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Hope tells Steffy to tell her what it is that she has to know since it can’t wait. Steffy looks hesitant to speak.

Ridge tells Liam that he knows he still loves Steffy because he was more than willing to run off with her in Italy. Liam tries to say that was only because he thought Hope left him but Ridge looks doubtful. Liam then asks Ridge if he thinks he was wrong to go through with his wedding to Hope but Ridge says that only he can answer that question.

Stephanie and Eric walk in on Dayzee and Marcus kissing. Eric asks Marcus if he’s heard right or if the wedding is really taking place at their home. Marcus says it’s true and he asked Stephanie if Dayzee and him could marry at their house. He asks if Eric is okay with that and Eric tells him of course and calls him family. Marcus is touched and he tells Eric he is the best dad anyone could have. Eric and Marcus share an emotional moment and a hug.

Eric tells Marcus he is proud of him and everything he has accomplished especially getting a girl like Dayzee. Stephanie smiles at Dayzee as Thomas comes up and tells them they have a fashion preview today. Eric says he told Hope to call them if anything comes up. He says they were just making some wedding plans. Eric says it will be a very special day when they welcome Dayzee into their family but Stephanie says she is already part of this family. Thomas looks a little uncomfortable and Dayzee and him share a glance.

Liam says he married Hope because he loves her. Ridge says he loves Hope too, she’s his daughter but tells Liam that he has to do what is right for not just Hope but Steffy too. Liam says the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Hope. Ridge looks like he is going to say something else but Brooke calls. Liam picks up and Brooke tells him that he has to tell Hope the truth now before her preview. Liam looks tense.

Steffy starts to talk to Hope but someone pulls her away to talk about a change in the preview line-up. Hope fixes the problem before asking Steffy to tell her what it is quickly. Steffy says she looks very happy. Hope says she is and says that her life is perfect, a little too perfect right now and she’s just waiting for someone to tell her something is wrong. She then apologizes for interrupting Steffy and tells her to go ahead. Steffy looks reluctant to speak again.

Steffy tells Hope she is happy for her. Hope looks at Steffy as Steffy says that she knows she’s made mistakes in the past, some really big mistakes but she says they are all in the past now. She tells Hope she supports her marriage completely. Hope smiles and tells Steffy that she knows her wedding wasn’t easy on her but she is so glad she was in Italy. Hope says that her wedding would not have been the same without her there and Steffy and Hope share a hug as Hope looks teary and Steffy looks emotional.

Thomas tells Marcus about the wedding dress he helped design for Dayzee when Marcus says he wants to see it but is told he has to wait until the altar. He tells him that the dress is every unique and will last a lifetime, Dayzee smiles at Thomas as he smiles back at her.

Liam says he really doesn’t want to tell Hope because it’s going to kill her. Ridge says that Hope will be hurt and that there is no way around that. Liam says if he didn’t have to tell then it would. Ridge says that if it was up to him then Hope would never find out but Brooke won’t let up. He tells Liam that if he won’t tell then she will. Liam says he knows and says he’d rather Hope hear it from him. Liam moves to go but stops saying that Deacon showing up on the wedding day was the catalyst for everything else that happened.

Liam says that it was just so weird for him to show up like that out of the blue. Ridge agrees that that was indeed very, very strange. Liam sighs and says anyway he should tell Hope that he betrayed her on her wedding day. Ridge tries to make him feel better by saying it wasn’t intentional but Liam says it was still something he did and it was stupid. Ridge tells Liam that he thinks he will find that Hope is very forgiving. Liam says he’s not sure if Hope can forgive this.

Ridge says he is kind of in a rough spot and says being in love with two women is not easy. He says he knows that betters than anybody but says that you can’t really control who you’re going to fall in love with. Liam smiles a little and says no you can’t. Liam sighs and says okay he better leave now if he’s going to do this before the preview and leaves to talk to Hope.

Steffy comes to see Ridge at Brooke’s house but finds Brooke instead. Steffy moves to leave and says she’ll just call her dad but Brooke tells her that Liam is going to tell Hope the truth. She orders Steffy not to even try to stop him. Steffy looks very annoyed with Brooke.

Marcus thanks Thomas for the wedding dress and says there is something else he wants to ask him for. Thomas asks him to just name it and Marcus tells him he wants him to be his best man. Marcus says that he has a family but Dayzee doesn’t and he wants her to be surrounded by people who love her on her wedding day almost as much as he does. Thomas agrees to be his best man and says he’d be honored to stand up for the both of them. Dayzee smiles at Thomas again as Stephanie and Eric say this is wonderful, another wedding happening in their home.

Brooke starts to berate Steffy again and says she told her to stay away from Liam and not cause any problems for Hope. Steffy gets angry and tells Hope that she’s not causing any problems and is trying to protect Hope. Brooke sarcastically says that so Steffy suddenly cares for Hope. Steffy says she doesn’t want to hurt Hope.

She says she’s not trying to be manipulative or use this and says if she wanted to hurt Hope then she would have told her about Liam and her before the wedding. She tells Brooke that would have benefited her more, wouldn’t it. Brooke says she is surprised she didn’t tell. Steffy again tells Brooke that she never wanted Hope to find out about what happened and it was because of that that she didn’t tell her but Brooke continues to look surly and unconvinced.

Liam comes to see Hope. Hope spots Liam and tells him she’s so glad he’s here. Liam asks if she’s busy because she looks insanely busy but she says not for him. Hope kisses Liam before saying today was so fun. She says it was a lot of work but now that they are married and she is living with her ideals, she says she feels so connected to her bridal line. She tells Liam that she had always wanted to do a bridal line but didn’t know what to call it. She says when they got married though, it just came to her: Hope’s Perfect Wedding.

She tells Liam that despite all the mix-ups that occurred her wedding to him was really her perfect wedding. Liam looks really reluctant and worried now.

Brooke tells Steffy that she should not have been in Liam’s hotel room in the first place. Steffy says she was just checking up on him but Brooke starts screaming and tells Steffy that every time she turns her back she’s with Liam. Steffy doesn’t deny that and tells Brooke she loves Liam but also admits that she doesn’t want to hurt Hope. She says again that that was why she didn’t tell Hope.

Steffy tells Brooke that Hope and her are finally in a good spot and says that if Hope were to find out what happened then she would hate her. She asks Brooke if she wants Hope to hate her. Brooke says no and says she wished she had never found out. When Steffy urges her to call Liam and tell him not to tell Hope, Brooke says that it has to be done. She says she will not let Hope’s marriage start on a lie. Steffy looks very unhappy.

Liam tries to tell Hope the truth but she keeps apologizing for how his wedding wasn’t perfect for him because she was late and got him all confused with the letter. Liam finally stops Hope from apologizing and tells her that he’s the one that should be sorry.  Hope looks curious at that and Liam sighs before saying he hopes she can just understand him.

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