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Written By Rachna
Pictures By Juanita

Brooke is looking through pictures from Hope’s wedding when she comes across one clip of Steffy in Liam’s room and becomes curious. Steffy remembers how Liam had asked her to come with him at Italy before he found out Hope had not written the letter. Hope comes in with a present for Steffy.

Steffy tells her she knows she was counting on her to stand up for her but she couldn’t. Hope tells her she’s not trying to make her guilty, she just wants her to have it. Steffy opens the gift and thanks Hope. Hope tells her it’s nothing, it’s just for her to remember how beautiful Italy was. Steffy smiles at Hope. Bill drops by Liam’s place and congratulates him for the wedding before telling him Katie and him are having a son. Liam looks at the photo of the ultrasound and congratulates his dad as they share a hug.

Liam asks his father how Katie is doing. Bill says she’s okay but looks worried. Liam asks him what’s wrong and Bill tells him how he’s preparing for the worst. Bill reminds Liam that Katie is the recipient of a heart transplant and this pregnancy really threatens her. Liam assures his dad by saying Katie is a warrior and saying that if anyone can beat these odds, it will be her.

Steffy thanks Hope for the present. Hope tells her she just loves Italy and everything about it. Steffy suggests that Liam and Hope could live there maybe but Hope says she’d be much too homesick. Hope then tells Steffy that she appreciates how understanding she’s been about her wedding and says she could have made it a lot harder for Liam to marry her. Steffy says no one likes a sore loser.

Hope says she’s anything but a sore loser and tells her she wants to be just like her because she had a lot of class. Hope hugs Steffy and tells her she’s glad they can be close again, just like family but Steffy looks reluctant to hug her back. Brooke continues to stare at the picture of the video of Steffy alone with Liam and looking concerned over it.

Bill talks about how emotional he was getting over the ultrasound pictures in the gynaecologist’s office before telling Liam he’s sorry he missed out on all of that with him. Liam tells him not to be sorry as he has made up for what he missed in both big ways and small. Liam jokingly says the little guy inside Katie has no idea what he’s in for before telling Bill he will be very lucky to be his son. Liam tells him he’s happy for Katie and him and Bill hugs his son saying there will be sword necklaces all around now.

Brooke looks at the picture from Liam’s hotel room again and is about to do something when Katie comes in looking for her phone. Brooke hands it to her before asking where Hope is. When Katie says she went to see Steffy, Brooke says that’s good. Katie says she doesn’t think Steffy and Hope being friends is possible and accuses Steffy of just wanting Liam again.

Brooke disagrees with Katie’s disregard for Sreffy’s grace and class during Hope and Liam’s wedding and says that Steffy has really been trying to be nice to Hope. Katie doesn’t believe her because of her long-standing dislike for Steffy but says that it would be nice if everyone will be getting along in time for her baby to arrive. Brooke says it’s possible before asking Katie if she wants to see pictures and videos from the wedding. Katie says yes, of course and Brooke begins to show them to her.

Steffy asks Hope how it feels to be back in the real world. Hope says it’s good and says it’s amazing to be Liam’s wife. She then apologizes, saying she’s not trying to rub it in Steffy’s face but Steffy says that she doesn’t want Hope to feel like she has to sensor everything warn they talk. She says that Hope’s marriage to Liam is a fact and ignoring that is no way for them to move on.

Hope says okay but tells her if it gets too much just tell her to shut up. Steffy talks about Deacon and asks how Hope felt when he showed up at her wedding. Hope says it was amazing, her biological dad showing up at her wedding after these many years. Hope says it was the greatest gift of all at which Steffy looks a bit uncomfortable.

Liam once again tells his dad that what he said at the wedding meant a lot to him. Bill says he respects Hope for her resilience and Liam and Hope’s love too because they didn’t waver no matter what he threw at them. Liam says yes, his wife is amazing.

Bill says he’s proud to call her his daughter-in-law to which Liam says that’s just awesome before telling his dad he has to kick him out because it’s Hope and his first married night together at home. Bill tells Liam he taught him well and Liam jokingly says yes everything he knows about romance came from him. Bill and Liam share another father--son hug.

Steffy asks Hope what it was like, seeing her biological dad after this long. She asks if she was able to recognize her dad. Hope says immediately and smiles. Steffy asks Hope if she wants to have a relationship with her dad. Hope says she does but by the note he left she’s not sure what he wants. Sighing, she says she thinks it’s up to him to decide as she doesn’t even know how to contact him. Hope then talks about how the note he left caused a huge misunderstanding without knowing that Steffy’s heart was broken because of that.

Steffy simply nods and listens to Hope as she tells her how she cleared up Liam’s misunderstanding that she would ever ditch him at the altar. Hope says all she wanted was to marry him. Steffy says that she looks very happy. Smiling, Hope says she can’t imaging feeling any other way before saying she has to g. Steffy asks her if she’s going home to Liam and Hope says yes. Steffy thanks her for stopping by and for the gift. She says she’ll treasure Italy always.

Hope thanks Steffy for making this one of the most incredible times of her life. When Hope leaves, Steffy looks like she’s having a hard time holding back her tears.

Katie looks at the videos and pictures from Italy and says what an incredible place to have a wedding. She asks why the screen is broke and Brooke says she doesn’t know. Katie happens to see the video image of Liam and Steffy and asks Brooke why Liam has it now that he and Hope are married. Brooke again says she doesn’t know. Katie asks Brooke if they should watch the video and Brooke looks unsure if they should.

Steffy recalls her intimate encounter with Liam, just before Hope and his wedding and cries over what happened. Liam runs around and gets the place ready for Hope. Hearing Hope is at the door, Liam tells her not to come in just yet but Hope says she’s waited long enough.

Liam tells her to wait and runs to the door. He picks Hope up and carries her in. Hope looks at the room and says it’s so clean. Liam says it’s in honour of their status. Hope smiles and says this is it, she’s finally here with him as his wife. Liam and Hope share a kiss.

Brooke tells Katie they probably shouldn’t look at the video of Steffy and Liam. Katie says that’s never stopped them before and orders Brooke to play the video or she will. Brooke reluctantly hits play.

The video is unclear and out of focus but Brooke is able to tell that Steffy was with Liam the day of the wedding. Shocked, Brooke says that Liam never mentioned being with Steffy. Katie says it’s obvious he didn’t want anyone to know and says it’s a pretty big secret to keep. Brooke says not anymore.

She says she’s going to find out what Liam was doing with Steffy the day he married her daughter. Brooke hit’s the play button.

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