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Steffy asks Liam what happened and what Hope said. Liam shows her the note she left him which says that she loves him a lot but she can’t do this. Shocked, Steffy asks him if that is all she said and Liam bitterly says that’s it.

Hope finally returns and Brooke asks her where she was. Hope tells them with Deacon and tells them he wanted to talk to her. Horrified, Brooke asks what he wants from her; money, or what but Hope says no. She tells them he’s not like that and says she asked him to walk her down the isle.

When Brooke says what, Hope says he didn’t agree because he didn’t want to upset Brooke. Hope says he wants to get to know her dad. Brooke starts to disagree but Ridge says now is not the time for this. He says they need to find Liam now and can talk about this later.

Steffy says she can’t believe it. Liam says everything his dad said was true about Hope. He starts to tear up but Steffy says she can’t believe it. Liam agrees that he can’t believe it either and looks heartbroken. Steffy feels bad for him and tells him to come here. Steffy and Liam share a hug.

Stephanie asks Taylor why she thinks she hasn’t heard from Ridge or Steffy today. Taylor says they aren’t going to call her now anyway because they probably think she’s asleep. Stephanie tells her to call Steffy but Taylor says no. She says Steffy will call her if she needs her. Stephanie says of course she needs her, she’s watching Liam marry Hope.

Taylor admits the pain Steffy must be in but says she is proud too that her daughter could show so much grace and stand up for Hope. Stephanie says it was heartfelt of her but foolish and says Hope was wrong to ask Steffy to stand up for her like that. Taylor says she thinks they all just want closure and firmly says Liam’s time with Steffy is up. She says he is marrying Hope today.

Hope asks when Liam left. Ridge says he must be at the hotel by now and tells Hope he tried to call her. Hope says she can’t find her phone and asks if one of them will give her a ride but Bill tells her no and says they’d better just stay put.

Liam gets a phone call. Steffy asks if it’s from Hope but it’s from Bill. Liam tells Bill he’s at the hotel and that Hope isn’t there. He tells him she stood him up. Bill asks him if he’s alone and Liam tells him he’s with Steffy. Bill tells Liam to grab Steffy and meet him at their plane. He says they are leaving. Liam nods and hangs up. Looking at Steffy he says let’s get out of here. Steffy stares back at him.

Taylor finishes her phone conversation with Thomas before telling Stephanie she’d feel much better if Steffy called her today too. Sighing, she says maybe this is for the best. Stephanie asks if she really thinks that. Taylor reminds Stephanie of how many years she spent making a similar mistake; clinging onto a dream of getting a man she loved back.

She talks about Ridge and how she spent so much time agonizing over what she could have done differently to make him come back, how she blamed herself. She sighs again and says maybe this is what Steffy needs, to see Liam and Hope committing to each other to know it’s time to let go.

Hope, Brooke and Ridge go off to look for Liam. Hope asks Bill to just tell Father Montana that they will be right back. Bill says he’ll stay here in case Liam comes back. When they leave, Bill smirks at how well his plan is working out.

Liam packs his things to go as Steffy reminds him he’s leaving without talking to Hope. Liam says he doesn’t know where she is and says he knows she doesn’t want to marry him though. Steffy asks him if Hope was acting weird or something before. Liam says Hope was nervous and says they were kidding about her standing him up but it’s not a joke anymore.

Steffy says maybe Hope took a pill or had a panic attack. She insists that something must have happened but Liam just shrugs and says she walked out on him and that was what happened. Liam says he can’t believe this happened. Steffy says she’s so sorry. Laughing in disbelief, Liam asks how he did not see this coming. Steffy tells him no one saw it coming. Laughing bitterly, Liam says his father did and says he should have listened to him.

Steffy tells Liam that no one can blame him for leaving. Liam asks Steffy to come with him. Steffy pauses for a moment, asking him if he’s sure. Liam says yes but Steffy says he’s upset right now and doesn’t mean it. Liam disagrees and says he can’t take Hope’s pills and the lying and her moving in and out. He says he’s done.

Liam says he hopes Hope gets better but tells Steffy he’s hurt her so much. Steffy smiles and asks Liam if he sees her complaining. Liam smiles and takes her hand and as he does so Steffy’s phone starts playing wedding bells. Steffy tells Liam she thought by this time he’d be married to Hope and it would be done for them. Liam turns off the bells and tells her it isn’t over for them but only the beginning. Liam then pulls Steffy into a long, passionate kiss.

Hope tells the driver to hurry up and says she had got to get back to the hotel now. Taylor says she wanted to believe Steffy and Liam would last but obviously that isn’t happening. Stephanie sighs and says what really bothers her about this is how Hope is allowed all the insecurity she wants but Steffy isn’t.

She says the Logan girls are forgiven for everything. Sighing, Stephanie says she had really hoped Taylor and her kids would have come out on top this time. Taylor says yes but that isn’t going to happen this time. She says she’s sure Hope and Liam are married already.

Hope finally reaches the hotel and runs out to look for Liam while Brooke and Ridge tell her to calm down and wait. Bill tells the pilot he won’t be coming back to L.A. with Liam yet as he has some business to take care of here first. Hope reaches Liam’s hotel room and knocks on the door. She tells Liam it’s her and tells him to open up while smiling.

Brooke remembers how Hope told her she wanted her dad to walk her down the isle along with her past memories with Deacon when she loved him and when she told him to stay out of her and Hope’s lives. Brooke tells Ridge this is a nightmare; Hope wanting to get to know Deacon. Ridge says he thinks it’s a very well orchestrated plan and points out how odd it is for Deacon to just find Hope on her wedding day. He says he can’t help but wonder if Bill is involved.

Bill tells the pilot to take Steffy and Liam to Turkey where they will be out of communication for a week. Hope continues to pound on the door and asking Liam to open up. Liam finally opens the door and Hope rushes in to tell him about her dad but Liam cuts her off saying they are not getting married. When Hope tries to apologize, Liam says she stood him up.

When Hope denies it, Liam shows her the note she left for him and tells her he’s done. Hope stops him and tells him she didn’t write the note. She tells him her dad did and it was for her. Liam is astonished that Deacon came to see her. Hope tells him he did and says that was why she got late because her dad came to see her.

She tells Liam he was confused because she’d never stand him up on their wedding day. She hugs Liam and says they are getting married today and that nothing has changed. Liam looks very shocked and concerned.

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