B&B Tuesday Update 6/19/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 6/19/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Hope hugs Deacon and the two look at each other and smile.

Brooke tells everyone that Hope needs a moment alone. Bill gives an evil look. The priest agrees with Brooke and thinks she needs her time to look pretty. Brooke says she thinks it has something to do with reflection. Ridge explains he would have waited but Hope did not want him too. Brooke tells them all everything will be fine and they should all go wait inside.

Steffy has flashbacks to her kissing Liam when they were in Aspen. She frowns and looks down.

Dayzee walks in on Marcus who was taking a phone call. Dayzee tells Marcus she has been looking for him and Pam told her where he was. She then asks if he is ok. Marcus explains that he does not know what is wrong.

Hope is shocked to see Deacon and is happy to see him for her wedding. She hugs him once again and Deacon looks at a phone on the table with a look.

Steffy has a flashback to Liam ripping up the papers.

Katie over hears Dayzee and Marcus talking about Bill's sabotage.

Bill thinks it is strange that Hope is taking so long. Liam knows she will be here.

Hope wipes tears off her face and Deacon makes sure she is ok. Hope is so happy that he came all the way just for the wedding. Deacon tells Hope he is shocked that she wants something to do with her. Hope wonders why he thought this. Deacon explains Brooke did that and that it was a good choice. Hope wants him in her life. Deacon starts to tear up.

Steffy has a flashback to the night the divorce went through.

Dayzee tells Marcus they have to tell them. Katie walks in wondering what will happen to Hope.

Ridge tells Brooke and Liam he wishes that Hope was not walking alone and that he wishes Hope would call him dad again.

Hope explains that she needed Deacon here today but that Ridge has done a great job at raising her. Deacon tells Hope he can't walk her down the aisle because of Brooke and because it just would not work out. Hope was unaware that he was in jail. Deacon tells her it happened a while back. Hope believes that it must have been behind him if he is here now. Hope understands what is going on. Deacon asks for a couple more minutes together.

Katie demands to know what is going on with Bill and Liam.

Hope wonders if Deacon really thought about her. Deacon tells her a lot. Hope tells Deacon she always thought that he would contact her and she just gave up on it. Deacon asks Hope to believe that he never stopped thinking about her. Deacon is shocked that Hope is not yelling at her or mad at him. Hope could never hate him and knows that things we bad between him and the rest of the family but there was never a problem with her love for him. Deacon knows that Brooke thought would be right. Deacon tells Hope she can't trust him and she never can. Hope believes that he would never hurt her. Deacon tells Hope that things must be pretty good with Liam and he is happy for her. Hope hugs Deacon and asks her to promise to be there when she gets back. She leaves the room and Deacon looks mad.

Alison tells the driver to leave without Hope.

Brooke thinks everything is ok and Brooke will be there soon.

Hope runs after her driver.

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