B&B Wednesday Update 6/27/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/27/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Liam carries Hope over the threshold of the hotel room and the two kiss passionately.

Deacon tells Bill that it's the wedding night. Alison tells Deacon they all can figure that one out. Bill says he is over it.

Karen looks over an article of Daniels. Daniel is worried that it is not good. Karen wants to see if Bill has made a choice in the job. Daniel does not want to worry him. Karen and Daniel kiss. Katie walks in and is shocked overseeing the kiss. Katie says sorry for walking in. Karen thinks Katie is surprised and asks if she wants to talk about it. Katie explains she is fine with this and explains she assumed. Daniel wonders if Bill knows.

Hope and Liam poor drinks and discuss the wedding. Hope tells Liam that she was given a father and a husband all in one day. Hope hugs Liam.

Katie explains that Bill has to stop on his way home. Karen wonders why he needs to make a stop. Karen gets mad over the events of how the magazine is running. Karen wonders if Katie trusts Bill.

Hope finds her computer broken. Liam explains that he broke it and he did it because he thought she left him. Liam knows Hope would never do that again. Hope knows that everything went perfect and that everything went great.

Katie does not think that Bill will care about Karen being a lesbian. Katie explains Bill is different than his father. Karen explains her father never wanted to meet Daniel. Daniel gets mad over what happened with Karen's father Bill. Daniel tells Karen that she is lucky to have her. The two hug.

Alison gives Deacon Money. Deacon wonders what the money is for. Bill tells him to disappear. Bill tells Deacon he better not tell anyone how he got to Italy. Deacon tells him he will never tell anyone. Bill does not think things are ok.

Hope and Liam toast. Hope thinks she is going to owe her parents forever for the wedding. They discuss the wedding. Hope hopes to come back some day and wonders if they will look the same in ten years. Liam thinks there like is a surprise. Liam takes Hopes wedding dress off and the two look at each other and kiss.

Katie tells Karen that her father was powerful. Katie explains that she should not give up her life because of how her father was. Katie does not think that things will be the same way with Bill because family is everything to him. Karen tells Katie that she will tell when she is ready.

Bill wonders where they have landed. Deacon says good bye and Bill tells him to get out.

Hope lights candles. Liam walks out from the bathroom and Hope tells him to stay where he is so she can look at him. Hope tells Liam she likes his body and Liam says the same to her. Hope is happy to be doing what she is doing with him and explains she is not the same person she once was. She tells him she loves him and the two kiss passionately. Flashbacks are shown to the wedding. Liam carries Hope to the bed.

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