B&B Wednesday Update 6/13/12

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 6/13/12


Written By Anthony
Pictures By Juanita

Bill tells Steffy not to leave because it will benefit her. Steffy tells Bill she has no intention of staying and being a loser.

Hope gets excited over the wedding and is shocked at how much there is to do still. Liam explains things will be taken care of by Brooke. Hope tells Liam the honey moon will be the first night. Ridge and Brooke walk in and ask if they want to go to lunch with Steffy. Hope tells them all Steffy left.

Steffy does not want to watch Hope and Liam be happy. Bill tries to get Steffy to stay.

Deacon tries to flirt with Alison. Alison tells Deacon to give up on it and that she knows everything that is going on.

Hope thinks that Steffy needed to get away and it was a mistake for her to come. Brooke is sorry it is so painful for Steffy.

Steffy and Bill sit down at a restaurant and talk about what will happen when they have the plan go through. Steffy does not understand what is going on and wants Bill to get over it. Steffy tells Bill they will get married. Bill wants Liam to have the best thing for Liam and nothing but the best. Steffy refuses to do this. Bill tries to convince Steffy to do this with him to stay with Liam.

Deacon wants to know how Alison knows his daughter. Alison tells him that she is a nice girl. Deacon can’t believe he does not know Hope well enough he then wonders how Liam is like. Alison tells him Liam is a good person to. Deacon only took the deal to get freedom no other reason.

Ridge wants to know if Steffy is leaving right away. Hope says most likely. Ridge does not think anyone is ready for the families to come together. Liam thinks his father has no choice. Steffy walks in and explains she still wants to stand at the wedding. Hope is excited that Steffy will be there at the wedding. Brooke thinks the wedding will be everything they ever wanted.

Alison tells Deacon the wedding is not going to be backed out by anyone in the party.

Brooke explains the plans for the wedding and how Ridge will walk her down the aisle. Hope is worried Ridge does not want to do this but Ridge tells her that he will. Everyone leaves but Brooke and Ridge. Ridge thinks that this is Hopes day and she can do what she wants. Ridge tells Brooke they will go buy olives now.

Liam wonders if Hope is ok about Ridge. Hope thinks that it is important and that she does love Ridge but he can’t support the marriage. Liam does not want Hope to look back with regret.

Steffy oversees the two kissing and Bill walks up wondering what is going on. Bill thinks everything will work out for them all.

Brooke and Ridge look at olive trees and Brooke makes a joke. The two start to kiss.

Deacon gets a phone call from Bill and Bill asks if he is prepared and explains he better see this through. Deacon is ready to do what he needs to do.

Hope and Liam laugh by the water and smile to each other. They kiss passionately and hold each other. They then look at each other with a smile on their faces. Hope is happy they are their together and that they will be husband and wife. They kiss again.

Bill looks at them from across with a look.

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