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Hope hugs Liam and tells him no matter what happened today is their wedding day. She says she canít wait to be his wife and keeps hugging him while Liam looks really upset and worried. Brooke tells Ridge there is no record of a Deacon Sharpe in the hotel.

Ridge leaves Steffy a message asking her to call him. Brooke suggests that maybe Steffy went to the spa to get her mind off Liam and Hopeís wedding, and thatís why sheís not taking calls, but Ridge says he wants to make sure Steffy is safe and sound. Bill remembers asking Steffy to be there in Italy.

When Alison arrives on the plane, he asks her where Deacon is. Alison tells him heís at the guest house and will stay there because he has no money, and she has his passport. Bill says thatís good because his job with Deacon is done. He tells Alison that very soon Liam and Steffy will be on a plane to Turkey where he has rented them a boat.

Pulling away from Hope, Liam asks why they are still getting married. Hope says they are just a little behind schedule but itís still going to happen. Liam tries to explain to Hope that he really thought she had ditched him. Hope says she understands, but tells him sheíd never do that. Hope says she loves him a lot and says today they will wed. The only reason she was late was because her dad came to see her on her wedding day. Smiling, Hope says this is the greatest day of her life. Liam continues to look disturbed.

Frustrated, Bill says he told Liam to grab Steffy and come. He says they should be here by now. Alison informs Bill that the limo driver just told her that Hope is with Liam. Bill does not look pleased. Brooke wonders why Deacon came after Hope. She screams out that she doesnít get why he came to see her when she told him to stay out of her life. Ridge says and on her wedding day too and Brooke agrees and asks why, why did Deacon suddenly show up to see Hope on her wedding of all days.

Alison says that Liam and Hope together is not a good sign. She asks Bill what heís going to do. Bill pours himself a drink and growls out heís not going to jump to conclusions. Alison sees through him and says heís worried. Bill says with Liam he is always worried. Alison begins a conversation about how Bill must have felt when he learned he had a son. Bill tells her sheís getting too personal and says he didnít want anything to do with Liam at first. Alison says that Liam is his son and he has to love him and asks how hard could that have been. Bill stays silent.

Hope says sheíll tell Liam about her adventure later. Sheís going to go freshen up and wants Liam to wear his suit so they can get married. As Hope turns to go, Liam tells her to wait. When Hope looks at Liam, Liam looks as if heís struggling but needing to say something to her.

Bill asks if Hope is with Liam then where is Steffy. Alison says she doesnít know. Bill snaps that he pays her to know such things. He tells her to text the driver. Alison does and says he has no idea where Steffy is. Bill takes a deep breath before saying that they should not jump to conclusions. Before Hope arrived, Liam was with Steffy, and he knows what Hope walked in on when she arrived.

Hope asks Liam whatís wrong. Liam looks hesitant and says nothing. Hope comes over to him and says she knows how he must be feeling, thinking that she left him but says that he knows now that none of that was true. Liam nods and says now he knows. Hope says sheís so sorry about what happened today. Liam tells her she has nothing to be sorry about, but Hope thinks she should have been more focused on them. Hope explains though that she got overwhelmed when she opened the door and found her dad there, so she lost track of time. Liam understands why Hope was not at the altar on time.

Hope tells Liam she needed this to happen and says itís so crazy. She says it was like her dad knew she needed him, and he came all this way to see her. Liam smiles and says she helped him find his dad and now she has hers. Smiling, Hope thanks Liam for being so understanding about everything. She asks Liam if he feels better now and says so many things she never thought possible happened today. Liam looks clearly regretful as he breathes out the same happened with him today.

Ridge asks Brooke if she thinks Bill had anything to do with Deacon showing up. Brooke says she doesnít think so and continues wondering why Deacon showed up today. She wonders if he was out of money or something and so wanted to put himself in Hopeís life. She will not allow Hope to have a relationship with Deacon. Ridge promises that they will hunt down Deacon and make him go away, but right now they have a wedding to go to. Brooke starts to tear up and she and Ridge share a moment and a kiss, then she gets ready for her daughterís wedding to finally happen.

Alison tells Bill she worries for him sometimes. She says he is too dangerously confident. Bill says itís a gift but Alison says heís gone way beyond what a father would do. Alison tells him he canít live Liamís life for him. Bill snaps that that is not what he is doing. He is giving Liam some guidance and Hope simply sucks the life out of Liam. He believes she is not reliable and is hooked on drugs and reminds Alison how Hope used Liam for her abstinence campaign. Bill says he knows someone like Steffy, who is reliable, loyal and strong, is perfect for Liam. He says itís so obvious that a blind man can see it and whispers why Liam can't see it, in frustration as he walks away.

Hope wishes Liam could be there when she met her dad. Liam wishes he was there. Hope talks about how she felt an instant connection to her father just like she had always imagined would be there. She wanted Deacon to walk her down the aisle, but he refused because he didnít want to take chances and ruin their big day. Hope tells Liam how she tried to make it the altar even though her limo left, and she ran there that is why she looks so messy right now.

As Hope fixes her hair, Liam says he was really confused when she didnít show up. Hope knows that but reminds him she didnít write the note; it was from her dad. She wants Deacon in her life, because she loves her dad but today is not about her father, it is about them. She looks at Liam with a smile but he suddenly says he canít do this. Liam canít go back into that church today and says he doesnít think he can do this now. Hope looks shocked and confused.

Ridge finds Bill and puts him on the spot by asking him straight out how it was that all of a sudden, after all these years of Deacon not wanting to see Hope, he suddenly showed up when she was just about to marry Liam, his son.

Hope assures Liam itís okay. She doesnít care where they get married as long as they do so as soon as possible. Liam repeats that he thought she left him, and when he got back to the hotel and read that note, he really thought it was from her. Hope says but he knows now and itís all okay, but for Liam itís not. When he came here, he thought she didnít love him anymore or that she had taken a pill or something.

Hope says no that is crazy and sheíd never do that. She goes over to Liam and tells him she loves him. When Liam continues to say that itís not okay and that everything has changed, she says they donít have to marry in the church so long as they marry today. Kissing Liam, Hope insists they are getting married today no matter what. Smiling, she leaves to get freshened up.

When Hope leaves the room, Liam continues to look worried. Suddenly the other door opens in the room and Steffy comes out with tears falling down her face. She looks at Liam heartbrokenly and he looks back at her with nothing but guilt on his face.

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