B&B Wednesday Update 7/4/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 7/4/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Steffy tells Liam that he is lucky she has grown or she would have changed her answer. Liam explains that his feelings for Hope are real.

Hope and Brooke continue to look through the pictures.

Ridge works. Taylor walks in and tells Ridge that Liam is still in love with Steffy and that they need to do something about it.

Dayzee works out and talks about Italy. Marcus explains that they could have gone to the wedding. Marcus is worried that something could have happened. Caroline and Thomas walk in.

Hope attempts to get the computer to work and it eventually turns back on. Katie walks in and hugs Hope. She explains that she is happy for her. Hope tells Katie that it was amazing. Katie agrees and explains she has news. She tells them that she is having a boy. Hope and Brooke get excited. Hope compliments Katie’s looks. Katie gets nostalgic over what is going on in their lives.

Ridge makes Taylor promise not to do anything about Steffy and Liam. Taylor explains they bumped into each other and how the coffee went everywhere. Taylor thinks that there is something between the two of them. Ridge knows that Liam is going to be with Hope. Ridge wants Taylor to get over it.

Steffy tells Liam she knows he loves her and that everything is ok between them. Steffy knows that everything is going well with them and that it is bitter sweet how it all turned out. She acknowledges that he is now Hopes husband and not hers.

Dayzee and Caroline talk about the summer. Dayzee notices that Caroline likes Thomas. Marcus notices that Thomas is becoming a one woman man. Thomas aggress.

Katie is shocked that Deacon showed up. Hope thinks that it was a great surprise. Hope thought things were going crazy when she saw him. Brooke does not want Hope anywhere near Deacon. Hope talks about the wedding and explains how things happened and when the limo left without her and she took a truck. Brooke says Liam then went back to the hotel. Hope says she ran to the chapel. Hope then says she was able to get back to Liam and they got married. Hope would not have changed any of it.

Steffy thinks that Liam is a magnet for wild weddings. Liam thinks that it was crazy how things happened at the wedding.

Dayzee and Marcus explains that Thomas and Dayzee had a fling for a while. Marcus knows that everyone is with the right person now. Caroline wants to know when the wedding is. Marcus tells them they are going to pick a date soon. Thomas and Dayzee smile at each other.

Taylor thinks that it was a mistake that Hope got with Liam. Ridge wants them all to make their own choices. Taylor wonders if their lives were chosen for them.

Brooke is glad that Hope and Liam are together. Hope thinks it is great that they are together now. Brooke thinks that Bill was good at the wedding. Hope can't believe she is married.

Steffy talks about what happened and thinks if they had left five minutes early things would be different. Steffy thinks it was hard not to tell Hope what had happened. Steffy knows that she had to let him go.

Katie tells Hope she has a present for Hope in her car.

Steffy tells Liam that she told Taylor. Steffy explains that she won't tell anyone. Liam wonders what happened with her. Steffy tells him that Taylor wanted Steffy to tell everyone. Steffy explains that no one will ever find out what happened. The two hold hands.

Brooke looks at the wedding pictures and sees the video for Steffy and Liam.

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