B&B Wednesday Update 7/11/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/11/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy thinks Brooke is being a hypocrite. Liam thinks that Hope will be ok with everything if it was not for his and Steffy's passion. Steffy thinks Brooke will tell Hope if Liam does not.

Ridge tells two models to get ready for a fitting. Brooke and Taylor burst in telling Ridge about Liam and Steffy.

Hope tells a reporter about her new line. Dayzee and Thomas walk in and discuss the photo-shoot. Dayzee says she picked the right wedding dress. Dayzee thinks that Thomas knows her very well. Hope tells Marcus not to look at any of the dresses because one is Dayzee's. Marcus decides to tell Dayzee that they are going to have the wedding at the Forrester's.

Liam and Steffy do not want to tell Hope. Liam tells Steffy it is not her fault. Steffy explains that she kind of wants Brooke to tell so there could be a chance of the two getting back together but knows it won’t happen. Liam knows that Hope will freak out. Steffy thinks that Brooke is determined to make sure Hope knows.

Dayzee asks if the wedding is really happening. Marcus confirms it. Thomas tells Marcus he is happy. Hope tells them all that Marriage is a wonderful experience that changes you right away and nothing will change anything.

Brooke explains what happened and how Bill most likely was involved. Ridge tries to make sense of the whole thing. Taylor knows that Steffy had put the ring tone on her phone in order to get over Liam. Ridge wants to know why Steffy would do this. Taylor tells Brooke that Steffy did not have to be nice about the wedding. Both Brooke and Taylor agree that Hope needs to know. Ridge does not think that it is fair to anyone and that Hope and Liam are both happy. Brooke thinks that secrets always come out. Ridge asks for them all to hold on so that he can confront Liam.

Steffy wonders what Liam will do. Liam knows he has no choice and knows it will hurt Hope. Steffy knows that Brooke always get what she wants. Steffy wonders if it could turn out to be a good thing. Liam wonders how Steffy fell in the water during the wedding and she explains that it was an accident. Liam says at least she did not get hurt. Steffy says that losing him hurt her but she wants Liam and Hope to be happy. Liam says they are both happy. Steffy knows that Hope is crazy about Liam and that he is all she ever wanted. Noting that the wedding was like it was meant to be and that all he has to do is remind her and she will understand.

Taylor wonders if Brooke and she could have ever been friends. Brooke does not want to think about it. Taylor thinks they could be friends and Brooke agrees. Taylor tells Brooke she is the most annoying person she has ever met but she has a good heart. Brooke thinks it's a shame because friends are hard to come by. Taylor thinks that men can only be with one woman and that he had a choice. Taylor thinks there could be a chance that Liam will turn to Steffy if Hope leaves him and they will need to accept it.

Liam lets Ridge in and Liam assumes he knows. Ridge wants his daughters to be happy. Liam thinks Steffy supports his choice. Ridge does not know if he should believe it. Liam knows that it is how it has to be and Steffy knows that. Ridge wants Liam to think of how things could be changing.

Steffy walks in and sees Hope. Hope thanks Steffy for being able to give her a perfect wedding.

Dayzee thinks that her life is going crazy right now. Marcus thinks that Dayzee will be a beautiful bride and can't wait to marry her. They kiss.

Liam explains to Ridge he could have spent the rest of his life with Steffy. Liam thinks that Steffy is a very fun girl. Ridge says that Liam has figured out Steffy and wonders if Liam will do the right thing and that he is obviously still in love with Steffy.

Hope wants her line to be right for everyone. Hope once again thanks Steffy. Steffy tells Hope that she is very innocent and says sorry for what she did. Steffy tells Hope she needs to tell Hope something very important.

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