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Hope tells Liam that she understands what he was going through when he thought she left and says she isn’t going to tell the media about any of it but Liam tells her he’s trying to be honest with her and there is something she needs to know. Hope looks at Liam curiously.

Steffy says that this is the last thing Hope needs to hear right now. Brooke sternly says that Hope deserves to know the truth but Steffy turns around and asks Brooke how many times she told her that Hope deserves to be happy. Steffy says Hope is happy now with Liam. Brooke says yes, this is all that Hope ever wanted but tells Steffy they can’t say the same for Liam because for a moment on his wedding day to Hope, he wanted Steffy. Steffy looks worried.

Pam tells Caroline not to tell Jarrett anything about any exclusives at Forrester. Dayzee and Marcus attend the show as Hope’s guests and take their seats.

Once again Liam tells Hope when he left that church that day he had really thought she had left him. Hope smiles and says she knows but that doesn’t change anything between them. Liam says he knows and says he hopes it doesn’t change anything but tells her there is something she needs to know. Liam starts to tell her about what Steffy and him did but Eric interrupts and tells Hope the press is here and the parking lot is full. Hope apologizes to Liam but says she really has to go. Kissing Liam, she asks him to wish her luck and says she will talk to him later. Liam watches Hope hesitantly as she leaves.

Brooke tells Steffy she should have left the hotel room when she realized how upset Liam was. Brooke says she didn’t though, and now Liam has to tell Hope what they did. She says by the time she gets to Forrester, Hope will know everything and leaves even though Steffy calls after her. After Brooke exits, Steffy picks up the phone and calls Liam. She asks him if he told Hope yet. Liam says he tried to but got interrupted. Steffy tells him he has to try to get through to Brooke and stop this from coming out but Liam says Brooke will not change her mind.

Liam then says he wished he had deleted that video. Steffy says she is alone right now and the video is with her. She says she could delete it. Liam tells her that moment was between him and her only and no one else should see it. Steffy says they won’t before Liam hangs up. Steffy finds the video and emails it to herself before deleting the original and letting out a sigh of relief.

Preparations are undergoing in the dressing room as Thorne placed a necklace on one of the models. Pam escorts Jarrett to his seat as Ridge receives a call from Steffy. Steffy tells Ridge that she’s in his office and is just about to come down. Ridge tells her that Liam is with Hope right now and if he’s backstage telling Hope the truth then coming down is the last thing she should do right now. Steffy asks if Ridge knows then and he says yes before saying he’s coming right up.

Brooke sees Liam and asks him where Hope is. Liam tells her Hope is with the press and Brooke figures out he didn’t tell Hope. Liam says he tried but Brooke doesn’t believe him. Brooke says now Hope is going to tell everyone about her perfect wedding when her wedding was not perfect. Liam says it was for her and he thinks it’s a bit messed up that she wants to ruin that.

Brooke threatens Liam by asking him if she wants Hope to find out from her but just then Hope runs over and tells Brooke she’s so happy so many people showed up to support her new line. Brooke tells her to calm down and take a breath but Hope says she has no time to breath. She says she can’t wait to share her perfect wedding with the world and bounces off while Brooke throws Liam a disgusted look.

Hope introduces her line to the press as Hope Logan Spencer and the showing begins. Brooke throws Liam dirty looks during the showing and Dayzee stops Marcus from texting again. Hope waves at Liam and Liam smiles back at her as Brooke continues to look disgusted with him.

The showing continues and Brooke continues to look tense. Liam gives Hope a thumbs up for her collection before looking tense again as he detects Brooke’s glare on him. Ridge goes up to his office and finds Steffy. Steffy tells Ridge that he has to talk to Brooke and get her to see reason. She says Brooke thinks she’s trying to manipulate things but she’s not. Steffy says that what happened in Italy between her and Liam was no one’s fault and no one should have to pay for it, least of all Hope and Liam.

The show ends with a huge round of applause. Hope comes out and thanks everyone before talking about her line. She says she got the inspiration for it from her wedding in Italy. She says the collection they just saw embodies everything she felt on that day. Jarrett tries to ask Hope personal details about her wedding, but Hope says those details are going to remain between Liam and her. She says however, there is something she does want to say to Liam. Turning to Liam, she makes him come up to her. She tells him that their wedding was perfect because at the end of the day they are husband and wife. She kisses Liam as the reporters take pictures. Brooke watches them kissing and does not look pleased.

Steffy watches the video of Liam and her on her phone. She smiles before getting teary as wedding bells ring in the background. Eric tells Hope she was great and hugs her. Brooke tells Hope that what she said about Liam was very sweet. She says they all know they have had their ups and downs but says that just shows how strong they are as a couple. Hope thanks her mother for saying that as she hugs her and from over Hope’s shoulder, Brooke once again glares at Liam. Liam tells everyone thanks for the support they gave Hope but now he would just like his wife to himself. The people laugh before leaving to give Liam and Hope some privacy.

Hope shares her excitement with Liam over her successful showing with kisses. Liam kisses her back before telling her he loves her and just wants her to remember that. Liam then tells her that her perfect wedding wasn’t perfect, making Hope curious. Liam tells her that when he was in that room and read that note that made it look like she had ditched him, Steffy was there.

Hope’s face falls a little and she looks worried. Liam tells her, he thought she had left but Hope cuts him off and asks him exactly what he is trying to tell her. She asks him what happened and what he did. Liam looks speechless as he tries to open his mouth and tell Hope the answers to her questions.

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