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It is evening in Los Angeles. Hope walks in on Brooke and Liam talking in the Spencer living room. Hope senses some hostility between the two, and asks what they are arguing about. Hope asks if someone died, but Liam pipes in that everything’s fine. Hope feels awkward not knowing what’s being discussed between her mother and Liam. Hope insists Brooke tell her what’s going on. Brooke agrees Hope needs to know the truth. Liam is visibly worried about what Brooke might reveal. Brooke diffuses the situation by bringing up Deacon’s letter. Liam smiles nervously, then apologizes to Hope for the miscommunication surrounding the note. Liam is sorry he believed Hope could write such a letter. Hope can’t believe Brooke is still mad at Liam about this. Hope says to Brooke that she and Liam have discussed it and it’s in the past. Hope comments she is going to finish unpacking. Liam jokes to his wife that she should leave him at least one drawer. Once alone, Liam begs Brooke to stay quiet. Liam asks Brooke to let her daughter be happy. Brooke reminds Liam that he kissed Steffy right before saying his vows. Liam asks how Brooke found out. Brooke explains how she watched the video off of Liam’s I Pad. Liam is sickened to learn everything was recorded by mistake. Brooke says the battery ran out so she didn’t see the whole thing. Liam swears he and Steffy did not make love. Liam asks who else knows. Brooke says Katie does, which makes Liam tense up. Brooke thinks Liam should come clean now. Brooke is disgusted to learn Steffy was in the bathroom listening when Liam and Hope made up in the suite before the wedding. Brooke points out how much Liam must care about Steffy. Brooke brings up Liam ripping up the annulment papers and reaching out to Steffy when he thought Hope left the note. Liam promises he loves Hope, that she is the most important person in his life. Brooke urges Liam to tell Hope, but he is hesitant. Brooke figures Hope will understand. Brooke reminds Liam that his marriage to Hope cannot be based on lies and deception.

Steffy is working in her office when Katie barges in. Katie announces she knows the truth about what happened between Steffy and Liam before the wedding ceremony. Steffy is evasive toward Katie’s questions regarding Italy. Katie tells Steffy that she can’t lie because she’s seen evidence of the kiss. Steffy is speechless. Katie says she “saw and heard everything” that occurred in Liam’s hotel suite. Steffy can’t believe that her intimate moment with Liam was recorded by mistake on his I Pad. Steffy swears she didn’t have sex with Liam. Steffy implores Katie to stay quiet about what happened. Katie believes Steffy wants the exact opposite to happen. Katie relays that Brooke is at Liam and Hope’s house right now. Steffy asks Katie if Brooke will tell Hope. Katie doesn’t know what Brooke will do. Katie accuses Steffy of using Deacon’s letter to her advantage. Katie thinks it’s strange how Steffy is always there for Liam when he needs a shoulder to lean on. Katie is sickened that Steffy and Liam kissed before he married Hope. Steffy swears she realized the kiss was wrong. Steffy claims Hope’s protection is important to her. Steffy tells Katie that there’s no point in telling Hope because she’ll be hurt by the transgression. Steffy says what happened right before the ceremony doesn’t matter anymore. Katie points out how Steffy is always interfering in Liam and Hope’s lives. Steffy says she is done meddling since the two are married now. Steffy asks that Katie let it go, since it is best for everyone involved.

In Ridge’s office, Stephanie and Dayzee are peering over wedding magazines while Marcus takes a phone call. Stephanie worries Marcus is getting cold feet about marrying Dayzee. Marcus finishes his call and asks the women what they are discussing. Stephanie confronts Marcus about delaying the wedding. Marcus promises he hasn’t gotten cold feet, he just wants to wait a while to get married. Dayzee has a sad look on her face. Marcus looks at Dayzee and tells her that he’d like to wait. Dayzee is not happy. Dayzee puts her hands on her hips, and asks Marcus to explain himself. Marcus says he wants a longer engagement, possibly two years or so. Dayzee hates the idea. Marcus claims they shouldn’t have to rush into marriage because he and Dayzee will be together forever anyway. Stephanie intervenes by telling Marcus there will “never be a perfect time” to marry in the future. Dayzee respects Marcus’s decision but clearly doesn’t like it. Thomas walks in the office, stopping an uncomfortable situation from getting worse. Marcus tells Dayzee that he still loves her, that his feelings haven’t changed. Marcus justifies waiting until everything is stable in their lives. Stephanie says she and Dayzee can still began planning the wedding. Dayzee and Marcus share a lackluster kiss, then Dayzee and Stephanie leave the office. Marcus tells Thomas that no one understands why he wants to “press pause” for a moment. Instead of supporting Marcus, Thomas takes Dayzee’s side, urging his friend to marry her right away. Marcus is disappointed in Thomas. Marcus says he wants to marry Dayzee, but wants to hold off on the wedding for a while. Thomas brings up his past relationship with Dayzee. Unbeknownst to Marcus and Thomas, Dayzee is listening to their conversation from the hallway. Thomas raves about how “amazing” Dayzee is, that Marcus should marry her as quickly as possible. Marcus comments how the Forresters can be so persuasive. Marcus walks out of the office. A few seconds later, Dayzee walks in and asks Thomas if he really thinks she is “hot”. Dayzee is very flattered by Thomas’s compliments. Dayzee grabs her purse from the chair. Thomas apologizes for Marcus’s hesitation regarding the wedding. Dayzee asks Thomas if he meant what he said about her. Thomas smiles and says he meant every word. Thomas says he liked dating Dayzee. Dayzee admits she wasn’t ready for a relationship then. Thomas tells Dayzee that she’s still the same amazing person. Thomas rambles on about Dayzee’s volunteer efforts, like helping at the shelter and being friendly to the coffee house patrons. Dayzee looks embarrassed by all the attention. Dayzee says Thomas is pretty great, too. Thomas and Dayzee share a friendly hug, one that makes Dayzee smile silently to herself.

Hope returns to the living room to find Brooke gone. Hope apologizes to Liam for Brooke making him uncomfortable. Liam says Brooke is concerned about Hope. Hope refuses to talk about Italy, instead wanting to enjoy their first night together in the Malibu home. Liam says he and Hope got through a lot of drama and heartache to get to this moment. Hope says it was all worth it. Hope reminds Liam that what happened before they got married is in the past. Hope wants to concentrate on the here and now. Liam smiles but he is clearly riddled with guilt.

Steffy looks bummed as she sits in her office. Steffy gets up and is riffling through her purse when Brooke storms in. Steffy tells Brooke that she already received a lecture from Katie. Steffy asks if Brooke told Hope the truth. Brooke says she told Liam that he needs to come clean with Hope. Brooke is disappointed because she thought Steffy had finally accepted Hope and Liam getting married. Brooke isn’t happy that Steffy used the letter as a way to seduce Liam. Brooke tells Steffy that she’s hurt by what Steffy and Liam did. Steffy admits the kissing was a mistake. Brooke goes on about Hope needing to know the truth from Liam. Steffy says it’s a bad idea to tell Hope. Steffy figures Hope won’t be able to handle the truth. Brooke is convinced Hope will forgive her husband, that her daughter’s marriage to Liam will be okay. Brooke orders Steffy to stay away from Liam. Steffy starts to get teary-eyed when Brooke asks her to move on.

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