B&B Tuesday Update 7/3/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 7/3/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge and Brooke talk and Brooke and Liam walk in. They all discuss the honey moon. Hope says she is moving into Liam's house and the two kiss.

Steffy gets coffee with Taylor. Taylor tells her she is worried about what happened with Liam.

Hope thanks Brooke for everything she did for the wedding. Ridge feels bad about not designing the dress. Hope understands why he couldn't do it for her. Ridge tells Hope he was happy to be able to walk Hope down the aisle like a real father. The two hug.

Taylor is worried about everything that is happening. Steffy thinks it is just time for her to move on.

Liam shows Ridge and Brooke pictures of their honeymoon. Hope comes down stairs with her stuff and Liam gets it for her. Hope decides to stay for a while but Liam leaves. Brooke is sad that she is moving out. Brooke wants to call Steffy to thank her for everything she did.

Steffy gets a phone call from Brooke. Steffy wonders what is going on. Brooke tells her Hope is back in town and explains she knows it was not easy for her to be in Italy. Brooke knows Steffy was doing the right thing and that she has Liam's best interest. Brooke also wants to be close to Steffy like she used to be. Steffy agrees and then hangs up. Taylor wants to know what Brooke wanted. Steffy explains. Taylor wants to tell someone about what happened in Italy and to tell what Bill did it. Taylor knows that Bill had to have brought Deacon to Italy. Steffy knows that Bill is disgusting and because of him Liam and her are not together. Taylor promises not to tell anyone even if she does not agree with Steffy.

Ridge thanks Brooke for calling Steffy. Ridge kisses Brooke and leaves. Brooke tells Hope not to let Deacon contact her. Hope does not agree and is happy to have seen him. Hope is grateful for Ridge. Hope loves that she was able to see him once again and that he is her biological father.

Taylor is impressed that Steffy is able to keep quite so that everyone can be happy. Steffy thinks Bill learned his lesson. Taylor thinks it is shocking that Steffy would do what she did. Steffy does not want to disrupt anything now that is done. Steffy decides to get more coffee. Liam walks in and bumps into Steffy spilling it everywhere. The two start to laugh.

Hope is not ok with pretending that Deacon does not exist. Hope does not have to worry because Deacon left and promised to stay away. Brooke does not want to keep Hope away from Deacon. Hope shows a picture to Brooke.

Steffy and Liam babble. Taylor sneaks out. Steffy discusses her bad luck. Steffy asks about the honeymoon. Liam explains that it was great. Liam is shocked that he is married. Liam tries to explain things to Steffy. Steffy stops Liam and explains she is not ok because she is hurt and depressed because she thought she was planning her life with him. Liam tells Steffy she is the one who told him to marry Hope. Steffy does not want to talk about it. Liam tells Steffy that he loves her and he always will.

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