wedding day is tainted now. Liam says he wasn’t thinking that day, that he made a mistake. Liam tells Hope that he can’t live without her, that he loves her very much. Liam asks Hope to forgive him. Hope fears Liam doesn’t want her, that he doesn’t want to stay married. Hope demands Liam “prove” his love to her. Hope needs to know that she’s the only one for Liam. While Hope goes on about forgiveness, Liam surprises Hope by pulling her in for a kiss. Surprisingly, Hope kisses Liam back. Unbeknownst to them, Steffy is thinking about Liam as she watches the video for a third time.

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