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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 7/2/12


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In Ridge’s office, Taylor and Steffy discuss what happened before Liam and Hope exchanged vows in Puglia. Taylor senses something intimate occurred between Steffy and Liam, and asks her daughter for details. Steffy admits Liam was pretty broken up over the fact that Hope had supposedly left him before the wedding. Taylor asks Steffy to continue. Steffy hesitates to answer Taylor, but then says Bill was waiting at the airport in case Liam and Steffy wanted to leave Italy. Steffy tells Taylor that Liam proclaimed his love for her, that they were going to be a couple again.

Steffy flashes back to kissing Liam in the Italian suite. Steffy remembers how she and Liam kissed, then tells Taylor that they didn’t make love. However, Steffy says she felt Liam’s love during the moment. Steffy recalls having a moment of clarity when she told Liam that they couldn’t go any farther. Steffy tells Taylor that it dawned on her that Bill had used her, that she had to let Liam go for the last time. Steffy starts to cry as she remembers her last kiss with Liam. Steffy can’t believe Bill manipulated her once again. Taylor and Steffy share a tearful hug. Steffy refuses to work with Bill in getting Liam back. Taylor tells Steffy that she has integrity. Nevertheless, Steffy is devastated because she truly believes what Liam said about still loving her.

At home, Bill is staring at the sonogram picture of his unborn baby when Katie makes a comment about being happy with a boy or a girl. Bill admits he’s happy, but is tickled pink that Katie is carrying a boy. Katie looks at her husband with love as Bill admires the photo. They share a warm embrace. Katie says their unborn son is very “photogenic”. Bill agrees, saying the baby is handsome.

Karen and Danielle arrive at Bill and Katie’s beach house to break the news about them being a couple. Karen wonders if she is doing the right thing, if Bill will accept the fact his sister is gay. Bill and Katie’s kiss is interrupted by a knock on the door. Bill is surprised to see Karen and Dani back so soon after their earlier visit. Bill announces the good news that he and Katie are having a boy. Karen and Danielle congratulate the happy couple. Bill wants to celebrate, but Karen insists she has something to tell her brother. Bill asks Karen and Danielle to join in on their festive get-together. Bill pours some orange juice in a glass for Katie, then pours some champagne for himself, Karen, and Dani. Katie makes a toast in honor of family. Bill suggests making a call to Justin to set him up with Karen. Karen laughs nervously and says she needs to speak to Bill about something important. Bill says he is all ears and hints that he and Katie can celebrate in private tonight. Katie grabs Dani’s arm and pulls her out to the patio. Bill senses some awkwardness coming from his sister. Karen says she has remained in the background all these years on purpose. Bill has a puzzled look on his face.

Thomas is lifting weights in the Forrester Creations gym when Caroline shows up. Caroline makes a comment about Thomas’s nice physique. Caroline asks Thomas to look at her I Pad. Caroline mentions that a good friend in New York sent her a beautiful fashion design. Thomas agrees the sketch is good and suggests Ridge take a look at it. Caroline relays to Thomas that she noticed Taylor and Steffy were still talking in Ridge’s office. Thomas senses his sister is still heartbroken over Liam’s marriage to Hope. Thomas and Caroline walk over to the office and walk in as Steffy and Taylor end their discussion regarding Liam. Thomas suggests having some fun to uplift Steffy’s mood. Steffy refuses to be a “third wheel”, suggesting Thomas and Caroline go out to dinner just the two of them. Steffy promises she is going to be okay. Steffy leaves the room. Caroline mentions to Taylor how strong Steffy is. Unbeknownst to them, Steffy is sobbing out in the hallway.

From the patio, Danielle tells Katie that she should be at Karen’s side when she tells Bill the truth. Dani knows Karen is scared to confide in Bill. Katie reassures Danielle that Bill will be okay with the news. Inside, Bill says Karen doesn’t have to go out with Justin. Bill brings up Karen’s past history with Thorne. Karen makes it clear that her news has nothing to do with men. Bill figures Karen is having a hard time adjusting to Los Angeles. Karen interrupts Bill and says she needs to speak. Karen goes on about their father. Bill assumes Karen is hinting at the business, but Karen insists this conversation is about her. Karen says she was scared of Bill’s reaction, then blurts out that she’s gay. Bill says that isn’t true. Karen has a confused look on her face. There is silence until Bill reminds Karen that Danielle flirted with him once. Karen makes it known she and Danielle are a couple, that they have raised Caroline together for many years. Karen admits she has been with men, that she loved Thorne, but she was denying how she really felt. Karen says that their father knew the truth and basically said she had to keep quiet. Karen says she worried about telling Bill because she figured he would share the same opinion as their father’s. Bill admits he and “the old man” were a lot alike – both driven by power – but that’s where the similarities end. Bill says he accepts and loves Karen as she is. Karen can’t believe what she’s hearing. Bill acknowledges how tough it was for him growing up and admits that Karen had it worse. Karen has tears in her eyes, knowing that she finally has her brother’s approval. They share a hug just as Danielle and Katie walk in. Danielle and Karen smile at each other. Bill welcomes Dani to the family. Bill makes a joke about Danielle misleading him into thinking she was interested in him. Bill looks at Karen and says he accepts her unconditionally. Katie is happy as she witnesses Bill and Karen hug.

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