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It is the day of Hope and Liam’s wedding in Puglia, Italy. Hope is in her hotel room, wearing a robe and staring at her I Pad. Liam sends a video to Hope. Liam asks if Hope is ready for the wedding. Liam jokes that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony. Hope can’t wait to marrry Liam. Hope tells Liam that she took over the hotel room with all her things. Hope agrees to meet Liam at the church.

On the hotel terrace, Bill overhears the end of Liam’s conversation with Hope. Bill makes a critical comment about Hope. Liam hopes his father can support his marriage to Hope. Bill asks Liam what he’ll do if Hope disappoints him once they’re married. Liam is convinced he and Hope are meant to be, that nothing bad will happen. Liam wants to get to the church and relays to Bill that the wedding locale has been changed. Bill implies he needs to check on something, and promises to be at the church soon. Liam has a puzzled look on his face.

Steffy enters Brooke and Ridge’s hotel room but no one is there. Steffy sits on the end of the bed and recalls marrying Liam on the mountaintop in Aspen. Steffy starts to cry, unaware Ridge has returned. Ridge takes Steffy’s hand and they hug. Steffy has tears running down her face. Ridge says his daughter is “beautiful”, then asks Steffy if she plans on backing out of the ceremony. Steffy has no intentions of letting Hope and Liam down.

Bill hurries to the cottage he’s renting and finds Alison and Deacon waiting for him. Deacon thinks Bill’s plan is terrible. Bill says Deacon needs to step up his game because the locale changed. Deacon demands to know what Bill’s agenda is. Bill reminds Deacon he can be sent back to prison if he doesn’t comply. Deacon hates the idea that Hope will get hurt. Deacon asks if there’s another option in breaking up Liam and Hope. Bill tells Deacon to get going and adds that he better not screw this up. Bill gets ready for the wedding. Alison tells Bill he looks great. Alison reassures Bill that this will work out. Bill leaves the cottage and heads to the church.

In the background, beautiful Italian music is playing. Ridge finds Liam on the terrace. Ridge asks Liam if he’s ready for the big day. Ridge brings up the fact that one of his daughters will be happy today, and another will be devastated. Ridge asks Liam if he’s sure about his decision in marrying Hope. Liam says he’s fully committed to Hope. Ridge wonders where Bill headed off to. Liam is concerned Bill disappeared so suddenly.

In the hotel room, Hope thanks Brooke for the family photo. There is a knock on the door. Steffy says hello to Brooke. Hope figures Steffy got her message about the wedding site change. Steffy goes on about not being able to stand up for Hope at the ceremony after all – she can’t handle the emotional pain. Steffy apologizes to Hope and says today should be about Hope, Liam, and their love. After Steffy leaves, Hope puts on her wedding dress. Brooke is speechless. Ridge walks in and calls Hope “breathtaking”. Brooke wonders if Hope really wants to get married somewhere else since Brooke was looking forward to an outdoor setting. Ridge reminds Hope that he’ll walk her down the aisle, but Hope doesn’t want him to. Hope says she needs a moment alone before going to the church. Brooke and Ridge hug Hope, then leave the room.

Steffy finds Liam outside by the terrace. Steffy says she told Hope she can’t be at the ceremony. Steffy begins to cry and admits she was in denial about getting Liam back. Liam is visibly upset that Steffy won’t be in attendance. Steffy tells Liam that Hope is great and wishes him all the happiness in the world. Liam says he needs to get to the church, then abruptly leaves Steffy alone. Steffy bursts into tears.

Father Fontana greets Ridge and Brooke outside San Antonio Church. Brooke apologizes for the last-minute change in venue. Bill shows up and shakes Father Fontana’s hand. The priest welcomes Bill to Puglia. Liam arrives a minute later, hearing Bill make a cheap remark about the church. Bill wonders if Liam is really ready to get married. Liam says Steffy will not be at the wedding. Bill is irritated by the news but doesn’t say anything. Liam inquires about Hope. Brooke says she needed some time alone. Bill has a worried expression on his face.

Hope is getting ready to leave the hotel room when there’s a knock on the door. Hope is shocked to find Deacon on the other side. Hope thinks she’s hallucinating, but Deacon says he’s real. Deacon asks to enter. Hope wonders what her father is doing in Italy. Deacon says he couldn’t miss her big day. Hope has so many questions to ask Deacon that she’s feeling slightly overwhelmed. Hope says she always wanted Deacon to be at her wedding. Deacon hopes that his daughter wants a relationship with him. Hope begins crying happy tears. Hope calls Deacon “dad”, then they share a hug.

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