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Brooke and Katie continue to watch the video. Katie says this video has to be from before the wedding ceremony as Brooke wonders why Steffy is in Liam’s room. Katie says obviously Liam nor Steffy wanted them to find out about this. Brooke says well they are going to find out.

Liam and Hope kiss passionately and smile at each other. Watching the video, Katie asks if Liam is giving Steffy the letter. Brooke says it’s the one he thinks is from Hope. Brooke says but Hope didn’t write that letter. Katie says maybe Hope is just about to come in and explain everything but Brooke says that Hope didn’t mention Steffy being there when she spoke to Liam. She says she would have told her if she was there.

As they watch, the soon see Liam embracing Steffy closely. Brooke gasps as Katie goes speechless. Taylor comes to visit Steffy. Taylor says she’s surprised she’s still not at Dayzee’s. Steffy tells her mom that she didn’t have to leave but Taylor says she didn’t want to interrupt Liam and her. She t ells Steffy that she could see it on both their faces; the love. She says it’s so obvious that Liam is still in love with her. Steffy says she agrees but Liam loves Hope too.

She says and tonight Hope and Liam are sharing their first night together as husband and wife in the house she used to share with Liam. Steffy looks upset as Taylor sighs understanding the pain her daughter must be feeling. Liam says welcome hope to Hope and Hope tells him she loves him before kissing him again.

Brooke picks up on the phone ringing in the video. She says it must be Hope but they soon hear Liam say dad. Brooke asks Katie if Bill told her any of this but Katie says no he didn’t and looks worried. Brooke and Katie continue to watch as Katie says she wonders what Bill is saying to Liam which they can’t hear. Katie hears Liam say he’s leaving and she says she can’t believe Bill told him to leave.

Brooke says that’s only because Bill thought Hope left Liam and says he’s just being a protective dad. She says they both know that Hope comes in and explains everything and then the wedding happens and Bill has been supportive since. Katie says he was supportive in the end. She says what she is worried about though, is what happened in the middle between Liam and Steffy. Brooke looks concerned.

Taylor asks Steffy if Liam and her had a chance to talk after she left. She says when she left they seemed like they were getting close. She asks if they were able to talk about what happened in Italy. Steffy says they did and it was good but says she doubts they’ll have many more of those moments when they will be alone laughing together.

Steffy says that Liam is with Hope now and every holiday, every gathering, she will have to look across the room and accept that Liam is someone else’s husband now. Taylor says she doesn’t know how Steffy stays so strong. Steffy says she has her to look up to before saying Liam will always love her. She says that’s what he said to her. She says it’s hard to know that now that Liam is with Hope but says she’s still glad he did tell her. Steffy smiles at that while Taylor sighs sadly.

Hope says she wants Liam to know what this night means to her. She says all the guilt she had and all that feeling like she was a hypocrite is all gone. She asks him if he knows what that feels like, to have something eating away at you. Liam says it’s all in the past now that they are married there is no feeling guilty about anything. Hope smiles at Liam.

Brooke pauses the video and refuses to watch anymore.

She insists that Hope must come next but Katie says it Bill was involved and Liam just offered Steffy to go with him then she wants to see what happens. Brooke tries to resist from watching but Katie forces her to press play. Reluctantly, Brooke plays the video again. Katie and Brooke watch Liam says he’s tired of Hope’s issues and take Steffy’s hand. Brooke pleads no to Liam as Steffy’s phone goes off in the video with the wedding bells. Brooke listens in horror as Liam tells Steffy it’s not over for them, it’s just beginning.

Then she watches as Liam and Steffy kiss passionately and begin to undress. Brooke looks heartbroken and she says that Liam wouldn’t do this on his wedding day with Hope.

Brooke says she can’t watch this but right as she says that the video ends. Both Brooke and Katie panic because now they have no way of telling if Liam and Steffy slept together or not. Katie says he wouldn’t have and says he must have told Steffy to leave and then was when Hope caught up to him.

Brooke asks how Liam could do this. Katie tries to blame Steffy for everything but Brooke blames Liam. She asks how he could do this with Steffy and then on the same day marry her daughter. Brooke says she’s going to find Liam and goes to look for him to get some answers.

Taylor suggests Steffy tell everyone what happened between her and Liam in Italy. Steffy says no and says that can’t ever be told. She says what happened between Liam and her is something she doesn’t ever want Hope or anyone else to find out.

Liam and Hope continue kissing but soon there is a knock at the door. Hope asks Liam if he was expecting someone. When he says no, she says it’s their first visitor and runs off to open the door. Finding her mother, Hope asks her why she’s here. Brooke looks pale as she says she needs to talk to Liam. Hope says it sounds serious and tells her to come in. Hope tries to ask Brooke what she wants to say but Brooke says she just needs to speak with Liam alone. Hope says okay and says she’ll go take a quick shower then. When Hope leaves, Liam asks Brooke if she’s okay seeing that she looks really shaken up.

Brooke says that Hope seems happy and content. Liam says yea and says that he thinks her moving out and waiting till marriage helped. When he gets to the words “vows” in talking about their wedding, Brooke says it means a lot to pledge one’s life to somebody and honor them and love them.

She says when a man stands across the altar and exchanges vows with a woman he needs to know in his heart that she is the one. Brooke says that Liam made her like him as a son-in-law and now she doesn’t know. Shocked, Liam says she doesn’t know and Brooke says she doesn’t know if he loves Hope. Shocked even more, Liam says what but Brooke asks him if this marriage even should have happened leaving him stunned.

Katie barges into Steffy’s office and tells her she knows what happened between Liam and her. Steffy looks shocked. Liam tells Brooke of course he loves Hope and asks her how she doesn’t know that. Brooke cuts him off and tells him she knows what he did with Steffy. She says he married Hope even though on the same day he was with Steffy, kissing her all over.

She says he betrayed Hope. Liam looks overwhelmed as Brooke keeps yelling at him. Hope comes out from the bathroom and asks them what they are talking about. Brooke looks teary and looks at Liam as if she expects him to tell Hope the truth. Liam says nothing and just stands there in shock.

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