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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 6/25/12


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In his room in Italy, Liam tells Steffy that Deacon wrote the note to Hope. Steffy starts crying because she knows Hope didn’t get cold feet. Liam realizes the reason Hope was late – her father Deacon showed up unexpectedly. Steffy and Liam both acknowledge that they misinterpreted the letter. Steffy says the note wasn’t for Liam – it was for Hope. Liam begins to cry when he understands the ramifications of what he and Steffy just did. Steffy smiles and tells Liam to get ready for his wedding day. Steffy says he should forget about her and concentrate on Hope from now on. Liam tells Steffy that he loves her. Steffy says she knows Liam does, then starts walking toward the door. In slow motion, Liam grabs Steffy’s hand, pulls her close, and kisses her on the lips. Steffy says a quick goodbye and hurries out of Liam’s room, stopping in the hallway to burst into tears.

Outside of the church, Ridge contronts Bill. Ridge thinks it’s strange Deacon showed up in Puglia. In fact, Ridge is convinced Bill had something to do with it. Bill says he has no idea why Deacon is in Italy. Hope walks up and asks about Brooke’s whereabouts. Hope announces she and Liam are still getting married. Ridge and Bill can’t believe it.

In her dressing room, Hope begins the process of getting in her wedding dress. Brooke wonders if Deacon is really gone. Hope implies Deacon won’t be interrupting the wedding, but she’s convinced her dad will contact her soon. Brooke can’t believe the wedding is still on after what Deacon tried to pull. Brooke reminds Hope that Deacon is bad news. Hope wants to focus on marrying Liam. Brooke and Hope share a hug.

In Bill’s Italian cottage, Deacon and Alison wait to receive word about Hope and Liam’s wedding. Deacon wonders if his daughter is devastated right now. Deacon tells Alison that Hope wants a relationship despite all of his flaws. Deacon comments about Bill running everything. Alison says Hope is a wonderful woman. Deacon is still in shock that his daughter was happy to see him. Later, Alison receives word the wedding is still on. Deacon is thrilled he didn’t completely ruin it for Hope. Deacon asks Alison to put in a good word for him. Deacon starts to use his charm on Alison, saying that Bill should appreciate her more. Alison makes it clear she won’t be used. Deacon and Alison share a passionate kiss.

Hope is staring at herself in the mirror when there’s a knock on the door. It’s Ridge. Ridge says Hope looks “spectacular” in her wedding dress. Ridge compliments Hope on how great she looks considering all her misadventures running around Puglia. They share a hug, witnessed by Brooke in the foyer. Ridge asks Hope again if she wants him to walk her down the aisle. Hope asks if Ridge would still want to because of Steffy. Hope’s concerned about Steffy’s feelings. Ridge says Steffy accepts the truth that Hope and Liam are in love. Hope makes Ridge’s day by agreeing to his request. Brooke has tears in her eyes as she watches Hope and Ridge hug each other.

Steffy plows right into Bill after leaving Liam’s room. Steffy starts hitting Bill with her fists and accuses him of ruining everything. Steffy believes Bill got Deacon to sabotage the wedding. Bill admits the truth, claiming he did it all for Steffy. Steffy wishes Bill would have minded his own business, saying she wanted to win Liam back without all the manipulations. Steffy says she told Liam to marry Hope. Steffy adds that Bill’s antics screwed up any chance she had with Liam. Steffy tells Bill that he needs to accept Hope as his daughter-in-law.

Brooke shows up at Liam’s room to talk. Liam is all dressed and ready to marry Hope. They both agree that Deacon’s presence was unexpected. Brooke comments how great Steffy has been with the nuptials. Brooke knows Steffy wants Liam and Hope to be happy. Brooke welcomes Liam to the family. Liam appears sad as he hugs Brooke.

Bill shows up at Hope’s dressing room and asks to come in. Hope figures Bill wants to go on about how he doesn’t support the marriage, but Bill says that’s not why he’s there. Bill knows Liam loves Hope and it’s about time he starts supporting Liam’s decision to marry her. Bill asks Hope if they can call a truce. Bill welcomes Hope to the Spencer family. Hope is speechless. Bill and Hope share a hug.

An Italian woman starts shouting in the streets of Puglia. There are kites flying high in the sky. Liam and Father Fontana are amazed at the crowd of people. Father Fontana says the Puglia residents love weddings. Bill pulls Liam aside and tells him about his chat with Hope. Liam is thoroughly delighted to hear Bill is finally accepting Hope.

Nearby, Ridge and Brooke talk about Hope’s decision to change her mind about having Ridge walk her down the aisle. Ridge walks over to Hope, who is waiting patiently. Father Fontana says a few words about it being good luck for the people of Puglia to follow the bride and groom through the streets of their town. Hope and Liam smile when they see each other and start walking toward the wedding site. The crowd follows as Hope and Liam walk down the steps to their wedding location near the sea. Hope and Liam face each other with smiles on their faces. Both are ready to get married.

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