B&B Wednesday Update 6/20/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/20/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope runs after her driver screaming for him to come back.

Ridge wonders what is keeping Hope. Brooke decides to call her but gets her voice mail. She asks her to call her. Brooke tells Ridge she must be on her way.

Hope notices a maintenance man and gets him to let her ride in the back of his truck to get to the church.

Deacon tells Alison he kept Hope as long as he could. Deacon thinks he is a worthless father and can't believe Hope forgave him. He is mad that he did what he did.

Katie tells Marcus to tell her what is going on with Hope's wedding.

Bill walks in giving Liam a look and Liam tells him that she will be there. Bill walks into the hall and has a flashback to him trying to tell Steffy that she is the right woman and do not give up.

Hope rides in the back of the truck and tells the driver to hurry.

Katie demands to know what is going on and won’t allow him to leave until she knows what is going on. Marcus explains he heard his father on a plane.

Hope continues to ride in the back of the truck.

Liam calls Hope again and gets the voice mail. Ridge wonders what could be keeping her.

Hope looks scared in the back of the truck.

Alison tells Bill that Hope is still on her way. Deacon is told by Alison to stay in the farm house.

The rode is blocked so Hope is unable to get through. Hope begs for it to be moved.

Liam thinks something weird is going on. Bill finds Liam going after Hope and Bill tries to stop him. Hope starts running. Hope runs into people on her way to the church.

Ridge wonders what is keeping Hope so late. Bill looks off into the distance.

Katie wants to know what else Marcus knows and needs to know what else is going on. Katie knows Bill would do something bad. Katie decides to find another source.

Steffy gets a phone call from Bill telling her that Hope never showed up.

Alison leaves a letter in Hopes hotel room and leaves.

Katie calls Bill and Bill answers. Katie wonders where he is. Katie explains that he better not interfere with Hope at all. Bill does not agree to these terms.

Hope runs up to Brooke ad Ridge. Hope tells Brooke that she saw Deacon. Brooke can't believe this and Brooke tells Hope to stay away from Deacon. Bill tells Hope that Liam went to look for her.

Liam walks into the hotel room and sees the letter which says that she loves him but can't do it. Liam has flash backs to times with Hope leading up to the wedding. Liam gets mad over the letter. Liam leaves a video message telling Hope off. He tells her can't understand. He then throws the thing on the ground. Steffy walks in and Liam explains Hope walked off on her wedding day again. Liam explains he is done.

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