B&B Tuesday Update 6/26/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/26/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope and Liam get married in front of everyone in Polignano a Mare.

Steffy sits outside and has a flashback to her own wedding day with Liam.

Stephanie talks to Eric about the wedding. Eric explains that Steffy choose not to be in the wedding and that his wedding dress was a success. Eric thinks Steffy will get through this.

Steffy continues to sit seeing another couple kiss. She then walks off.

Hope and Liam continue going through their ceremony and look and smile at each other. Hope and Ridge smile and Bill look dissatisfied.

Steffy walks down the street and comes to the ocean and gets a phone call from Stephanie. Stephanie does not think she is in a good mood. A bird goes to the bathroom on Steffy's head. Stephanie wonders what happened with Liam. Steffy explains that they almost got back together but she does not want to explain it.

Brooke and Ridge give a speech to Hope. Ridge explains to Hope that he loves her and always has and explains that he is privileged to be her father and loves her. Brooke tells Liam that he is the perfect husband for Hope. She tells him all the good things about him and she is happy to have him as a member of the family. Bill then decides to tell them sorry and tells them he will never stand in their way again and he will love Hope as a daughter. Bill now accepts Hope and is lucky to have her in his family. He tells Liam he is proud and hugs him.

Eric asks how Steffy is and Stephanie explains that Liam almost got back together. Stephanie makes a remark about Brooke’s marriages. Eric thinks it a new start for all three of them.

Steffy wobbles around and sees a Bob Hope festival. She then sees from a distance Hope and Liam’s wedding and laughs.

Hope and Liam join hands. Liam says his vows he explains that he promises to be with Hope forever and that he will deal with all of Hopes imperfections. Liam promises to show Hope how much she means to him. Hope gets emotional and tells Liam that she promises to never complain and to make his favorite foods. She promises to help with Liam's tie. She promises to help with anything and will always be there for him. She promises to be his in all ways possible. Hope starts crying in joy.

Steffy looks at Hope and Liam while they get married.

Liam and Hope put their wedding rings on each other. The two are officially married. They passionately kiss. The wedding party applauds and cheers. The crowd starts clapping and music plays.

Steffy witnesses while wedding bells go off and she falls into the sea screaming "Are you kidding me? This is the worst day ever."

Hope and Liam dance and sing "Volare" along with Domenico Modugno and all those assembled while Steffy tries to swim to shore.

Steffy drags herself to shore and falls face down just as the song ends.

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