B&B Tuesday Update 7/10/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/10/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam opens the door to find Steffy who is freaked out about what Brooke will do about the video.

Brooke is mad at Taylor for knowing about the video. Taylor explains that Steffy and Liam are in love.

Dayzee and Stephanie talk about someone. Stephanie wonders about the wedding date and wants to know when they are going to be married. Eric, Ridge, and Thomas walk in and give Dayzee wedding gown designs for Dayzee to model. Dayzee is shocked over them. Marcus walks in and kisses Dayzee. Dayzee tells him to leave so she can pick a wedding gown.

Brooke does not think that Steffy should have been in the hotel. Taylor explains that it was a mistake. Brooke demands Hope knows.

Steffy wonders if Liam is mad about her being at the hotel room. Liam is not mad because it was not Steffy's fault as she just showed up when she did.

Dayzee thinks the designs are beautiful. She does not know which one to pick. Dayzee chooses one and it turns out that Thomas designed it. Thomas and Dayzee decide to go take measurements. Ridge is proud of Thomas.

Brooke tells Taylor she demanded Liam tell Hope. Taylor thinks it is a good idea.

Steffy tells Liam to tell Brooke to stay out of it. Liam is worried Brooke would still tell. Steffy notices Hopes things. Liam does not think that Steffy should have to deal with things as it is not her problem. Steffy was happy she had come by.

Brooke thinks that Hope will understand. Taylor makes a comment comparing them to Hope and Steffy. Brooke decides to go over to Liam and Hopes house. Taylor demands to go.

Steffy thinks it is weird how Steffy and Liam could have been married. Steffy thinks Liam did the right thing. Steffy thinks that all that matters is that the marriage survives. Liam thinks this may be asking too much. Steffy knows Liam loves Hope and thinks he needs to fight for marriage. Steffy thinks he has to protect Hope from this.

Marcus walks in and talks to Stephanie about the designs. Stephanie wonders about the wedding date and understand they have busy lives but the date she be a priority. Marcus decides he wants to get married to Dayzee right away.

Dayzee thanks Thomas for the dress and thinks it is exactly what she wants. Thomas explains he knows what she wants. Thomas says that if he were Marcus he would marry her as fast as she could.

Marcus tells Stephanie that he wants to marry Dayzee right away. Stephanie offers the house for a wedding. Stephanie is proud of Marcus and thinks he will have a very happy marriage.

Steffy wonders what Liam will do. The door is knocked on. Liam opens to find Brooke and Taylor. Brooke and Taylor walk in and Brooke is mad that Steffy is there. Brooke tells them both that they must tell her. Taylor agrees. Steffy tries to make it sound like a mistake and was meaningless. Taylor tries to see if this is true. Steffy wants to know why Brooke would want this for Hope. Brooke knows that Hope needs to know. Liam kicks Brooke and Taylor out. Steffy tells Liam that it does not matter what Hope will find out. Steffy wants Liam to be happy. Steffy wishes though it would have been with her. Liam wonders why Steffy would tell him to be with her. Steffy explains that it was intended for him to marry Hope. Steffy knows that Hope won’t leave Liam. Steffy thinks Hope will understand.

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